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Composer Jespere Küd spoke about the creation of the soundtrack for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

On the Level Infinite YouTube channel, another video has been published due to the curtains of the cooperative shooter Warhammer 40,000: Fatshark Darktide, which is owned by Tencent.

In an interview with Danish composer and gamer Yespere Küd, known for working on the Hitman, Assassin’s Creed series and Vermintide dilogy, spoke about recording music for the game. In the soundtrack, after numerous experiments, the sounds of machines expressed by the old analog synthesizers organically intertwined the sounds of machines, which became almost mystical objects for the inhabitants of the hive, and the topics of the main characters, reflected by choral singing.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide will be released on PC and Xbox Series X | S (including PC/Xbox Game Pass) on September 13. You can discuss W40K in a separate section on our forum.

Balanced with a cutter, roasted with a writer … The durable test video of the finest version “Steam Deck” is released

YouTube channel jellyrigevible orthing has released durable test video of **.

The PERFECT Portable? Get The Most Out Of The Steam Deck! FIXING Dreamcast Emulation Issues!
JerryRigEVERYTHING is a YouTube channel that is officially affiliated with Mobile Tablet -related product companies, Anker. The main video content is product decomposition and durable tests, and in the past it has handled Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

The device tested this time is a 512GB model with the highest amount ($ 649) among Steam Deck. Unlike the lower one, this model is implemented not only in the increase in storage capacity but also for premium anti -glare etching glass.

In the video, the durability of the premium anti -glare etching glass was tested. Screen scratch testing is performed on the hardness scale from level 2 to 10, and a noticeable wound from level 6 (hardness of glass), noticeable wounds from level 7 (the hardness between sapphire and glass). I can do it.

And the test target moved to the Steam Deck itself. As a result of cutting off buttons and outside with a cutter, the material was found to be plastic. In particular, it was interesting that the YXBA key was printed inside, and it was explained that there was no need to worry about the characters disappearing and disappearing even if used for many years.

In addition, in the video, there is also a confirmation of resistance to the heat of the screen and a durability test of the main unit by bending. If you are interested, please check it out.

The Wild West World will return on June 26. There is the first trailer

Westworld - Official Trailer - Warner Bros. UK
The other day, the HBO YouTube channel has appeared so far only at the link of the debut teaser trailer for the new episodes of the series “The World of the Wild West” with the date of the premiere.

The video in which the already familiar heroes were shown, including performed by the Aaron of Paul, the “all heavy” star was called “this does not look like anything” (so Androids react to the fact that it does not fit into the framework of their program), there is And the laconic description:”The perfect day has come” _.

Even in the third season, the narrative went beyond the limits of thematic parks, and in the fourth main place of action will be the real world, where the cars that have gained freedom of will penetrate.

The broadcast of the “Wild West World” will resume HBO Max on June 26.

The trailer for the third volume of anthology love came out. Death. Robots

Today, the first trailer for the third volume of anthology “Love, was published on the YouTube channel Netflix. Death. Robots ”. The premiere will take place on May 20. Unfortunately, there will be no official dubbing into Russian from the studio “Pythagoras”.

In addition, the names of ten episodes became known:

  • Bad Traveling.
  • The Very Pulse of the Machine.
  • In vaulted Halls Entombed.
  • Jibaro.
  • Swarm.
  • Mason_S Rats.
  • Three Robots: Exit Strategies.
  • Kill Team Kill.
  • Night of the Mini Dead.

LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS VOLUME 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

_ “Emmy who received the Emmy Award“ Love, Death + Robots ”returns with the third volume, the executive producer of which was Tim Miller (Deadpool,“ Terminator: Dark Fates ”) and David Fincher (“ Hunter for reason ”,“ Mank “). Horror, imagination and beauty are united in nine new episodes, which extend from the disclosure of ancient evil to a comedy apocalypse, telling amazing short stories from fantasy, horror and science fiction with company wit and visual invention. ”_

“Love, death and robots” is a series of short animation paintings that are not related to a common plot. Each part tells a separate story. Based on the name of the series, the episode should have a connection with one of the three topics mentioned.

The first season was released in 2019 (18 episodes), the second in 2021 (8 episodes).

Netflix showed the first frames of the animated series “Sonic Prime”

On the Netflix After School YouTube channel, a trailer with personnel from animated series appeared, which will soon see subscribers of a streaming service. The finale first shown Sonic Prime.

This is a show from Sega, Man of Action (Ben 10) and Wildbrain with a very pretty computer graphics and cult heroes like Sonic, Taleza, Amy and Dr. Eggman. There is not enough information about it: in the first season there will be 24 episodes, and the plot was based on multi-seniority with different versions of the characters, which is hinted at the name of the animated series and previously published by one of the artists of the concept art.

Sonic Prime on Netflix FIRST LOOK + Main Cast! (Adventures in the Multiverse??)

Netflix multifaceted at the Sonic Prime concept arts. Hedgehog today is 30 years old

Sonic Prime will be released on Netflix this year.

“El Shadai” switch version is produced and announced! Details are released on April 28 of the 11th anniversary

*MESSAGE* April 16, 2022: Pesach (Passover)

Director Mr. Takeshi Takeshi is a formal YouTube channel, “Is it okay with such equipment?” “Isn’t it all right?” “No problem” The Nintendose Switch Version of the Action Game “ El Shadai ” I announced that I was producing.

Since September 2, 2021 “El Shaddai Ascension Of The Metatron” was released, there is a need for a Nintendose switch version and started production. The detailed video is scheduled to post a detailed video on April 28, 2012, which is the 11th anniversary. This video is not the announcement of the release date but the introduction of the production company.

Save the world to the rhythm! New trailer disclosure “SoundFall” announces delivery schedule of 2022 spring

About the rhythm-based router shooter “ Soundfall ” developed by Drastic Games and NOODLECAKE is a newly announced that this work is available on the YouTube channel ** this year is scheduled to be delivered on the Youtube channel. I released the trailer.

This work has become a guardian of a girl MELODY, including a girl MELODY summoned to a different world symphonia, making full use of a combat system combined with rhythm games and action elements, and fights against the army discordian of the violent Rhythm action game. Of course, players are free to import your favorite music freely by playing with over 100 songs provided in the game.

In addition, this work supports up to four local and online cooperative plays, and in the published trailer, you can see multiple characters with different instruments in addition to MELODY.

“SoundFall” announced in 2018 and continues for a long time is scheduled to be distributed in the spring of 2022 for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch / PC (Steam / EPIC Games store) Is.

Returnal: 18 min of gameplay to skip the Tower of Sisyphus, there is a challenging to resell

Returnal: Ascension - Tower of Sisyphus Gameplay Trailer | PS5
It was the “western” surprise of the March 9, 2022, the major update of Returnal is again at the heart of the news, with a big gameplay video that PlayStation has just shared on its YouTube channel. For 18 minutes, we can finally discover this famous Tour de Sysiphe, whose concept is to mount everything at the top of this infernal tower, which has the particularity of not having an end. As the rest of the game, everything is properly generated so that we have ever feeling the same thing. That said, as we are dedicated to dying early, the idea is to surpass and succeed in dealing with the best algos, the end boss that obviously will take up the scope every time we face. History elements have been added also in this update, always with this subjective view that amplifies the moment and that should try to bring more answers. It is otherwise reminiscent that “Ascension” will allow to integrate cooperation mode, to have two and thus to make it easier for the task.

All this will be available from March 22 on PS5.

I want to make properly as a last one-“Super Mario RPG” director at the time of the present

YouTube Channel Minnmax has published an interview with Mr. Chihiro Fujioka, director of former Square Osaka Development Department.

Mario RPGs And Director Chihiro Fujioka’s Life In Games - MinnMax Interview
Mr. Fujioka is the director of the Osaka Development General of the former Square, and is the director Development General of the Game Development Company Alpha Dream. He is currently the side of the music industry, and Mr. Hiroshi Hiroshi Sakaguchi, who works on the RPG “Fantasian” planner.

According to the interview, Mr. Mr. Fujioka said, “What is the time when the carrier has enjoyed the most enjoyable?” He answered “All” while making the face collapses. However, he had two favorite games, and he had the name of “Super Mario RPG” and “Tomato Adventure”, which he served as director.

“Super Mario RPG” When asked for an episode under development, he says that “writing code and created an event with a variety of actions,” says that it was a leader.. Especially the event “Wine River Down” was commented that Mr. Fujioka was involved in the first thing, “I want to play everyone”.

He also had Mario’s combating style, and Mario is “good to use swords and magic”, and “How to use a jump or hammer” was questioned. As a result, since the children were exposed to the latter, the current style was reflected in the final game. Mr. Miyamoto, Nintendo, who heard this story, said, “I was relieved”.

Mr. Fujioka says “I want to make it properly as a last one” in the sequel development of the same work. Unlike “Mario & Luige RPG” he said, he wants “Mario to adventure RPG with one person.”

Sewon I & C, Metabus NFT Games New Lineup 5

Sewon I & Sei was released through the official YouTube channel ‘Sewon E & C Games’, which is a new line-up video such as a metabus NFT game.

*NEW* Play to Earn NFT Metaverse Game Will Blow Your Mind

After entering the game publishing business, the first release, the first launch, “Gorgeong Arena” is stable through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and one-store.

It is expected to be a 52-year-old drama and a movie that will be produced as a movie and a movie. MMORPG, which utilizes the ‘Dragaza’ IP, the national representative fantasy novel, is also planning to launch global launches.

The ‘Metabus Project’ (Tentation) prepared by Sewon I & Sei is being developed by the Sandbox Games, and it will increase its access to developers and users’ accessibility and convenience worldwide in the existing sandbox game platform.

The block chain based ‘space w’ (tentative gentlemen) is developed as a SF MMORPG that enables a variety of spacecraft as a background to compete among users, and a P2E method that makes up the own planet.

The Sewon I & C officials will showcase a variety of genres, including authentic NFT games that apply this year, and RPG games, and continue to expand P2E games, “Mobile and PC platforms,” I said the achievement as a chain. “

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