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The best combinations of skills in Garena Free Fire

In Garena Free Fire, each team consists of four people, and players can choose any of the various characters to get a strong composition of the team. The composition of your team will determine the game style in the game, and players can ideally choose characters who give them an advantage in battle. An effective combination of characters’ abilities will allow players to master the game. Whether you prefer a secretive approach from a long distance or a tactical close battle, the presence of suitable characters in the team will be crucial. The next list presents a number of game tactics based on the composition of the team and individual abilities of the character.

The best combinations of speed skills in Garena Free Fire?

* Kelly -rush

dj Alock *-Throw the rhythm
chrono -Turner time
Joseph -Crazy movement

Kelly, DJ Alock and Joseph have ability to move, and chrono provides effective cover for teammates. This composition of the team is quite underestimated, but very effective for a quick throw into opponents. This requires reading and adaptation players to any situation before using skills. Drop the Beat gives 5 HP regeneration and increases the speed of the ally by 10%, which is a good way to start rash. In the same way, with the crazy movement of Joseph and Kelly’s jerk, you can move to shoot opponents at different angles. Chrono enters the game when your team is constrained and needs to quickly cover. The correct combination of all four of these abilities will give players a number of mobility options to more often attack opponents.

The best combinations of health skills in Garena Free Fire?

Dmitry *-Healing heartbeat
Dasha -The party is on
chapla -healing song
* Luketa -Hit-trick

The healing heartbeat of Dmitry creates a therapeutic zone with a radius of 3.5 meters, which gives comrades on command +3 HP every second. In the same way, the healing song of the chapel increases the effects of healing objects and skills by 10%. These two characters can play for support, and the other two attack opponents. The hat-trick of the onion increases the maximum health supply by 8 after each destruction. On the other hand, Partying on Dasha reduces the damage received from falls by 30%, reduces the recovery time after falling by 60%, and also reduces the rate of return by 6%. These two characters are ideal for jerks and attacks, quickly moving under unpredictable corners to destroy opponents.

The best combinations of skill for applying damage to Garena Free Fire?

Alvaro *-The art of destruction
Shiri -inflicted damage
Jai -furious reboot
* Hayato -Bushido

The art of destruction of Alvaro increases the damage of explosive weapons by 6% and a range of 7% damage. The delivered short damage is an active reconnaissance tool, since it tracks opponents within a radius of 80 meters, which shot the character for 6 seconds. Jay fierce reload gives players an advantage in battle, automatically reloading the weapon by 30% of its power after a successful knockdown. Busido Hayato increases the breakdown of the armor by 7.5% after every 10% decrease in the maximum health supply. In fact, players can break into the enemy’s location by hacking the entrance using Alvaro. While Red helps with tracking, Jai and Hayato can quickly destroy enemies.

The best combinations of intelligence skills in Garena Free Fire?

moko *-Hacker’s eye
Clound -Tracking steps
Vukong -Camouflage
* K -Master of total

A team that has both MOKO and Club will automatically receive many intelligence options. Hacker’s Eye from MOCO tracks opponents in which they shoot, and CLU Tracing Steps allows players to see enemy locations within 30 meters. An effective combination of these two abilities will allow players to receive a review during each battle. In the same way, the camouflage of Vukonga turns the player into a bush for 15 seconds, which makes him one of the most cunning characters in the game. K’s Master of All has two modes: psychological and Jiu-Jitsu. While PSYCHOLOGIIL gives players 2 EP every two seconds, Jiu-Jitsu allows comrades on the team within 6 meters to receive a 500%increase in EP conversion.

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Also fans of cash money

At Diablo Immortal, numerous gamers had worries that the cash shop might have as well several products that bring advantages in the video game, supposed pay2win items. Now that the video game is outdoors, there is a different factor of criticism: Snowstorm confirms to be her very own at the Cosmetics. You only acquire it for a single character-not account since if you purchase a thing in the store. That creates excitement.

This was in fact expected as a criticism of the cash shop:

Things that you buy in the shop are bound to the character and also server with which you acquire the item. This puts on cosmetic products, structures, Battle Pass incentives or occasion rewards.

That means: If you later make a decision to transform the server or start a new character, the acquisition was totally free. You can’t take the product you have actually acquired with you. It wears for the brand-new personality.

  • Prior to the start of Diablo Immortal, the players were largely worried that the video game is continuously pressing the players into the cash shop so that they purchase certain relief there.
  • Mobile video games like Diablo Immortal are recognized to establish man-made hurdles that lead to the reality that the game experience is either disrupted or is very gradually going, other than players.
  • Since the game is outside, you can see it a little bit more loosened up. The PC Player page, for instance, composes: Diablo Immortal is not quite pay2win, but near it- another peculiarity of the store currently triggers difficulty. Of all things, cosmetic products, which are in fact typically simple, create problem at Diablo Immortal

What is one of the most violent criticized at the store? In the Reddit Gaming Forum, there were already 3 strings with lots of upvotes after the first day that get disturbed regarding the very same issue.

  • A gamer claims: This triggers severe rigid for all individuals with twinks or those who can not choose a starter course. What a complete shit, particularly for stores. Can I pay the focus of the designers on Course of Expatriation, where all personalities constantly have full access to all cosmetic rewards?
  • Another states: What if I delete a personality are all Cosmetics gone?
  • A 3rd composes: Welcome to the future. Nothing will certainly belong to you and you will enjoy.

of all points with actually safe cosmetics there is a great deal of objection of Diablo Immortal.

_ Un animal checklist reveals you which classes are strong. You can see the classes themselves right here in the video: _

player need: more freedoms at the cosmetics

  • An individual states: I thought regarding buying a wonderful cosmetic shield collection. Because there is no account-wide activation, I will not do it.
  • It has to be account. I would certainly enjoy to buy something. But as it is now, I don’t spend a cent for the game.
  • The game is fun, yet guy, the Money tomb is so very aggressive. No wonder it is blocked by some European nations.
  • I have actually left regarding $ 1,000 in Hearthstone for many years, and also if I such as to play Diablo Immortal, I would definitely sustain it. I don’t spend any kind of cash just to play on a character on a web server.

Below you have to set an example as a client.

Just how should the players be? Several players think that items that you purchase in the store must be bound to the account and also can be used by numerous characters.

The trouble appears to be very active. Players who are used to leaving their cash in the cash shop.

A user who concur with numerous is specifically let down. He states: That is a totally brand-new degree of greed, Snowstorm needs to tackle it as soon as feasible.

The issue can additionally be so big due to the fact that many strategy to change the course later:

Diablo Immortal: Modification course in any way times-is that truly simple?

You can’t take the thing you have purchased with you. I would certainly be satisfied to buy something.

** At Diablo Immortal, several players had worries that the cash shop could have as well several items that bring advantages in the video game, so-called pay2win things. Since if you acquire a thing in the shop, you only buy it for a solitary character-not account. Of all points, aesthetic items, which are actually often simple, cause problem at Diablo Immortal

The best selection classes in Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is a role-playing game in the action genre, the action of which takes place in the fantasy version of the Victorian era. Having reached the second level, you can choose from different classes, also known as skill, to create various assemblies in accordance with your preferences. To begin with, there are nine different skills that players can also experience, and when you reach the 10th level, you can choose a second skill to create a double class character.

But which class is better? There are many double classes to choose from, so we have created a leadership that describes each skill in detail and understands what second skill is best combined with it.

Soldier class in Grim Dawn

Soldier Mastery is very focused on hand-to-hand combat, and many players are inclined to play in it, using some kind of weapon of close combat and a shield. This master is best combined with the skill of the arcanist after reaching the level of 10 so that players can get combat magician two-year.

This double class is great for novice players, since access to Forecewave will greatly facilitate pumping. Players will also gain access to incredibly powerful passive and switched amplifiers, including the “field command” and “Maine Protection” to increase your damage and increase your survival.

Class of Divnies in Grim Dawn

The skill of the demolition focuses on explosive weapons and is great for long attacks. Also, the best option would be a combination of this skill with the skill of the sorcerer, as it will give you access to sorcerer two-year.

This class has many items that help to support it, and the endgrad will be much easier, since the build will apply a lot of damage and have more mobility. It is not the most stable, but players will be able to inflict great damage to Endgeim bosses.

class of occultists in Grim Dawn

Occult skills are really interesting, because it focuses on supernatural forces and forbidden dark magic, similar to what you saw in the history of Lovecraft. Players can create assemblies for both near and distant battle with the skill of the occultist, but the best master with whom you can combine it will really be a magician.

The combination of these skills will give magician double class, which is the most powerful in the game. Players can send pets for you for you, including familiarity such as the call of a prickly spike and the call of hellish hounds. Players can also strengthen their pets to make them so strong that they can independently clean entire areas.

class Nightblade in Grim Dawn

Nightblade Mastery is a classroom class with two hands that fights with grace. The combination of this master with the skill of the inquisitor would be the best option, since it would create infiltrator two-year. This is a great balance of everything, since you can apply and withstand a large amount of damage on enemies.

We really recommend playing this double class only if you decide to start with the skill of the inquisitor, since there are many advantages that help increase the level, including Word of Pain and Storm Box of Elgoloth.

Class of Arkanist in Grim Dawn

Arkanists focus on magic and attack on their enemies at a distance. In their spells, powerful spontaneous or etheric magic is used, capable of devastating enemies, despite their incredibly weak protection. His combination with the skill of the shaman will give druid a double class that would be the best choice for the players walking along this path.

The double class of druids will give players access to the mass of spontaneous support and stamina when it comes to the use of spells, and you have many different options when it comes to the builds for endgises.

Shaman class in Grim Dawn

Like a night blade, the skill of the shaman is focused on the double-armed weapon of near-fight and rough power. The real difference is that shamans can be called animals as part of their skill. Because of this, one of the best skills with which you can associate it will be the cost of a necromancer so that players can get ritualist two-year.

This is a great double class, because you will both be persistent with high survival, but you can also apply a lot of damage. In general, this is really a comprehensive class that also allows you to call pets if you decide to create a similar assembly.

class Inquisitor in Grim Dawn

*UPDATE 2020* Best leveling builds and class combinations || Grim Dawn New Player Build Guide

The skill of the inquisitor is quite interesting because it focuses on two-handed pistols and spontaneous magic. This skill is available only in the ASHES of Malmuth additions. They have the opportunity to use various runes and relics to help them in battle, and in combination with the skill of a night blade, as indicated above, you can build infiltrator two-year.

Class Necromancer in Grim Dawn

The necromancer is another skill added in the addition of ASHES of Malmouth. This skill is very similar to occultism, although the difference is that they very actively use magic that destroys vitality. They also use calls, such as minions-skeletons.

As mentioned above, the best skill with which this can be combined when it comes to double classes is a shaman, because you will have access to create ritualist .

class of the keeper of the oath in Grim Dawn

The skill of the “custodian of the oath” is available in DLC “Forgotten Gods” and focuses on the use of divine forces. These forces can be light or dark and concentrated specifically on near-battle weapons and shields. The best skill for this will be a soldier so that players can take advantage of commander two-year.

This class is incredibly strong and can make one of the most difficult assemblies for the endguspile, which you could only think about. He is incredibly hardy and strongly maintains retaliatory damage to such abilities as righteous zeal.

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How to get through the Big DOG program in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty

The Big DOG program includes tests for the players of Big Dog Set 1 and exclusive awards. The completion of the Big Dog program rewards you with several Big Dog players, sets and XP. So, how can you go through the Big Dog program in Diamond Dynasty.

To complete the Big Dog program, complete all the moments, defeat the Big Dog Showdown boss and earn XP playing Big Dog players. The program is not very difficult to complete, but will give you great rewards to fill your composition.

You need to fulfill 14 points that will bring you 50 stars for victory over all of them. Each moment belongs to the complexity of the “beginner” or “veteran”, and they are quite short. In the last two points, you will manage the Big DOG player team, which is very fun and can help you decide which players you want from the set.

You can go through the Big Dog Showdown, in which you will encounter certain pitchens after gaining your team from the Big Dog Players. Having completed three additional tasks to earn glasses, you can fight with the boss of the big dog John Franco. The Big Dog Showdown can be found in solitary Diamond Dynasty and reward you with 20 stars.

The last step at the end of the Big Dog program is to obtain a parallel XP with the players of Big Dog you earned. Just place any of the Big DOG players in your composition, and you will begin to earn XP with them in parallel to any game Diamond Dynasty. You must earn 2000 parallel XP to fully complete the BIG DOG program, which will reward you 88 OVR Tony Perez and many sets.

Additional MLB: The Show 22 cm. In the section How to get Jim Rice Lightning at MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty in professional games.

The best racing games for PC (2020)

Racing games can be fun and entertaining, but what should you choose if you are looking for one to play on your PC? Are you looking for a realistic simulation game where accuracy is all or an arcade game where your goal is to beat your opponents to submit them? There are a variety of options available for PC players, and we here at gamepur will review the best of them, ranging from the most hardcore simulations to arcade style fun games.

F1 2020

F1 2020 is an excellent choice for Formula 1. f1 2020 fans offers a realistic simulation race experience, ideal assistance options for beginners and career modes that allow you to start your pilot career Formula 1 or control your own race team. The codemasters title has a bit of everything for racing fans, and it should be one of the games you should watch if you are looking for a race game.

Rocket League

If you do not know the title, Ligue of rocket is not your average race game. Rather than competing with other cars to finish first in a race, you are inserted into a giant arena where the goal is to drop footballs into goals. The game may have five years, but it is still so strong, and it’s definitely worth taking a look if you are interested in something a little different from your traditional racing game.


PE speed is a well-known franchise, and their last opus, _ fast heat chain_ has a lot to offer to the race fans. Players can face some of the best street runners in the world while driving throughout Palm City, but when you run during the day, simply make sure to avoid cops.

The game costs $ 69.99 for the PC, but it is the price of the Deluxe edition, which includes the following:

  • 1 Starter car – The start car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X K.S Edition, available from the start in the player’s garage.
  • 3 additional cars K.S Edition unlocked through progression
  • 4 outfits of exclusive characters
  • Reward rewards increased by 5%
  • Bank rewards increased by 5%


It also has crossed game capacities, which means you can play against your friends who have a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a NASCAR driver? NASCAR HEAT 5 Play the players in the line of sight while you face other NASCAR drivers in career mode or friends and rivals in the online game. Players can also participate in Enascar Heat Pro League to drive for one of NASCAR’s official Espoons teams. If you are a fan of NASCAR, or if you are just interested in sport, you can consider trying this title.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is not just a well-known game to cause chaos in the streets of Los Santos. GTA V also has a dynamic racing community, as players around the world can participate in six different types of races, ranging from street races to cycling and water races against up to 15-30 people. If you are looking to discover what it is to browse the streets while engaging in a wild history mode, grand theft auto v can be just for you.


iracing offers players a variety of simulation race experiences. iracing players can participate in authentic NASCAR races, great price circuits or trying to the emblematic race of Le Mans, to name just some of the options offered to players. However, it is important to note that this game is not a traditional title, because iracing players must buy a subscription (monthly or annual) to enter the action. But if it’s not both.


Developed and published by Codemasters, players can Dirt Rally 2.0 Feel what it is to ride in off-road races. Dirt Rally 2.0 Includes eight circuits of the Rallycross FIA World Championship and includes licensed race superstars and genuine driving model. Dirt Rally 2.0 also offers a career mode that allows players to discover what it is to be in intense off-road races and online games.

CARS project 2

If you are a motor sport fan, maybe remember Projet Cars 2. Projet Cars 2 offers players the opportunity to run during the four seasons, and players can choose from more than 180 cars, including classics and supercars, to ride on one of the 140 tracks. The title of Slightly Mad Studios also offers a motor with realistic control systems and motors and a new advanced transmission model.


RFACTOR 2, just like Iracing, has received vulgar reviews for its authentic race experience. In fact, the gameplay in rfactor 2 even impressed the professional race teams, as several teams of Formula 1 used this simulator for training purposes. Rfactor 2 offers an ultra-realistic physical engine, personalization options and breathtaking graphics, as players can browse real online or offline tracks. If you want to use what the pros use, think RFACTOR 2.

Sonic and all-transformed stars races

We highlighted several PC running games that offer a realistic gameplay, including F1 2020, iracing and rfactor 2. But if you’re looking for healthy arcade style races, you may want to take a look at Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. This sega title features 25 tracks, 20 characters, great races and the opportunity to hit your opponent with weapons to slow it down. If you are a fan of the Sonic franchise, this title can be done for you.

World, Environment and Players: The Three Pillars of MMORPG Throne and Liberty

Last month, NCSOFT started sketching the contents of Throne and Liberty , its next MMORPG distributed on PC and Consoles – we knew so far under the code name * PROJECT TL * , before being completely redesigned. The South Korean developer promised to gradually unveil the originalities of the game and Throne and Liberty is revealed today in a first gameplay extract.


First official overview of MMORPG PC / Throne and Liberty Consoles

NCSOFT takes the opportunity to specify the fundamentals of its mmorpg, articulated around three great pillars: the world, the environment and players .

Throne and Liberty - Official Trailer

A vast open world

More concretely, Throne and Liberty immerses players in a vast open world of one piece (without loading screen between the zones) designed to enhance the exploration . According to NCSoft, some areas will be difficult to access, forcing players to be inventive to reach them. For example, Throne and Liberty incorporates a grapple system to reach height areas (the world is actually designed in three dimensions with high and low areas). The MMORPG mainly allows the character to turn into animals (terrestrial, maritime or air) and these characters will not be able to reach certain areas than in their animal form.

In the same spirit, the game incorporates fortress seats and players will have multiple options for taking a citadel : we can try frontal attacks to destroy the walls of a strong (for example by invoking Colossal Golems), but we can also try to infiltrate through the sewers to discreetly enter a strong place and conquer it from the inside.

dynamic environmental effects

The game also intends to stand out thanks to its environment: the game universe is dynamic, constantly evolving and players will have to adapt to this environment. Again, NCSoft gives examples: the game universe is subject to a day / night pace and a changing climate (sunny, rainy, windy, etc.) and Environmental conditions influence the gameplay .

Some monsters are daytime or nocturnal. More original, an archer should take into account the direction and speed of the wind before unchecking an arrow (the wind will for example determine the range of the blow). In the same spirit, a lightning spell will have different consequences depending on time: the spell will be targeted on a single target in sunny weather and will have zone effects in rainy weather.

massive contents

Finally, players are obviously at the heart of MMORPG’s mechanics to the extent that NCSOFT already promises massive content. The developer was known in Korea for his PVP play mechanics and the studio does not denounce them: Throne and Liberty will integrate large fortress seats . But the studio is also aware that more and more (and especially in the West), players are limited to cooperative content. Throne and Liberty will also include of BOSS raids that will require the cooperation of a very large number of players to overcome a colossal opponent. The studio also promises that these monsters are not only “pv bags” and even a massive raid will impose strategic mechanics – may not necessarily be very complex, but the studio evokes for example the mobilization of many players to influence Some environmental conditions (for example to invoke an eclipse, in order to enjoy night effects in full day).

It is understood, the mechanics of Throne and Liberty are intended to articulate the world as it exists at stake, the environmental effects that energize it and the choices of the players, so these three pillars influence each other. We will probably be curious to discover how the players will take ownership of this world and these mechanics when the time comes: Throne and Liberty must be the subject of a global launch during the second half of 2022.

Where to find Evergaol MalFactor in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Alternative Prison of the attacker can be found at the beginning of the game. It is located to the north-west of place of grace on the shore of Laurnia . Getting to Evergaol is extremely easy, and it should not create problems for players, as it is quite calm here. This area can be noted by the presence of Evergaol’s drawing enemies.

What is Evergaols in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring – Adam Thief of Fire - Malefactor's Evergaol

Exploring the world of Elden Ring, players from time to time will be stumbled on stone worms with purple eyes. When they find them, it usually means that there is Evergaol nearby. Evergaol essentially Prisons for dangerous enemies in the world of Elden Ring. The players entering them should be prepared for tough struggle.

Evergaol An attacker will contain an enemy known as ADAN, FIRE Thief . He is a formidable opponent, especially at the beginning of the game, but the players can usually defeat him, quickly holding his feet, because his attacks are slower than other enemies in the game. The victory over this boss will give players Flame of the Fallen God .

Interested in Evergaols in Elden Ring and want to know more? Learn how to defeat the knightly burned in Elden Ring? In professional guidelines for the game!

Battlefield 2042: Bad Start and Halo Infinite should be to blame

At least 200,000 players have noticed that Battlefield 2042 has truncated significantly worse for publication than expected. So high was the number of players signing a petition in which it was about to receive full refunds for Battlefield 2042.

For this, the shooter has reached a new low point on Steam and the player’s figures fall dramatically to zero.

Whether the following statements from the EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, had a response to the petition or have a different origin is unclear, but there are probably different causes of the state of the game:

“Our teams have worked from home two years. Unexpected performance issues occurred only during greater game sessions. “

‘And he gave to: “Some of our design decisions were not so good for everyone in the community.”

In any case, these were the reasons that have been publicly mentioned by the CEO. In a report that the video game industry insider Tom Henderson has written for the Xfire page, it became clear that behind closed doors was the guilt also wanted to look at other locations.

This report deals with a Meeting of EA DICE, here it says that EAS Chief Operating Officer Laura Miele has agreed to the CEO, but also some difficulties on the premature publication of the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode are due.

Henderson wrote: “After starting the game, DICE has released the patches for day 1 and day 0 to further reduce the number of errors. Miele continued and said that the start of Battlefield 2042 and the patches meant that the game was stable ‘and, the early critical recording was good’. ”

“According to EA, however, things took a turn, and this turn was… the surprising release of Halo: Infinite Multiplayer (I wish I would joke).”

“According to Miele, the comparison between the two games was not advantageous because Halo Infinite was a very polished title, while Battlefield contained 2042 bugs and was not so mature.”

Mieles opinion, you have cropped badly in the direct comparison of the two shooters. Halo Infinite should have been much better prepared, while Battlefield 2042 had to struggle with several bugs. Something like that remains unnoticed in players, nor unpunished.

EA Blames Battlefield 2042's Failure on Halo Infinite???
In the course of these news, Dice also announced that Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 was postponed from March 2022 to summer 2022 and the next update from February to early March.

Sony works on a controller with foldable joysticks

A joystick is an input tool including a stick that rotates on a base as well as reports its angle or instructions to the tool it is controlling. A joystick, also understood as the control column, is the primary control device in the cockpit of several private and military airplane, either as a center stick or side-stick. It often has supplementary buttons to regulate numerous elements of the aircraft’s trip.
Joysticks are commonly used to regulate computer games, and also normally have one or more push-buttons whose state can additionally read by the computer system. A popular variation of the joystick used on modern-day computer game consoles is the analog stick. Joysticks are additionally made use of for regulating devices such as cranes, trucks, underwater unmanned automobiles, mobility devices, surveillance video cameras, as well as no transforming distances grass mowers. Mini finger-operated joysticks have been taken on as input gadgets for smaller electronic tools such as mobile phones.

Sony has always been actively depositing patents for its game controllers. They always had a busy team working on a new PlayStation controller to improve the gaming experience of their customers. This last patent reveals that they are currently working hard on a controller who will have foldable joysticks.

Sony has affirmed in the patent that the current Joystick controller options are quite limited. The majority of joysticks that players are comfortable using are not so laptops as they should be. It is mainly because of the stick part of their joysticks. They must be the same size as the player’s hand to be comfortable. This, however, makes it relatively little practical.

They added in the patent that portable analog nodes can sometimes be uncomfortable due to constant friction between the thumb and the controller surface. With the comfort of the community of players in mind, Sony tries to offer a comfortable but portable game joystick. They want the actual joysticks do not remain extended above the surface of the controller.

An inch controller is also an option. However, this will include a protrusion that players will have to move with their thumb. They could be smaller and more comfortable, but the projection could easily break.

For the moment, we still do not know if this folding controller will come a day on the market. Yet this patent deposit is the first step of what could be a very long development process. Considering that Sony also has a PlayStation controller with voice commands in preparation, it seems that they want to create a controller to meet all the needs of the players.

Do you want a joystick with foldable joysticks? Let us know in the comments below.

A cloning error of Pok mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is discovered

Back in the days of Pokémon red and blue, players discovered a failure that allowed them to create duplicate elements, as rare candy. It seems that Pokémon bright diamond and bright pearl have a similar failure in Nintendo Switch, allowing players to clone a Pokémon, as well as the element he currently has! The error was discovered and shared on Twitter by the user. @ KevinFor5, and take some steps, but if the players do it well, they will copy a Pokémon as they eliminate another. Players who want to achieve this should be careful not to eliminate the Pokémon they want to copy!

How To CLONE Any Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The user of Twitter @orcastraw has provided a video that shows how to solve the problem, which can be found embedded below.

Following the tweet of @ Orchestra, @ KevinFor5 explained that he found the fault simply by accident. I have not tried the fault for myself, but several other Twitter users confirmed in the comments that this method could also be implemented. User @drklcns has also pointed out that moving to the area with failures at the bottom of the picture will make the game freeze, so that is more than readers should take into account.

While this fault may seem familiar to the series fanatics for a long time, there is a big difference between the modern era and the red and blue Pokemon days: Nintendo now has a way of solving this type of failure. Given that, it seems a safe bet that this will be solved quite quickly, especially because it is now extending a lot online. The cloning of rare Pokémon goes against the intention of the game, and The Pokémon Company does not really like that kind of thing. As such, stakeholders in trying this by themselves will want to do it quickly, before a new update is announced!

Pokémon Bright diamond and bright pearl is now available, exclusively in Nintendo Switch. Readers can consult our previous game coverage here.

Have you left? Pokémon Bright and bright pearl ? Do you plan to try this duplication problem? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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