We from Meinmmo have made a survey at the start of the Early Access of FIFA 22: Is the gameplay too realistic? So your answer fell off.

What was the reason for the survey? Burden was the discussion about the statement of an E-Sports professionals of Ajax Amsterdam. Dani Hagebeuk was able to collect some impressions of FIFA 22 in the run-up to the releases as part of the 10-hour trial.

On Twitter, he wrote that FIFA 22 was too slow and that EA would pursue a realistic approach. This provided for heated reactions of numerous players who did not agree with this statement.

What exactly was discussed, you can read here: E-athlete complains about FIFA 22 – The game is too realistic .

Therefore, we also wanted to know that of you: how do you see that? Is FIFA 22 too realistic? The survey has been running since 25th September and many of you have participated. The results we show you here.

That says our community for Gameplay of FIFA 22

How did the survey fail? At the time this article was created, the survey recorded 2,177 participants (September 28, 14:37). We gave you three answer options on the question Do you find FIFA 22 too realistic? .

You have been with yes , no or I do not yet know answers, as the game was not available to all at the time.

Here is the result:

1368 have voted no (63%)
587 have answered I do not yet (27%)
222 My Yes , FIFA 22 is too realistic (10%)

Almost two-thirds of the participants are therefore of the opinion that FIFA 22 is not too realistic. In the comments, this is reflected.

What do the testers of FIFA 22 say? Especially the fast players are not so supervised. In FIFA 21, there were large debates around the role of fast players and how strong the focus of the gameplay loung at speed. High speed players dominate above all in FUT mode.

So we write about our reader Kiwo:

FIFA 22 is finally a title again where you have to play football and not only through pacen. I ve already played it and if you have fast players, then it is fast enough, without making your own or the opponent.

Even the goalkeepers seem to arrive well among the players. So the user Netubsenf writes: I also have to say that I like it much better than the last parts. The goalkeepers hold again quite neat and the KI players are properly free.

But even at the Keepers there are probably some discussions in the community: players wonder about criticism of FIFA 22: We did not want all the better goalkeepers?

The fear that EA will make some changes again after releasing are always there. Jan writes, for example, I really hope you do not break it. Currently I like it very much as it is.

Much of our FIFA community therefore seems to be positive the realistic approach of FIFA 22. Nevertheless, the concern is there that this approach disappears with upcoming updates.

It would not be the first time that the gameplay of a new FIFA offshoot convinces to start and then changed a lot after some updates.

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The discussions around the gameplay also show how different the FIFA community is overall. While some clearly prefer the realistic approach and demand for years, there is also a large share proportion that loves the fast and exaggerated offensive spectacle.

Especially with e-athletes, this approach seems to be more popular. But how do you see that? Did you participate in the survey? What is your opinion about the topic? Discuss with us further in the comments.

If you are also interested in the opinion of our FIFA expert Max crafts, you should look at his reading report: I have been playing FIFA for 19 years – so I like the new FIFA 22 in the PS5 test