At the beginning of September, the FIFA fans came to a pleasure for the first time to pursue live gameplay of the upcoming offshoot. Donovan Tekkz Hunt and Tom Tom Leese met with each other as part of a showmatch, the new record transfer from Excel won 2: 1. His two goals scored Tom in the first round, he overcame the opposing keeper each by cut shot from outside the penalty area.

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Almost a month before the global release of FIFA 22, it has already been foreseen that the Finesse variants would be too strong for larger distances. Nevertheless, in the first weeks of the new season, the trimmed shot promised to the all-purpose weapon in the offensive, Title-Update 1 should work for the first time.

Impressors between 15.22 and 45.67 meters

However, the great first patch did not devote himself to the finesse shot itself, but the animation of goalkeepers at Ebenem. The problem was not solved, EA Sports reacted and laid by live tuning. The appropriate tool, which celebrates its premiere in FIFA 22, allows the developer to make certain gameplay changes spontaneously outside of Title updates and quite spontaneously.

This time, the trimmed shot was addressed directly, from the edge of the box and from larger distances he should lose precision. Exactly included EA Sports the distances to between 15.22 and 45.67 meters. To use the update via live tuning, the game must be closed and restarted after receiving the in-game message.

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