[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin reporter] WCK Spring was one of the four former Roluster Y, and the Roluster Y was first on the first place.

2022 Wild Rift Champions Korea (WCK) was a mobile game that utilizes League of Legend Intelligence Property (IP), the E-Sports Competition of the League of Legend: Wild Lift, on February 21st.

Riot Games announced that the WCH Spring regular league is moving smoothly, and Roluster Y is the first place, Guangdong Prix and Team GP were chasing behind three wins.

Rolling Sky - The 4th Anniversary (✩✩✩✩✩✩)

The 2022 WCK Spring is a Korean official league of Wildlift e sports, and the regular leagues, which are doubled in the double round robin method, which will be held twice, twice, were held for 8 weeks and digested four games per team until last 8 days.

As a result, Roluster Y has a leading advance as a fishermen. The Roluster Y, achieving his own set of scales in the WCK in 2020, has proved its ability to go to the 4th round in the Global Competition Horizon Cup.

In the 2022 WCK Spring, Roluster Y continued to be unpotent march. February 21, a team of team’s first game, and Roluster Y, who won two to 0, from the Confrontation with Team Crescent, February 28, followed by the team GP on March 7, T1, I went to the former tradition. In this process, Roluster Y gave a set in T1 and the confrontation, and the other three teams were over 2 to 0, and also ranked +7 in the set score, and ranked as one place.

Rolling Y is a part of five people who played with the main pretise. The top liner, “Latlet” Jung Yoon-ho deals with the tanker champion and plays a role at the forefront, and Jungle Laura is a jungle, and Janggler ‘Do Yun Ho is a wide activity,

Mid Liner ‘Zero’, who is in charge of the team’s firepower, ‘Zero’ Kim Eun-su and the ‘Luna’ Choi Woo-seok exerted a namespread ‘Killing Machine’ and the ‘Killing Machine’, and the team ‘Salem’ Lee Sung-jin opens the fight, It shows the best ability among the supporters.

Roller Y shows the reserves that are replaced by the Sixman ‘Namel’ Han Sung-gun. Han Sung-gun, a mid liner, has been in the spring in this spring, achieving a 10-killed 2 Death 33 assists in the spring.

The ability of the rollster y players also reveals the indicators. ‘Ratall’ Jung Yoon-ho is ranked number 39 kils and is ranked first in the total killing, The supporter was ranked 3rd to 9.72, and the mid liner Kim Eun-yu was ranked 4th to 8.57. Han Sung-gun, the hell, was the highest at 21.50, but the number of digestive matches did not rise to the first.

The best issue maker in this spring is a team GP. Team GP, who started the season while he led to Roluster Y, on March 1, Team Crescent, March 7, Guangdong Prix, March 8, and three consecutive wins.

In the confrontation between Guangdong Prix, the team GP has a victory in the confrontation. In the situation where Guangdong Prix runs three consecutive wins, GP has broken the GP to 2 to 1, while the GP was broken at 2 to 1. In this game, GP’s mid liner ‘Haku’ Han Ji Hoon played as Aka, and he achieved the first Pentaille of this season, and he played one man.

GP has configured a team with the first tournament in WCK in 2021. Here, Lee Jung-hoon, who was active as a leader in Mobile E Sports Power, China, has grew by the skill of the athletes. Han Ji-hoon, who has achieved Penta Kill against Guangdong Prix, has been a jungle to the previous competition, but he has been impressive, even though he changed his position as a mid liner at this meeting.