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YouTube CEO has actually asked forgiveness for changing its verification system

Susan has actually revealed that it would certainly reassess the verification plan already changed eventually after its publication. The announcement was made by means of Twitter’s individual message from the CEO on Twitter: While trying to make enhancements, we missed out on the target. As I write these lines, we work to reply to your problems and also we will certainly have various other updates quickly. As in the past, chains getting to 100,000 customers will be qualified to demand verification. To much better define exactly how the networks will be qualified, we have actually updated the qualification standards here: ( Authorities YouTube link ). The brand-new picture of the badge will not be readily available till following year..

YouTube is certainly the biggest video sharing platform in the globe. It was developed in February 2005 by three individuals: Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen, previous Paypal workers at the time.

Ms. Susan Wojcicki, Director General of Youtube, offered individual public apology a couple of days ago concerning the overhaul of the monitoring policy of YouTube. Susan highlighted the significance of all users and also creators dedicated to the N ° 1 video clip sharing web site in the world and has expressed its understanding of the newly created situation by proclaiming, to name a few: to designers and external users-I regret. The aggravation as well as the wickedness that we have caused with our brand-new verification approach..

Now, if you are not a designer of YouTube and also you do not have a viral channel, you may question what the problem is. Well, it seems that a wide variety of budding makers that had actually examined chains or were about to get it, saw their checks withdrawed once the brand-new demands carried out, which has actually slowed them considerably. Needless to state, just how a constant flow of brand-new creators produces brand-new networks with web content that brings in a multitude of people from around the globe on Youtube, time and again. The old top quality material are still there and also remain, but these are the new components that make us type the keywords of what we want and after that youtube.

Thursday, September 19, officials of the company indicated in an official affirmation concerning their policy that YouTube would certainly strive to no longer use the channel subscription numbers for verification. Instead, the company has actually guaranteed to give top priority to leading channels with an apparent demand for proof of authenticity, according to the official blog site .

Ms. Susan Wojcicki, Director General of Youtube, offered personal public apology a few days ago concerning the overhaul of the checking plan of YouTube. Currently, if you are not a maker of YouTube and also you do not have a viral channel, you may question what the trouble is. Needless to claim, exactly how a consistent circulation of new makers develops brand-new networks with web content that attracts a wide variety of people from around the globe on Youtube, once more and also once more.

Diablo Immortal – All 9 known zones and areas in the overview

At the beginning of June, Diablo Immortal lands on iOS, Android and now also on PC. But before the release, Activision Blizzard presented all zones in which you can dig prey to all possible demons. The game runs pretty linearly. You enter an area, do the story missions, explore a longer dungeon with several bosses and then level up until you are strong enough for the next z1. You visit many well -known places, but also survives completely new horrors.


Here you will take your first steps. This time you can visit the city in Diablo 3 before its destruction. This area is more intended as a tutorial to get to know your class.

With which classes you can use to make the zones of the action role-playing game unsafe, we’ll tell you here:

__10 __1

more on the subject

Diablo Immortal: All 6 classes


Ashwold Cemetery

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As in every part of the action role-playing game, a cemetery should not be missing. Located in the western kingdoms of Khanduras, you have to stand by the Ulric Gravity to strike back the undead.

Westmarch (Hub)

After your first adventures you reach Westmarch. The city is the Diablo Immortal hub, which connects all your excursions. Here you can meet other players, form groups, visit dealers and start a lot of endgame activities.


The third zone of Diablo Immortal should also be familiar if you have been playing Diablo 2: Resurrected lately. Because the Darkwoods are the area in which she captures the scroll for the Rescue of Deckard Cains from the almost legendary tree head wooden fist.

Shassar Sea

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Top 10 Noob Mistakes to Avoid when Starting Out in Diablo Immortal
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This time it will be back into the desert. Shassar Sea is located east of the city of Caldeum, which should still be known from Diablo 3. Here you have to assist the population in their war against the Lacuni, a people of aggressive cat people

Library of Zoltun Kulle

In the middle of the Shassar Sea you can explore the library of an old friend: Zoltun Kulle, one of the founders of the Horadrim and creator of the Black Soul St1. We are excited to see what secrets the back of the most powerful magician Sanktuarios, sparkled with traps and guarded by Golems.


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The islands of bilefen are overgrown by dense jungle. But that should not prevent you from exploring the abandoned temples of a long lost civilization. Even if the well-known fetish trunks stand in your way.

You can find out here whether your smartphone packs the beautifully designed zones:

__16 __3

more on the subject

Diablo Immortal: Is my smartphone compatible?


Mount Zavain

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At the summit of this mountains you will find the origin of the monks of Sanktuarios, in the Sanctified Earth Monastery. Here you fight again against the tribes of the Khazra, who made life difficult for you in the first act of Diablo 3.

Frozen tundra

Another known area from Diablo 2. Here you have to beat yourself through the siege of the Arreat.
We are excited to see how this area has changed after the destruction of the Holy Mountain.

Realm of Damnation

As it should be, your journey ends in hell.
Activision Blizzard has recently released the last zone first artwork.
Surprisingly, this time we also explore a few forests and ruins in the underworld instead of the usual Lavase Lava.
How do you like the new areas and are you looking forward to the release on June 2nd?

Hopefully you will soon not see the same advertising on YouTube again and again

Anyone who is often on the YouTube video platform will know it: on a few days you get the same advertising in front of your face over and over again. For users who want to support their favorite YouTubers by actually looking at the advertisements, this can of course be quite annoying, which the companies can also harm behind the advertising. Who would like to buy a product that got on your nerves for days? A lot of money is also lost here if a single user is always shown the same advertising.

Stop Seeing The Same Youtube Ad! Over and Over...

YouTube published solution against advertising spam

YouTube itself also noticed that, which is why they now want to offer companies more opportunities to check how often their advertisements are shown to certain users. In February of this year, YouTube published a new project called Display & Video 360, which revolved around advertisements on various apps for smart TVs. This tool is now supported by the new YouTube frequency which companies can use to determine how often their advertisements are displayed, both on the app for smart TVs as well as on mobile devices and in the browser.

_ “You can now add your reach by actively determining a weekly frequency goal – a solution that can only offer YouTube. By combining our unsurpassed target group reach and leading machine learning functions, advertisers can now optimize how often viewers see their ads in a week. This not only means more efficient expenses, but above all a better experience for the audience, “_ explains YouTube in a new blog post.

Of course, the companies themselves have to determine how often their different advertisements are actually displayed. Hopefully these users will not always expose the same advertising again and again, but will rely on more diversity. YouTube has recently published some new features for their platform. For example, the number of dislike was completely removed some time ago, and you can now even give your favorite YouTubers a kind of tip.

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The CEO of YouTube explains why the button was eliminated I do not like it

The general director of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, has explained the controversial decision of the company to eliminate the I do not like button. YouTube is one of the largest websites that exist thanks to its seemingly infinite content of content. It is a great platform of social networks full of entertainment, ways to learn and much more. For the most part, it has remained practically the same since its creation, but it has evolved into a business opportunity for the creators and much more. However, the changes that Youtube often end up being controversial. In 2021, the platform eliminated the button of I do not like the view of the public. The button still exists technically, but the metrics can only see the creator. This turned out that YouTubers as Pewdiepie expressed his discomfort for the removal of the button I do not like.

Executive Director of Youtube Susan Wojcicki discussed the matter with Ludwig Ahgren during an hour interview. She pointed to a large extent that the tool was not useful for public use and perhaps generated some toxicity. “We knew it was going to be controversial,” Wojcicki said. “We have to do the right thing for the ecosystem as a whole and execute the website in its entirety, we have access to data that individual creators may not have, which means that we are seeing all the statistics on how in general it is working the platform. We are not only running an experiment, we are running many for a period of time. I do not like it, we listen to high and clear why many people were not happy with that decision. We also saw the impact that I was having in a many new creators and that is bad. We need to support the new creators and how they are growing for the long-term health of our ecosystem. “

Wojcicki also stated that YouTube has no plans to allow users to change the I do not like their channel. Ultimately, the button I do not like allowed the creators to know how the public felt about things. The trailer of the last GTA V Removing received tons of I do not like it on YouTube, which can be a valuable comment for a developer like Rockstar Games, but it could also be harmful or negative for a smaller creator. It seems that the public displeasure button will be a thing of the past unless a significant change is made.

Why the CEO of YouTube wouldn’t come on our show… | The Yard

What do you think about removing the button I do not like from YouTube? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

Ludwigs talk with the YouTube CEO that clears the doubts of the future of the platform

When we talk about creating content, it automatically comes to the Twitch head. IBAI, ilojuan, KNEKRO or AURONPLAY are some of the great faces of the platform and are easily recognizable by almost any Spanish speaker less than 25 years. But it is true that it is the only platform today that is consistent when it comes to retransmissions live since there is none that can cough in terms of quality and ease to make direct.

That is why one of its large rivals can become very important in the medium and long term: YouTube . The Giant of Google had a golden age that went in history several years later by various internal problems within the website, but it seems that he wants to reborn with Ludwig as the main poster head. That is why the known influencer who signed by the red giant has spoken with Susan Wojcicki, CEO from YouTube since 2014 and that has been harshly criticized by her policies.

During the talk, they were talked about various topics that although they do not seem to be about great importance short term, to medium-long yes that could become very conditioning to When choosing a platform in which to create content to try to live on it.

Disappearance of the Dislikes button

One of the great issues that they wanted to deal with was the disappearance of the “I do not like” button , something that Ludwig himself commented that he did not like it. Susan did not go with surroundings and it was sincere: “ On some occasions we are wrong When it comes to launching some characteristic (…) I had no idea that the 2018 Rewind be out so badly. We knew that There was going to be controversy; we have to always do the best for all the YouTube ecosystem. “

“We have data that no other person has and we were experimenting with the dislike button. Because yes, there were many people who did not agree, but did not see that this button did a lot of damage to the smallest content creators “. YouTube’s own CEO was aware of all the controversy that occurred after removing this feature as mythical, but apparently removing the button you gave the smallest channels more support and much better growth than they had before removing the _dislikes. _

YouTube and the NFTS

Something that could not be missing in this interview was the theme of the NFTS ; Susan affirms that she has a few in her property and Ludwig jokes with this trend. When he touches to talk about implementing this feature in YouTube they become very open but above all Insurance: “If the creators sell their videos in the form of NFT, it is another way to earn money through the page”. The CEO said that she she would like to add this feature to her platform for two reasons **:

  1. Grant a good monetization to all creators of content that work on YouTube
  2. They are in the better position to verify who is the creator of the NFT and who is your buyer, since they have the necessary tools to do so

And it is that YouTube’s thinking head sees good eyes using these non-fungible tokens: “They are a new way to earn money through different products or services such as buying their music or a video clip”. However, Ludwig thinks that these NFTs only serve so that the rich becomes richer, with smaller creators as large affected. To this, Susan has answered that she can understand her position but she will change for within two years: “We are preparing different tools so that the smallest creators also have much more liquidity as a result of this mechanics with their own art * * “

The great problem of copyright

A topic that is also quite burning is that of copyright; Ludwig tells him that he many times he looks very committed to reacting according to what things for fear of this content ID that YouTube has. Susan knows about this problem and comments that it is something that is not alone in his hands: “You have to ask the owner of those rights if you can use them; and for a television program can serve, but the music that sounds during that program It is not yours (…) in music, unfortunately there is only one owner and many times we can not agree with them

However, Susan is positive for the future: “We know very well all the information about the _copyright_y we are working so that everything is simpler to solve “. Ludwig is clear in this regard and has an opinion that consumes the enormous majority of those who consume Internet content: “I see that consuming content with copyright has many advantages, because it guarantees you to earn money if people see that content”

How does the algorithm work?

One of the great problems that Youtube has always had has been his algorithm . When Ludwig asks Susan about if he knows how it works, even she herself knows it is quite complicated, but that the true key is that they have a system that you learn by itself: “the algorithm is not static ; Our systems learn Through our users are looking for and many times we have to learn about what the system has learned to know if what I was doing was the right thing “

As it has been possible to know through the interview, there are several factors that influence a lot at the time that a video works very well thanks to the algorithm:

  • CTR: The number of clicks that gets a link regarding your number of prints is important to appear on the first line of recommended
  • Video duration: is very variable, but it is true that the longer a person is watching the video, the better it will be for the algorithm
  • The recommendation at the end of the video: It seems nonsense, but it seems that it also conditions said video when it comes to appearing more times in different spaces and feeds

Confronting the CEO of YouTube

a proposal that should be given on twitch

The talk has been quite long, but especially very interesting for all the questions we have always formulated when we have seen all the problems that have had some content creator. A talk that although it has had A very friendly tone, the topics you have tried are quite important for the new policies that will cause the arrival of YouTube as a direct platform.

The latest twitch policies are being enormous-polymemic ** and it is likely that many content creators of the purple platform can leave their ecosystem because of the abusive service when it comes to relating work time and profits. It will be necessary to see that it happens in the future, but it is obvious that Twitch needs a clear competitor to stop the feet and add new features that favor smaller content creators.

5 Games in the Game Pass, which help you to better understand Mental Health [advert]

Viele Spiele wollen einfach nur unterhalten und keine großen psychischen Themen anreisen. Doch dann sind da wiederum Games, die sich tief mit psychologischen Themen und psychischer Gesundheit befassen. 5 bemerkenswerte Game-Pass-Titel mit diesem Thema lernt ihr hier kennen.

Wie wurde ausgewählt? Die folgenden Spiele haben unter anderem einen starken Fokus auf das Thema Psyche und geistige Gesundheit. Außerdem sind alle hier genannten Titel im Microsoft Game Pass enthalten und ohne weitere Kosten spielbar. Wer ein Abo hat, kann hier also bedenkenlos hereinschauen und die Games ausprobieren. Die Reihenfolge der hier genannten Spiele ist rein zufällig und stellt keine Wertung der Titel dar.

Holt euch den Xbox Game Pass

Psychonauts 2

Genre : Action | Entwickler : Double Fine | Plattform : PC, PS4, Xbox One | Release : 25. August 2021 | Mental-Health-Thema : Psychische Probleme und deren Lösung

Was ist das für ein Spiel? Psychonauts 2 ist der via Crowdfunding finanzierte Nachfolger des viel gelobten Psychonauts aus den 2000ern. Es handelt sich nach wie vor um eine kuriose Mischung aus einem Plattformer und einem Action-RPG. Ihr schlüpft in die Rolle eines jungen „Psychonauten“ namens Raz (kurz für Razputin).

Psychonauten sind in der abgedrehten Spielwelt Mitglieder einer Spezialeinheit, die sich mit Psi-Kräften Zugang zu der Psyche von anderen Menschen verschaffen. Dort sollen sie dann dafür sorgen, dass psychische Einschränkungen und Probleme behoben werden.

Doch schon am ersten Arbeitstag als neuer Psychonaut bekommt es Raz mit zahlreichen Schwierigkeiten zu tun, die ihr im Spiel dann auflösen müsst.

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Was sind die besonderen Features? Psychonauts 2 setzt darauf, dass ihr euch im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes in die Psyche von andere Personen hineinwühlt und versucht, deren verworrene geistige Welt wieder in Ordnung zu bringen.

Daher erwarten euch entsprechend wilde und chaotische Szenerien. Beispielsweise kämpft ihr euch im Hirn eines Zahnarztes durch eine gruselige Welt voller Zähne und Mundhöhlen. In einem anderen Fall werdet ihr von personifizierten Panikattacken tatsächlich „attackiert“ und müsst erst besondere Taktiken aushecken, um dieses „Monster“ zu besiegen.

Die Mischung aus Rätseln und fordernden Kämpfen sowie einer witzigen, aber auch irgendwie ernsten Story machen Psychonauts 2 aus.

Wo liegt der Mental-Health-Fokus? Wie der Name schon sagt, geht es in Psychonauts 2 wortwörtlich um das Erkunden der Psyche und all den Problemen, die so etwas mit sich bringt. In den verworrenen Hirnen, die ihr im Spiel aufsucht, läuft stets einiges schief und psychische Störungen werden bildlich und (an)greifbar dargestellt.

Dabei schafft das Spiel meistens die Balance zwischen Humor und Ernsthaftigkeit. Außerdem treten die Psychonauten nicht als radikale „Hirn-Säuberer“ auf, sondern gehen behutsam und empathisch vor. Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe ist hier die Devise, nicht ein herablassendes herummurksen in fremden Psychen nach eigener Willkür.

Im Spiel werden sogar die Folgen solcher Überschreitungen drastisch dargestellt. Beispielsweise, indem Raz aus Versehen einer anderen Person eine ausgeprägte Spielsucht verpasst und so ihre komplette psychische Welt in ein albtraumhaftes Casino verwandelt.

Wer also ein lustiges, aber auch ernstes Action-Jump&Run mit starkem Bezug zu geistiger Gesundheit sucht, ist hier goldrichtig.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Genre : Action-Adventure | Entwickler : Ninja Theory | Plattform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch | Release : 08. August 2017 | Mental-Health-Thema : Schizophrene Wahnvorstellungen und deren Überwindung

Was ist das für ein Spiel? Hellbalde: Senua’s Sacrifice ist ein düsteres Action-Adventure. Ihr verkörpert hier die namensgebende Kriegerin Senua, die zum keltischen Stamme der Pikten gehört. Ihre Familie und ihr Liebhaber wurden von marodierenden Wikingern getötet. Senua entschließt sich daraufhin, in die düstere, nordische Totenwelt Helheim zu reisen und der grimmigen Totengöttin Hel ihren Geliebten wieder abzujagen.

Was hier auf den ersten Blick wie eine Wikinger-Version der Orpheus-Sage klingt, entwickelt sich aber im Laufe des Spiels in ungeahnte Richtungen. Denn Senua leidet unter Schizophrenie. Sie hört Stimmen und hat beängstigende Halluzinationen. Oft ist nicht klar, was gerade wirklich passiert und was Senuas Wahn entspringt.

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What are the special features? Lightblade leads you for about 8 hours for a trip through Senuas Psyche and your journey into the underworld. The game renounces disturbing UI elements and other tools that tear you from the immersion and the atmosphere of the game.

Without living bars, map and compass you have to beat a gloomy world in the truest sense of the word. When you die in the game, Senua continues to slide in the delusion, which is displayed in the game through a steady rotting of the body.

If the rot is your head, the game is out. Wonderful! Who dies too often, can start the whole psycho-trip from the beginning.

In the game, bizarre nightmare also encounter puzzles passages in which you will find certain hints before it continues.

Where is the Mental Health Focus? The whole game was developed under the premise to portray the shredded psyche of a young warrior. For this purpose, the developers also have extra experts, including Dr. Paul Fletcher, psychiatrist and professor at the University of Cambridge, pulled to rate.

So it was ensured that the psychoses of the heroine do not stand them as a cliché faith. Rather, Senua does not unfold despite, but just by her mental illness her true potential as a strong protagonist.

So you experience an exciting and sometimes disturbing journey into the psyche of a strong, young woman who has worked out through their experiences their trauma and possibly overcoming at the end.

So if you are looking for a single action and presentation unique action adventure with strong relation to psychoses, then it is essential in light blood.

Sea of Solitude

Genre : Action Adventure | Developer : Jo-Mei-Games | Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch | Release : 05. July 2019 | Mental Health Topic : Overcoming Mental Traumata

What is this for a game? Sea of Solitude is an action adventure that treats the emotional journey of the young woman called Kay, who tries to fight their loneliness and mental trauma. But Kay is not a human, but a Pechschwarz monster with coat.

With the boat you explore a flooded city here. On your way, scary monsters and tricky puzzles that stop you. With the help of light sparks you can keep track and your way through the fascinating and terrible world of Kay Railways.

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What are the special features? As Action Adventure, it’s all about exploring the world and overcoming obstacles in Sea of Solitude. This can be puzzle episodes, as in the spot where a thick, black oyster blocks the path and find a solution to move the thing away.

In other places, it is important to cross a large water surface with the boat without grabbing a monstrous fish beings out of the depth. Again, elsewhere you have to flee from a horde of gloomy creatures and use your light to drive them.

The excellent atmosphere of Sea of Solitude is still underpowered by the special graphic style. The world acts both gloomy and scary, as well as beautiful and dreamy.

Where is the Mental Health Focus? Sea of Solitude comes from the German studio Jo-Mei and partly represents the personal psychological experiences of the project manager Cornelia. So in the game scenes present what past trauma is pictorially.

A traumatic form of marriage of the parents from the childhood of the heroine is presented, for example, through the epic fight of two colossal monsters, which is ruthlessly trampling everything around him. In other places, the heroine sinks literally in darkness. You can not see anything anymore and you have to get out of this inner Düsternis again.

Special interesting is the presentation of Kay himself. The young woman is plagued by her feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, anger and self-doubts so that she also turns into a monster, but despite everything lovable and still more vulnerable.

So Sea of Solitude is looking for inner demons specifically and makes them visible as tangible beings and obstacles in a sometimes gloomy, but also fascinating world.


Genre : Manager SIM | Developer : Thunder Lotus Games | Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia | Release : August 18, 2020 | Mental Health Topic : Handling dying and death

What is this for a game? In spirit farmers you play the ferrywoman Stella, which has taken the role of the grim soul ferryman Charon. Your job is now to find the souls of the deceased (in the form of animal beads) and to fulfill their last wishes. After that, it is important to accompany the souls, which finally found peace, on their last journey to the gate into the beyond.

But until you all have redeemed the souls, you have to expand your ship in a mix of management simulation and Jump & Run your ship and breastfeed the needs for each animal. For this purpose, there are raw materials, such as ore, to find wood and carrots and fishing fresh fish.

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What are the special features? Spiritfarer impresses with a beautiful, lovingly designed comic graphic. Everything in it radiates joy and cuteness, from Stella himself with their oversized hat over their loyal cat “Daffodil” to the lovable animal bodies, who are happy to assist on their last trip.

The complexity of the game is limited, who knows who knows games like Animal Crossing or Stardev Valley, will not find a big challenge here, but in the face of the story, everything does not improve.

Because one just wants to collect all the cute animals and help them, whether that is playfully demanding or not.

Optionally, the game is also playable in the coop, then a player takes over the part of the cute cat Daffodil.

Where is the Mental Health Focus? Despite the cute and lovingly designed environment, the topic behind Spiritfarer is extremely serious. Because the cute animals are all the souls of deceased who can not find their peace due to unfinished things.

By finding the souls, give them a home and fixes their unresolved problems, they make a valuable contribution to their literal soul healing.

However, so that the topic is not depressed, the game puts you a frewing nature with the heart-like main character Stella, which first holds a warm embrace for every1. And that’s exactly how Spiritfarer is: a game-became a game of warm hug, after which one feels better (link leads to Gamestar Plus).

So if you are looking for a consistently positive and yet profound game to the difficult topic of death, dying and mourning management, it is guaranteed here.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Genre : Adventure | Developer : Giant Sparrow | Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS | Release : April 24, 2017 | Mental Health Theme : Handling death and transience

10 Amazing Video Games That Explore Mental Health
What is this for a game? What Remains of Edith Finch is an unusual game that works almost without appreciable gameplay elements. You explore the history of your family from the perspective of the 17-year-old Edith.

The finches suffer from a curse, which in every generation all family members except one of them. Edith is the last survivor of the clan, which did not know any of the speeches of their relatives.

As the last heir, she explores the abandoned estate of the family and passes the tragic fate of their contributed.

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What are the special features? The game itself offers little gameplay elements. Rather, in this “walking simulator”, you explore the rooms of the finch estate and experiences each room of a deceased as a kind of time capsule.

You then play the last moments of the appropriate figure, learns them and know their character and then accompanies them to the abrupt end through a tragic incident.

So if you are looking for exciting puzzles or alternative solutions for the fate of the figures in the game, will not find it. The game is limited to the after-life of the last moments of Finch family members.

Where is the Mental Health Focus? At first glance, What Remains of Edith Finch looks gloomy and oppressive. After all, every character that finds her dies. In fact, every day is already dead at the start and you can not change anything.

And that’s the special thing about this game. Because through the close-up own life of the respective last moments in life, the individual finches get to know all the better and is also aware of the transience of life.

However, instead of mourning the ever-deceased persons, one learns to appreciate life and transience as well as fragility all the more.

What Remains of Edith Finch is thereby an emotionally valuable game, which never slips into horror and splatter characters despite the gloomy theme or loses itself in exaggerated pathos.

So if you are looking for both exciting and comforting game with the subject of death, dying and joie de vivre, you should definitely invest some time.

Get the Xbox Game Pass

Save the world to the rhythm! New trailer disclosure “SoundFall” announces delivery schedule of 2022 spring

About the rhythm-based router shooter “ Soundfall ” developed by Drastic Games and NOODLECAKE is a newly announced that this work is available on the YouTube channel ** this year is scheduled to be delivered on the Youtube channel. I released the trailer.

This work has become a guardian of a girl MELODY, including a girl MELODY summoned to a different world symphonia, making full use of a combat system combined with rhythm games and action elements, and fights against the army discordian of the violent Rhythm action game. Of course, players are free to import your favorite music freely by playing with over 100 songs provided in the game.

In addition, this work supports up to four local and online cooperative plays, and in the published trailer, you can see multiple characters with different instruments in addition to MELODY.

“SoundFall” announced in 2018 and continues for a long time is scheduled to be distributed in the spring of 2022 for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch / PC (Steam / EPIC Games store) Is.

The advancement of the most viewed game of PlayStation on YouTube is not what you would expect

Game trailers on the Official YouTube channel of PlayStation obtain millions of visits. Some of the advanced game advances on YouTube from PlayStation include games and series like The Marvel Spiderman, Fantasía Final, The last of us, Inos de la war, Obligations and gran Tourism. None of this is very surprising. When it comes to the PlayStation YouTube page, the great exclusive series and the most popular third-party games dominate the views. That said, the advance of the game most seen is probably not what you think is.

The two most watched advances on the PlayStation YouTube page are the progress of PS4 and PS5 disclosure, the first at number one with 41 million visits and the last one in number two with 39 million visits. The next most viewed trailer on the PlayStation YouTube page is a trailer of a game and, more specifically, the Hogwarts_ revealing trailer of 2020. This is, the revelation of the new harry potter game sits on the throne with 28 million of visits, passing The Marvel chandelier reveal this week’s trailer, which also has 28 million visits when it is rounded, but not so when it is specifically counted.

Below, you can see the main ones:

  1. Legacy of Hogwarts – 28 million
  2. Spider-Man de Marvel – 28 million
  3. God of War – 23 million
  4. Spider-Man 2 from Marvel – 22 million
  5. God of War – 22 million
  6. The Last of Us Part II – 18 million

  1. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Gap – 17 million
  2. Final Fantasy Remake 7 – 16 million
  3. Ascension of God of War – 14 million
  4. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – 14 million

10 CUT Contents You Didn't Get To See In BIG GAMES

This impressive feat comes in the back of the legacy of Hogwarts_ resurfaced this week with a launch window and our first look at the game. After only 24 hours, this new video has accumulated more than 3 million visits and is still a trend at number 12 on the website, despite being ancient according to YouTube trend standards at this point.

All this is to say, when Legado de Hogwarts sell large amounts at the end of this year, do not be surprised, since exaggeration has been documented. It remains to be seen if the game will meet expectations, but it certainly has done it. Harry Potter Fans excited.

FIFA 22 launches a live upgrade for PS5, Xbox Collection as well as Stadia: These are the information

FIFA 22 Stadia vs Series X vs RTX 3080 Gameplay Comparison
Register for the 3D game channel on YouTube .

FIFA 22 remains to demonstrate why football is recognized as the King Sport , due to the fact that it is still one of the most popular games given that its launch in October 2021. Fame does not blind to EA and also have already taken * Various updates * Prund the title experience, something that has come well to fix really unjustified insects.

And also today, the designer go back to the lots with a new real-time update for PS5, Xbox Collection and Stadia In this method, individuals will certainly not be required to download it prior to going into the video game and, consequently, it will certainly be available before beginning a match. Following with the features of the update, which we are described listed below, EA has concentrated on Improve the behavior of players in the video game.

These have actually not been the last changes that has actually recently sent, because the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has caused the withdrawal of the Russian national group, as well as the clubs of claimed country, FIFA 22 and also FUT. In enhancement, it is still to be seen evolution ** of the football franchise, since the conflict with the FIFA entity for the revival of the permit has made the programmer the significance of these letters.

Dr Disrespect grumbles that he had it a lot easier on Twitch – is still obtaining better on YouTube

Dr Disrespect stands for a style number, a duty as a poisonous macho player in which he slips. As “the DOC” he is known for his rather thereto, loud appearance and also his cholerous means. For instance, he rainfalls noisally concerning his favored video games, which he typically furiously kicks from the plate kicks. However, he comes back over and over.

** After changing the change to YouTube, the Banner Dr Disrespect did not simply. Experienced below on Meinmmo, how successfully the DOC has come to be on Youtube currently.

Who is Dr Disrespect? By 2020, Dr Disrespect belonged to the most well-known banners on Twitch. Particularly in shooters like Pubg, Phone Call of Responsibility and Pinnacle Legends he excited with his arts and his famous sparklers.

Since the DOC did not wish to surrender his task as a streamer, he motivated the platform Youtube, where he has been energetic currently for 2 years.

In June 2020, Dr Disrespect was unexpectedly prohibited by Twitch. The exact reasons are still not officially known. Although there are some warm reports, but there are no verified info.

More customers than on Twitch – in spite of troubles and obstacles

The stats report concentrates on the monthly hrs in which viewers see their network. The numbers originated from the time in between February in 2021 and February from 2022.

Dr. Disrespect Is Done Beefing With Twitch
Exactly how is he currently on YouTube? Considering that 2020, the DOC has actually gotten on YouTube when traveling as well as there have actually recently been reviewed in a tweet of the Analysis web page Stream Hatchet the varieties of the YouTube tasks of the DOC.

Additionally, the record showed that its audience climbed by greater than 48% compared to his first year on Youtube.

Also amazing: The DOC has a higher number of simultaneous viewers on Youtube contrasted to Twitch. The lay on Twitch “just” at 388,000 viewers. On the various other hand, the document was 500,000 on YouTube.

On average, the DOC was seen 1.9 million hours each month. The highest value was 2.69 million as well as the most affordable value was still in the amount of 1.03 million hours.

What were the problems on YouTube? Currently in the summer season of 2021 trampled the doc and also grumbled over the extra job that you carry Youtube as a banner:

We are pushed somewhere deep down right into this would-be area of LiveStream framework.

Dr Disrespect concerning the troubles on YouTube.

On Twitch, on the various other hand, one would certainly have to offer himself no difficulty as a banner. It is rich if you simply look real-time as well as join the visitors. Thus, the DOC plays on the controversial “Respond Genre”, which likewise has a range of top streamer additionally critically see.

** After changing the change to YouTube, the Banner Dr Disrespect did not just. He had to function harder on YouTube, however his present numbers provide him. Experienced below on Meinmmo, how efficiently the DOC has actually ended up being on Youtube currently. Exciting: The DOC has a higher number of simultaneous viewers on Youtube contrasted to Twitch. On the other hand, the record was 500,000 on YouTube.

The DOC seems to commemorate fantastic success despite the hard competitors and also the extra work on Youtube. He likewise applauds himself on Twitter in reaction to the Tweet of Stream Hatchet: “Mighty, sports, handsome… I am the total bundle.”

Much to the new profession of the DOC on his new desire system YouTube. Who hoped that he returned there after the wonderful action genetics twitch again, is likely to be disappointed: Dr Disrespect wanted to sue twitch appropriately – now states little sufficient as it headed out

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