If something we can take out of FIFA 22 is that all the French and players of the France Ligue 1 are more than welcome at FIFA Ultimate Team . If we can also make ourselves with one without having to open envelopes or go through the market of transfers, we are facing a whole opportunity. And if it is the letter in form of akim zedadka , better than better.

The arrival of the new team of the week came from the hand of the new letter Silver stars , a player who rounds the value of the combination and that despite being of a silvery rarity has some improved attributes of real superstars. Of course, before making a hole in our team we will have to win.

To make with the letter Silver stars: Akim Zedadka intransferable we must overcome three specific missions within the tabs of objectives of the Ultimate Team. All of them very assumable and extra exp. For our seasonal progress. Definitely, there are left over the reasons to take the letter.

As every week, in letter Silver we will help you to make you with the new La Letter Silver Stars reviewing point by point the objectives you should overcome to re-automate it. From there, the rest depends on you.

Get the Letter Silver Stars: Akim Zedadka Intransferable

Objective: Win 3

Win 3 games in the Fut Friend live: Silver Room

  • Objective Reward: 150 EXP

Objective: Mark 8

Brand 8 goals in the Fut Friend live: Silver Sala

  • Objective Reward: 150 EXP

Objective: Attend 6

Attend 6 Goals in Fut Friend Live: Silver Room

  • Objective Reward: 150 EXP

Group reward: Silver stars: Akim Zedadka Intransferable

Once you have met the three previous steps you can claim your final rewards in the seasonal objectives section within the Ultimate Team mode. One of them is the expected player letter in Form and the other are 150 EPS additional for our seasonal progress.

The letter of Silver Stars: Akim Zedadka has an average lower than those of the previous weeks, but its Rhythm 89, its French player status and the right lateral position of it make it a great addition. In praettes he does not work badly, although it is clear that the passes from him and the shots of it lower the figure that the letter presides over.

We will have until next Wednesday, March 2 to overcome the objectives and claim the letter Silver Stars. And seeing the round that the team of week 23 ** has remained, until the envelopes are coming from pearls.