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How to get a diamond crossroads in Valorant

After the noise of X and the sight of the heart, the latest sight causing a hype in the Valorant community is the Diamond sight. As the name implies, it has the shape of a rhombus similar to the one that occurs in the popular pop culture. To get a diamond crossroads in Valorant, you need to enable all the functions such as internal lines as well as contours when you turn off your central point .

How to create a new crosshair in Valorant

If you still do not know how to make a sight in Valorant, follow the instructions below:

Open Valorant and find settings icon in the upper right corner in the main menu.
Click on the Settings button and in the new window select Crossing options.
Use Crossculation profiles The ability to create a new crosshair and start it tuning with initial * section.

settings of the sight Valorant Diamond

General Settings of the sight

Inner lines

External lines

Codes Code Valorant Diamond

In addition, you can copy and insert the next code in the settings menu to get a diamond crossroads in Valorant.


Code: 0; p; c; 1; h; 0l; 4; 0o; 0a; 1; 0f; 0; 1t; 4; 1l; 3; 1o; 1a; 1; 1; 1m 1m ; 0; 1f; 0 *

The sight is good?

Yes, the crosshair is somewhat effective as the main crosshair due to its shape. Nevertheless, we recommend the use of the shoriken sight over it due to small size and crispy edges.

To find out more about Valorant, read the section The Best Settings of the sight for Valorant or How to make a square/rectangular crosshair in Valorant in the Pro game guides.

Valorant FAZE CLAN seeks to renew its template around Babybay

The campaign of FAZE CLAN at Valorant has not rendered the expected fruits. His last great victory was on the third Challengers of the first phase of the American circuit, in addition to the subcampeonate in the first masters against Sentinels. From there, except for 2nd place in the second Challengers of The second phase, things have a bitter taste.

After being prematurely eliminated from Last Chance Qualifier, FAZE Clan seems to be aimed at renovation. According to a report by George Geodes for Up comer, the idea is to put together a template around Andrew Baby bay Francisco, Professional Educator of Overwatch. What goes hand in hand with the situation of Zachary Machete Lombardo, who would be exploring options for 2022.

Geodes commented that Faze Clan already had trial rounds with four players. These are:

Andrew Shot Up Borowski Immortals
Doing Abide Bond, Educator of Luminosity Gaming
JAKE POACH BREVE by Built by Gamers
Damon Chase López of Ghost Gaming

It is worth mentioning that it is only tests : No contract by means and FAZE CLAN can evaluate other options in the market. But the truth is that there is an intention to reach the next year with reinforcements. As if that were not enough, the report posted that there is interest in an Academy team. These are often trained to develop talent that could reach the owner template or continue your path in another organization.

How FaZe Clan DOMINATES in Valorant Tournaments (WITH COMMS)
Finally, SLR. GG and Up comer advanced the release of Corey Nigra, Captain de Faze Clan. The ex professional of Overwatch would be to dress the colors of Team Solo mid, who could not enter the Last Chance Qualifier of North America. Hers late commitment was in the qualifiers of the Challengers corresponding to phase three, losing against Rise in the first round of the loser key.

FAZE CLAN already had two casualties: Hunter Baby Sch line and Shane Ranks Flaherty, current Sentinel coach. There is still no confirmation about Corey and Machete.

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