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The best racing games for PC (2020)

Racing games can be fun and entertaining, but what should you choose if you are looking for one to play on your PC? Are you looking for a realistic simulation game where accuracy is all or an arcade game where your goal is to beat your opponents to submit them? There are a variety of options available for PC players, and we here at gamepur will review the best of them, ranging from the most hardcore simulations to arcade style fun games.

F1 2020

F1 2020 is an excellent choice for Formula 1. f1 2020 fans offers a realistic simulation race experience, ideal assistance options for beginners and career modes that allow you to start your pilot career Formula 1 or control your own race team. The codemasters title has a bit of everything for racing fans, and it should be one of the games you should watch if you are looking for a race game.

Rocket League

If you do not know the title, Ligue of rocket is not your average race game. Rather than competing with other cars to finish first in a race, you are inserted into a giant arena where the goal is to drop footballs into goals. The game may have five years, but it is still so strong, and it’s definitely worth taking a look if you are interested in something a little different from your traditional racing game.


PE speed is a well-known franchise, and their last opus, _ fast heat chain_ has a lot to offer to the race fans. Players can face some of the best street runners in the world while driving throughout Palm City, but when you run during the day, simply make sure to avoid cops.

The game costs $ 69.99 for the PC, but it is the price of the Deluxe edition, which includes the following:

  • 1 Starter car – The start car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X K.S Edition, available from the start in the player’s garage.
  • 3 additional cars K.S Edition unlocked through progression
  • 4 outfits of exclusive characters
  • Reward rewards increased by 5%
  • Bank rewards increased by 5%


It also has crossed game capacities, which means you can play against your friends who have a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a NASCAR driver? NASCAR HEAT 5 Play the players in the line of sight while you face other NASCAR drivers in career mode or friends and rivals in the online game. Players can also participate in Enascar Heat Pro League to drive for one of NASCAR’s official Espoons teams. If you are a fan of NASCAR, or if you are just interested in sport, you can consider trying this title.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is not just a well-known game to cause chaos in the streets of Los Santos. GTA V also has a dynamic racing community, as players around the world can participate in six different types of races, ranging from street races to cycling and water races against up to 15-30 people. If you are looking to discover what it is to browse the streets while engaging in a wild history mode, grand theft auto v can be just for you.


iracing offers players a variety of simulation race experiences. iracing players can participate in authentic NASCAR races, great price circuits or trying to the emblematic race of Le Mans, to name just some of the options offered to players. However, it is important to note that this game is not a traditional title, because iracing players must buy a subscription (monthly or annual) to enter the action. But if it’s not both.


Developed and published by Codemasters, players can Dirt Rally 2.0 Feel what it is to ride in off-road races. Dirt Rally 2.0 Includes eight circuits of the Rallycross FIA World Championship and includes licensed race superstars and genuine driving model. Dirt Rally 2.0 also offers a career mode that allows players to discover what it is to be in intense off-road races and online games.

CARS project 2

If you are a motor sport fan, maybe remember Projet Cars 2. Projet Cars 2 offers players the opportunity to run during the four seasons, and players can choose from more than 180 cars, including classics and supercars, to ride on one of the 140 tracks. The title of Slightly Mad Studios also offers a motor with realistic control systems and motors and a new advanced transmission model.


RFACTOR 2, just like Iracing, has received vulgar reviews for its authentic race experience. In fact, the gameplay in rfactor 2 even impressed the professional race teams, as several teams of Formula 1 used this simulator for training purposes. Rfactor 2 offers an ultra-realistic physical engine, personalization options and breathtaking graphics, as players can browse real online or offline tracks. If you want to use what the pros use, think RFACTOR 2.

Sonic and all-transformed stars races

We highlighted several PC running games that offer a realistic gameplay, including F1 2020, iracing and rfactor 2. But if you’re looking for healthy arcade style races, you may want to take a look at Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. This sega title features 25 tracks, 20 characters, great races and the opportunity to hit your opponent with weapons to slow it down. If you are a fan of the Sonic franchise, this title can be done for you.

Speedons 2022: Here is the 3 days of Speedrun days with Mister MV, Zerator and Laink

Launched for the first time in 2021, the Speedons event will make its return this year on the TWITCH channel Mister MV to the 758,000 subscribers. These are the next 15th and 17th and 17th that the SPEEDRUN Marathon will take place in the Paris Congress Palace and it is again at the Medical Association of the World that all the funds will be donated following These 3 days of festivities. It is recalled that last year, the first edition made it possible to harvest just over € 614,000, for about 55 hours of Live. The event was followed by more than 420,000 people on Twitch and we imagine that on the side of the Speedrunners, we obviously want to exceed the 2021 record. Here is also the complete planning of the 3 days of Stream:

Friday, April 15th 2022

Sagaz – Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom – Any%

Porinu – Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania – SMB1 Marathon – Warp – No Assist

Lenino – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Any%

Twyn, Vlad – Rayman Origins – Any% 50 Electrons (Race)

Biiwix – Deathloop – Any%

Saturday, April 16th 2022

MrNuage – Castlevania 3 JP – Sypha Any%

Xeo – Dead Space – Any%

PAMPA9999 – Tales of Xillia – Milla Side Any%

Rock – Blasphemous – Any% glitched

Mom – Ninja Gaiden – Any%

Yajijy – Ink – Any%

Rollesafe – Lonely Mountains Downhill – NG + / 16 TRACKS

Stracel – Moss VR – Any%

MARIO KART 8 DELUXE (Race) par Ulvind et Moahrikunel | SPEEDONS
MugwortStiltzkin – Chicory: A Colorful Tale – All Bats 1.0

Asukero – Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage – 14 Talisman


CIVEL17 – Vectronom – Any% Blindfolded


Yarasu – Sonic Adventure 2: Battle – Hero Story

Pogonator, Papaccino_gg, Torcnein, Nokidoki – Super Mario Sunshine – Any% (Race)

Brindille – Beat Saber – Showcase

No_last_name__, Seby – Mario Kart Double Dash – All Cup Tour, Race

Jacky – Donkey Kong Country – All Internships

Leremiii, Blinky – Geoguessr – Coop

BarrylesJambs – Rockman 4 BCAS – Any%

Oopla, Destructor, Caarlito, Gala – Metroid Dread – Any% NMG (Normal, No Turbo, Digital) (Race)

Leovenard – Dark Souls III – Any% No Hit

Omarsheriff – Hitman Trilogy – Silent Assassin / Follow Only


Lusther – Mark of the Ninja – Any% NG +

Sunday 17 April 2022

Legrandgrand – Xenoblade Chronicles – NG Any% (50Hz)

Chachamaxx – The Lucky Dime Cape Starring Donald Duck – Beat The Game


Melwest, Janthe, Brother_main – The End Is Nigh – Friend% (Race)

Qyouk – Nintendogs – All Beginner Contest Golds

Neettel, Jarmou, Baruch – Tintin Tibet – Normal Any%

Evian, Matash – Dead Cells – Fresh File (Race)

Minirtin – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch) – Any%

Dinopony – Metroid Prime – 100%


Groshiken – Celeste – All Red Berries

Kilaye – Celeste – Tas Farewell

Kilaye – Super Meat Boy – Tas 106%

PKT_DISTING, Marco – Super Mario 64 – 120 stars (Race)

Exploudyourear – Shovel Knight Treasure Trove – Shovel of Hope / Plague of Shadows Bid War

Amatesu – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – All Dundons


Forza Horizon 5 XP The best ways to quickly ascend Joshua Raymer

Stage up will be one of your main goals when making progress forza horizon 5, which opens up new game possibilities, rewards and coveted money prices, so you can fill your garage. If you have trouble getting fast enough, then this article is for you. We will break exactly as you get there as soon as possible where you want to see more of the game.

How to get up in Fora Horizon 5

The fastest method of leveling is the end of races. On the entire map you should always find various events and races. If you complete one of these tasks, you will receive a fairly significant XP reward, especially if you can reach first. Take a look at the map for races that match your skills to waste time with a loss. It s much faster to seek smaller pools from which you know that you can win them than shooting.

One million race

A certain race, the One Million Runs, offers the chance to a very large XP profit. Since you have a largely straight track, you can achieve the maximum speed and the associated point multiplication over a large part of the race. By entering and continue with your fastest car in this Fora Horizon 5 race, you can easily earn a huge point multiplication and hundreds of thousands of XP over time.

Skills are strongly contributing to EP profit

While you go through the game, you may find that you collect skills, if you provide impressive services that increase your point. These skills give you XP, so it s a good idea to grind after you if you want to maximize your profits. A good way to get skill points is to grind your drift while plowing through cactus, a technique that is discussed in more detail here.

If you want to spice up a little, other methods for collecting skill points are drawing and dodging. You can do the former during the conclusion of events and only need to stay near a vehicle during the race. The second is based on good reflexes. You should retract in traffic and just dodge oncoming vehicles. Of course, you can easily ram in tin cans and other destructible items in the area, but that may seem slow and tedious after a while.

The destruction of boards brings fast XP

In addition to the fast travel options, several boards on the map provide you with an XP reward as soon as they were destroyed. These boards can be found anywhere on the map, and we have a guide on how to find them that you will find here. Essentially, just filter your card to display only bonus panels and then make your way. Crush all XP boards on the map to achieve a high profit in a relatively short time.

This guide should treat the best methods for XP profit for ascending in Fora Horizon 5. If you do not progress in other areas of the game, you will find our other instructions to help yourself by clicking here.

Fora Horizon 5 will appear on November 9 for Xbox Series X | S and PC and will be available on the first day in the Xbox Game Pass.

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