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Gran Turismo 7 only today in the bundle with 12 months of PS Plus [advertisement]

At Otto you can get Gran Turismo 7 in the bundle with 12 months PS Plus. If you choose the PS4 version of the racing game, you pay 99.99 euros. Since the annual subscription at PlayStation plus individually costs 59.99 euros and the price of Gran Turismo 7 is still over 60 euros for competitors such as Amazon and MediaMarkt, this is a very good deal. If you take the PS5 version, you pay a little more with 105.92 euros. According to the product page, the offers that we had previously reported are only valid today. Here you can find them:

Gran Turismo 7 (PS4) + 12 months PS Plus for € 99.99 *
Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) + 12 months PS Plus for € 105.92 *

If you have not ordered anything from Otto for at least two years, you can also secure 15 euros additional discount. If you are brand new to Otto, there is also a free delivery flat for six months. You can find out more about this on Otto’s information page .

If you are not interested in PlayStation Plus, Otto also has a few other bundle with Gran Turismo 7. So far, Otto does not provide any information about the duration. So you could also be available longer.

Gran Turismo 7 (PS4) + Horizon Forbidden West (PS4) for € 99 *
Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) + Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) for € 105.92
Gran Turismo 7 (PS4) + Sony Dualhock PS4 controller for € 109
* Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) + Sony Dual Sense PS5 controller for € 124.46

How good is Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo 7 not only scores with excellent driving physics and a great weather system, but, unlike GT Sport from 2017, has an extensive single player mode again. So in our test we were pretty enthusiastic about the new part of the famous racing game series:

__368 __9

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Gran Turismo 7 in the test: Out of love for the automotive


Gran Turismo 7 - 15 NEW Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

However, the balance of the game was changed afterwards. Railments for races were shortened, so you need a lot of time to save the necessary in-game currency for expensive cars. That is why we subsequently devalued the game by 3 points .

Some links built into this page are affiliate links. Depending on the provider, Forbidden West receives a small commission without an impact on the price when buying on these links. More info.

Forza Horizon 5: Series 7 Update celebrates Cinco de Mayo and Ferrari

May is just around the corner and with it some interesting holidays: May 1st, as day of work, May 4th, as May the Force in a wide, distant galaxy, father or men’s day, Pentecost, Mother’s Day and many Further.

With their new update, the developers of Forza Horizon 5 plunge to a purely Mexican holiday.

The new update of Forza Horizon 5 opens the Series 7 in Mexico. Series 7 is all about the Mexican holiday “Cinco de Mayo” (on May 5th) and is actively supported from Ferrari. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican culture, kitchen and origin in all possible colors and clothes.

Guanajuato is ready for the festivities with new, colorful decorations that decorate the city. The players can also celebrate by unlocking new clothes that are inspired by Mexico’s wall paintings and the Puebla region. In the meantime, the Horizon Tour continues to develop with new championships and Ferrari takes over the festival playlist.

Horizon Tour

The update adds over 200 new championships, including the much coveted “Power Trip” . Furthermore, you will see some characters of the Forza Horizon Festival in the future, starting with Series 7, who take part in the tours.

Event Lab

For all creative players, two new modifiers are added to the game rules for self -created events. On the one hand, the “motors torque”, which allows you to adjust the torque of 10 % to 200 % of the default value . On the other hand, the parameters of the “gravity” rule were specified, which was introduced in Series 6. In addition, all players receive new decorations for their self-created events, a colorful T-Rex , color barrels, flower stands, as well as new light and medium-strong bounce pads.

Festival playlist

In the festival playlist there are many new rewards to unlock, including clothes, car horns and vehicles:

car horn:
  • Falling
  • Bass drop
  • Nature
vehicles Ferrari:
  • 2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale (April 28th to May 25th)
  • 1962 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso (April 28th to May 4th)
  • 2014 Ferrari California T (May 5th May)
  • 1992 Ferrari 512 TR (May 12, 18 May)
  • 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo (May 19, May 25)


The auto-pass also gets four new additions, all of which #Newtoforza are:

  • 2003 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning (available from April 28th)
  • 2014 Forsberg Racing Nissan ‘Safariz’ 370Z Safari Rallye Tribute (available from May 5th)
  • 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro (available from May 12th)
  • 2008 Dodge Magnum SRT8 (available from May 19)

bugfixes and release notes

FH5 Update 7 Summary | Cinco de Mayo World Update & Tons of Ferraris!

The most important fixes are not appearing treasure chests In the weekly forzathon challenge, a mistake that does not recognize that you have a required vehicle in chapter one and crashes during the head-to-head race on the PC were remedied. You can read the rest here.

The outlook in the future shows that series 8 will deal with the topic of ‘German Automotive Excellence’, this series is planned for the following month.

However, the best message only comes to the conclusion that the update for series 7 can already be downloaded and installed from April 26 **.

Horizon Forbidden West: In Patch 1.11, an absurd request hides

Horizon Forbidden West has again received a lot of changes in the latest update. Patch 1.11 returns numerous bug fixes and the usual quality-of-life improvements for balancing and performance.

When looking at the patch notes, however, a point is particularly. Not because he makes a big change in the game, but because… he asks us for karaoke singing?

Sing-Along in Horizon Forbidden West


Concrete is the change “For the text of the title song” in the Flood “, subtitles were added. Time for a karaoke session!” In fact, the song plays pretty much at the beginning of Horizon Forbidden West in a nearly three-minute introne sequence. Here we actually have nothing else to do than to listen to the music and watch aloy on your journey. Actually a perfect opportunity to Mitzlingen, how well the developers thought.

Behind the rather cute prompt, of course, also hides an accessibility feature. Especially for hearing impaired people, subtitles are important and in music were missing so far.

How to convince Horizon Forbidden West otherwise shows our test:

Other features that support you in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Horizon Forbidden West charging screen is so fast that you can slow down
  • Horizon Forbidden West: All difficulty levels and who should choose
  • Horizon Forbidden West: Second person can help by co-pilot function

Patch 1.11 buffs legendary weapons

In addition to the call to karaoke singing, update 1.11 of course also provides further improvements. Do you want to give yourself an overview of what everything is new, you will find here the complete English PATNOTES:

__7 __3

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Horizon Forbidden West: Patch 1.11 is live and makes legendary fans happy


Thus, numerous bugs were fed again, which disabled the progress of missions and improves performance and stability. In the HUD settings, Questmarker can now be completely hidden. Even the little beloved Nerf legendary weapons was undone, which many fans is likely to be particularly looking forward to.

YOU WERE YOU TO “IN THE FLOOD” Your Best Karaoke Insert?

Horizon Forbidden West shows why the PS4 does not belong to the old iron

Does it really have to be a PlayStation 5? Not really, at least when it comes to Horizon Forbidden West. Also on the PlayStation 4, the game makes a surprisingly good figure as a direct comparison shows. At the PS4 version, buyers even cheaper get away without having a disadvantage.

Horizon Forbidden West: Graphic Comparison Stunned

To anticipate it: On the PlayStation 5, Horizon Forbidden West looks liquids and high-resolution – how should it be different. Nevertheless, it shows that even the basic version of the PlayStation 4 can get more than just holding . The developers seemed to be really in stuff and even the last piece of performance out of the console, which now has a few years on the hump.

Horizon Forbidden West - Everything To Know


Horizon Forbidden West in the test: a dangerous, but worthwhile travel

Olaf Fries

Like Gut Horizon Forbidden West on the Playstation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro in direct comparison with the Playstation 5 looks an interesting video of IGN. A total of four variants are compared here, because in the PS5, both the performance and resolution mode is under the magnifying glass.

That the PS4 version can keep up with the basic model is impressive. But it is also certain that the PlayStation 5 of course offers more than just a better graphics performance. Just because Horizon Forbidden West does not leave a bad impression on the PS4, the console will not be future-proof. The more comprehensive hardware of the PS5 is noticeable in comparison with shorter loading times.

Horizon Forbidden West: PS4 version is worthwhile

Owners of a PlayStation 5 should not blind to the PS5 version of the games. The PS4 variant costs only 69.99 instead of 79.99 euros – although the PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West is provided as a free upgrade . A disadvantage thus does not result and 10 euros can be easily saved.

Forza Horizon 5 is blocked when starting or not starts on the PC How to fix it

If you have difficulty starting the PC version of Fora Horizon 5 or experience randomized blocks constantly, try all the steps indicated below.

Fora Horizon 5 is blocked when starting or not starts on the PC: How to fix it

[Note: All The Methods Mentioned In This Article Have Been Suggested by The Developers Of Fora Horizon 5 Only. I Would Have Normally Tried These Methods Myself. But I Haven t Witnessed Any Issue with My Copy Yet.]

One of the largest game titles of 2021, Fora Horizon 5, is finally available so that people try it. The game is undoubtedly one of the best racing games I have had in my hands, and I can guarantee that even if you are not a fan of racing games, you will love it.

The game presents hundreds of the best cars in the world. And it s nothing less than a visual wonder. Fora Horizon 5 presents our most diverse, adventurous and social open world, inviting players to lead stunning expeditions through vibrant landscapes and in constantly evolution of Mexico with unlimited and fun driving action in hundreds of Best cars in the world. IGN has already qualified the game with 10/10, calling it a masterpiece.

The game comes with some technical problems. But that is expected of such a great game. Some PC players face blocking and execution problems in the game. The good thing is that the developers already recommended some corrections for that. Look at them.

How to solve blocking and launch problems in Fora 5

Check the minimum requirements of the Fora System Horizon 5

Before continuing in this article, I would like you to verify the minimum requirements of the game. Because if your PC does not meet the requirements, then the game will be blocked 100%. These are the requirements:

As you can see, you need a GTX 970 or a RX 470 at least, even to execute the game. If you are using a GPU that does not have enough VRAM to render all the textures of the game, the game will be locked almost every time there is a demanding scene on your screen.

If you have an integrated graphic processor, be sure to set the priority in PCI-E> PCI> integrated graphics / GPU integrated into the BIOS.

Update — November 9, 2021

Personally, I witnessed blocks during some scenes, while playing the first part of the game. I fixed it by running Fora Horizon 5 as an administrator. All you have to do is right-click on Fora Horizon 5 shortcut on your desktop and select Execute as administrator. I have the game in the Xbox for PC application, by the way.

Fora Horizon 5 Requires Windows 10 1909

You need to have the Windows 10 November 1909 update installed, at least, to start the game. If you have not updated your Windows 10 for a while, or you are using Windows 7 U 8.1. Then, I m sorry to say that Fora Horizon 5 will not start in your system. You can try everything you want.

Administrator account

Log in to Windows 10 with a local administrator account. This has solved most cases reported for Fora 5, so far.

Find Windows 10 updates

Always make sure you have the latest Windows 10 updates by clicking Start and writing Updates in the search box.

Fix Forza Horizon 5 Not Launching, Crashing, Freezing, Black Screen Issue On Windows 11/10 PC

Here is the Windows Assistant updated: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/Help/3159635/windows-10-update-assistant

Once you have updated, perform a complete shutdown and restart your machine.

Turn off Windows Defender or other antivirus programs

Open start.
Open configuration
Click Update and Safety
Click Windows Security. This tab is at the top left of the window.
Click on Virus and Threats Protection
Click on Virus and Threats Protection Settings
Disable Windows Defender real time scanning
Set the priority of the game in high
Deactivates overlays

Fora Horizon 5 will not start if you are using any of the following virus verifier.

Maximum Safety of Trend Micro
Como do Antivirus.
Bitdefender firewall

Reset or repair forza Horizon 5 to correct faults

If you are playing Fora Horizon 5 in the Xbox application on your PC with Windows 10, then you can repair the game. This will solve the game if there is some kind of broken or missing files. This is how you do it:

Go to Windows settings
Select applications and functions
Look for Fora Horizon 5 in the application list
Click Fora 5 once you find it (use Sort by: Size)
Select advanced options
Click on Repair
Wait until the process is completed
Restart the Xbox application

To restore the application:

Follow step 1-5 from above
Click on Reset
Restart the Xbox application

Steam users can simply go to their library and verify the files of the Fora Horizon 5 game from there.

Failures due to software

The game does not explicitly support, and you can even see certain applications / software as a conflict or threat and, as such, refuses to run or crashes.

Deactivate all the software or applications in the background, including antivirus, firewalls and any monitoring software or FPS increase.

The following list of software applications can cause Fora Horizon 5 not start or locked during playback. Make sure you disable or uninstall to ensure a successful game.

Logitech G Hub
Statistics Server MSI Afterburner / Rival Tuner
VGA precision

Warsaw banking application
Tapir paper engine
A-Volute sound study
Pacific Audio
Sonic audio

If you are using OB, XSplit or any other transmission program, configure your source to show the capture.

I would suggest disabling the game mode in Windows and close any overclocking, hardware monitoring, transmission, recording and any non-essential application while playing.

Install the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio

Try downloading and installing the latest version of Visual C ++ redistribute, since there is a possibility that it has not been installed correctly.

Turn off any additional power monitoring software

MSI Dragon center
Any installed software that may be adjusting or monitoring power settings

Then, make sure that the power settings is correct

Control panel> Hardware and sound> Energy options
Change high performance
Perform complete shutdown (not restart)

Microsoft Store Gaming Services updates

If you open your Microsoft Store application and go to the Downloads and Updates section. You will find many outstanding downloads. There are some vital services, such as Microsoft Gaming Services, which you need to keep updated.

Make sure that the time / date on your PC is correct

Right-click on the clock in your start menu.
Select Adjust Date / Time.
Uncheck and then mark Set time zone automatically.
Restart your PC.


It is possible that the game has found a problem with a recent update (Windows, drivers, content) and refuses to run with missing failures or updates.

Make sure you have the latest Windows 10 update
Make sure your graphics card is up-to-date with the last patch, after the Windows update
Complete reinstatement of the title.

Try To Move Fora Horizon 5 to a different unit

You can try to move the game to a different unit. For some users, blocks can be attributed to little disk space in the unit where the game is installed. Release space on that unit or move the game to a different unit will provide additional virtual memory to execute the game.

To move your game to a different unit, follow these steps:

Press the Windows key and search Applications and functions
Click for Fora Horizon 5
Click on move button

Choose a new unit in the drop-down menu.
Click Move to automatically move the game to a new home.

Reset the Microsoft store

You can follow the steps below to update Microsoft Store, which will erase the cache and update the permissions of your library. This corrects most cases.

Close the application of the Windows store if you have it open
Click start and write reset, without the quotes
Right-click on the command and click on Run as administrator. If the Windows permissions box appears, click Yes or run
A black screen of MS two will appear for a few seconds. Wait for it to disappear, and the store will open automatically.
Attempt to install on PC Force 5

If none of the solutions mentioned above works for you, you should contact the support. Visit this link to inform your problem.

Forza Horizon 5 XP The best ways to quickly ascend Joshua Raymer

Stage up will be one of your main goals when making progress forza horizon 5, which opens up new game possibilities, rewards and coveted money prices, so you can fill your garage. If you have trouble getting fast enough, then this article is for you. We will break exactly as you get there as soon as possible where you want to see more of the game.

How to get up in Fora Horizon 5

The fastest method of leveling is the end of races. On the entire map you should always find various events and races. If you complete one of these tasks, you will receive a fairly significant XP reward, especially if you can reach first. Take a look at the map for races that match your skills to waste time with a loss. It s much faster to seek smaller pools from which you know that you can win them than shooting.

One million race

A certain race, the One Million Runs, offers the chance to a very large XP profit. Since you have a largely straight track, you can achieve the maximum speed and the associated point multiplication over a large part of the race. By entering and continue with your fastest car in this Fora Horizon 5 race, you can easily earn a huge point multiplication and hundreds of thousands of XP over time.

Skills are strongly contributing to EP profit

While you go through the game, you may find that you collect skills, if you provide impressive services that increase your point. These skills give you XP, so it s a good idea to grind after you if you want to maximize your profits. A good way to get skill points is to grind your drift while plowing through cactus, a technique that is discussed in more detail here.

If you want to spice up a little, other methods for collecting skill points are drawing and dodging. You can do the former during the conclusion of events and only need to stay near a vehicle during the race. The second is based on good reflexes. You should retract in traffic and just dodge oncoming vehicles. Of course, you can easily ram in tin cans and other destructible items in the area, but that may seem slow and tedious after a while.

The destruction of boards brings fast XP

In addition to the fast travel options, several boards on the map provide you with an XP reward as soon as they were destroyed. These boards can be found anywhere on the map, and we have a guide on how to find them that you will find here. Essentially, just filter your card to display only bonus panels and then make your way. Crush all XP boards on the map to achieve a high profit in a relatively short time.

This guide should treat the best methods for XP profit for ascending in Fora Horizon 5. If you do not progress in other areas of the game, you will find our other instructions to help yourself by clicking here.

Fora Horizon 5 will appear on November 9 for Xbox Series X | S and PC and will be available on the first day in the Xbox Game Pass.

Forza Horizon 5 How To Earn Money Noah Nelson

In Fora Horizon 5 there are many ways to earn money. XP and awards are nice, but you want credits, the game currency, to buy new upgrades, coatings and cars. So they earn money in Fora Horizon 5.

Fora Horizon 5 is almost there, and there is a lot about what you can look forward to. With over 500 cars, a brand New Mexico card with over 11 diodes and so many horizon racing adventures to choose from, there will be a lot to enjoy in Fora Horizon 5. Or if you are an adrenaline junkie who loves the thrill of the race, this is the game for you.

Earn money by winning races

One of the best ways to earn money in Fora Horizon is clearly winning race. As with every racing game before and then race and win the best way to get on. The higher you, the better the money price, so make it to your priority.

Make money by Wheel spins

One way to get credits is to use their Wheel spins. Wheel spins are free achievements in the lotteries style that you get at each level of levels. With Wheel spins, you can unlock new cars or win thousands of hundreds of thousands of credits.

Make money with investment

Another great way to earn credits requires some investments. If you are investing in the Hotel Castillo Player House, north of Guanajuato on the map, you will be rewarded every day with a free Wheel spin. The hook is that the investment costs five million credits, but amortized within a few days.

*NEW* Unlimited Money/Super Wheel Spins Method in Forza Horizon 5

Make money by the auction house

One of the best features returned to Fora Horizon 5 is the auction house. Here players can have their cars auction so that other players can offer and buy them. Although it is unlikely that players offer on cars that they have unlocked in story mode, you can sell your trickster ride from which you have upgraded here in the auction house for a pretty cent.

Whether you are looking for a way to open the roof of your cabriolet or give away cars to your friends, you are right with us. Stay on further instructions and news about Fora Horizon 5.

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Fora Horizon 5 is available on 9 November 2021 for Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One and PC.

Forza Horizon 5 Fast Travel Boards How to find them all CJ cellar

Fast Travel Boards in Fora Horizon 5 will be one of the most desirable collectibles in the game. There are 50 Fast Travel Boards in Fora Horizon 5 and if you all get them, you can quickly travel without having to pay credits. To get these boards like an insurmountable task appear, but with this guide you should be able to identify the locations and find them fairly easily.

How to find all Fast Travel Boards

Although we could create a map with each quick travel board, but it will be easier to explain how to use the card in the game. Playground Games has done the work here and given you a map with the locations of all fast travel bonus boards. All you have to do is open the card with the method of your choice and then access the card filter function. You can access the card filter by either pressing the RB button (Xbox Controller) or the side down on the PC.

Once you are in this settings menu, you can deactivate all other symbols on the card other than the bonus boards. This makes everything from the map in the game, except the boards you are looking for. However, as soon as you filter these, you will see all bonus boards, including the XP boards. You must search for the boards with a flash for the speed locations.

From there it is so easy to get these boards to draw a course on your GPS and find the location. Some are possibly in hard-to-reach places, and they can work out a corresponding strategy.

Forza Horizon 5 - All 50 Fast Travel Boards Locations Guide

As soon as you have the 50 boards free, you do not have to pay for quick travel in Fora Horizon 5.

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