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Gran Turismo 7 only today in the bundle with 12 months of PS Plus [advertisement]

At Otto you can get Gran Turismo 7 in the bundle with 12 months PS Plus. If you choose the PS4 version of the racing game, you pay 99.99 euros. Since the annual subscription at PlayStation plus individually costs 59.99 euros and the price of Gran Turismo 7 is still over 60 euros for competitors such as Amazon and MediaMarkt, this is a very good deal. If you take the PS5 version, you pay a little more with 105.92 euros. According to the product page, the offers that we had previously reported are only valid today. Here you can find them:

Gran Turismo 7 (PS4) + 12 months PS Plus for € 99.99 *
Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) + 12 months PS Plus for € 105.92 *

If you have not ordered anything from Otto for at least two years, you can also secure 15 euros additional discount. If you are brand new to Otto, there is also a free delivery flat for six months. You can find out more about this on Otto’s information page .

If you are not interested in PlayStation Plus, Otto also has a few other bundle with Gran Turismo 7. So far, Otto does not provide any information about the duration. So you could also be available longer.

Gran Turismo 7 (PS4) + Horizon Forbidden West (PS4) for € 99 *
Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) + Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) for € 105.92
Gran Turismo 7 (PS4) + Sony Dualhock PS4 controller for € 109
* Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) + Sony Dual Sense PS5 controller for € 124.46

How good is Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo 7 not only scores with excellent driving physics and a great weather system, but, unlike GT Sport from 2017, has an extensive single player mode again. So in our test we were pretty enthusiastic about the new part of the famous racing game series:

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Gran Turismo 7 in the test: Out of love for the automotive


Gran Turismo 7 - 15 NEW Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

However, the balance of the game was changed afterwards. Railments for races were shortened, so you need a lot of time to save the necessary in-game currency for expensive cars. That is why we subsequently devalued the game by 3 points .

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Gran Turismo 7: Finally the dualsense are

Almost two years ago, as Sony revealed the Dölsense Controller for the PS5, I was immediately interested. Especially the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of the pad promised at least in theory a new level of “feltful” support, even if with me of course a certain skepticism alongch.

A rumpled start

Gran Turismo 7 | DualSense Features Officially Confirmed!
And that’s exactly the provenance, as the PS5 came on the market. Although about Astro’s Playroom impressively showed the different Rumble intensities and the resistors of the trigger, but in almost all other games, which I have played so far on the PS5, the new functions proved “nice” but not more.

More on the contrary, in some titles, in particular, I felt the adaptive triggers even as such that I activated them, as I wrote in a column at that time:

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COD Black Ops Cold was also the disadvantages of the PS5 trigger


My hitherto biggest problem with the dualsense: The effects were always only a haptic support that was very well implemented, but not really playfully relevant. So that was not the “next-level” effect, which I originally hoped for a bit of dualsense was so far.

Well, what should I say: With Gran Turismo 7, my view of the dualsense has changed significantly. And so that I say that the trigger and especially Rumble functions have left the Gimmick status for me.

Tobias Veltin

Tobi has been a big fan of Rumble effects since Lylat Wars on the N64 and the legendary Rumble Pack. For him, they support the gaming experience, make them more intense in many places. Meanwhile, Rumble effects are standard, you can still surprise Tobi, but still shows how the example of Gran Turismo 7 shows.

The AHA moment came in a curve

What happened? Quite easy. In addition to the usual Rumble functions such as the garnish when routing curbs or soil waves, GT7 delivers that with its dual-sensing effects, this is exactly this relevance to me missing for me. And by giving me information about the Rumble effects, which you might probably only transport via a plumber display.

Specifically, if my car is about to lose the traction on the track in a sharp curve in a sharp curve, then GRAN TURISMO 7 over the Rumble engines of the dualsense gives me a tough feedback, which signals me exactly that. As with a true car, I feel the feedback of the – in this case virtual vehicle and can react accordingly, ie to make counter-steering, braking or similar measures to avoid breaking out the tail or a rotator.

By the way, our test video is about Gran Turismo 7:

When I felt that for the first time during my test to Gran Turismo 7, I was initially astonished and a bit euphorized directly afterwards. For example, such a feedback for the border area I had missed for example at GT Sport. Now to transport this over the significantly more sensitive rumble motors of the dualsense, I find awesome and in my eyes raises a so far only immersion-promoting function on a gameplay-relevant stage, which also has an actually use for me away from the pure feeling.

Of course, I have long not tried all PS5 games and probably there will be other titles that this performance may have been provided before Gran Turismo 7. For me, this dualsense experience was a true eyes (or hand) opener, which has shown me that the functions of the PS5 controller is more capable of providing as an additional immersion layer. And makes them finally more than a nice gimmick for me. I’m curious if I will still have these AHA experiences in the future more often.

Do you have more examples of PS5 games in which the dualSense supports the gameplay?

Gran Turismo 7 developer and Sony AI introduce a “groundbreaking” project

Polyphony Digital, the team behind Gran Turismo 7 next month, will introduce a “groundbreaking KI project”, which was developed in collaboration with the KI Department of Sony.

The project announced on Twitter will be described as the “Gaming flagship” of Sony AI, and a trailer for cooperation aims to arouse some excitement for everything that Sony Ai will announce on 9 February. As usual in most technology-based teaser trailers, there is not much to do here, but the partnership is strange and marked the first time that one of PlayStation Studios teams work together with Sony AI on a project.

Sony has not yet revealed much about the online game of Gran Turismo 7 or talked too much about the available competition modes and the Ki against which they will compete. And the time of this announcement could suggest that we will receive a big info drop later this week, in which all aspects of competition are described in detail in the latest entry in the race series.

But what will this new development be in the Ki? It could be an improvement of what we have seen in Gran Turismo Sport, or will Sony be so his Ki in the future for building upcoming live service games that it wants to publish over the next four years. But it is not even clear whether this revelation for Gran Turismo 7 will be or only for a Ki project, which polyphony has worked digital in the background.

???? COME SOON ????

Our team is looking forward to 9.2. Our gaming flagship to bring to the market and to announce a groundbreaking project # added through a collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc. (PDI) and @ Sony Interactive entertainment (you). Enjoy this insight. https://t.co/xlhvbquu1q

  • Sony AI (@sonyai_global) 7. February 2022

This announcement takes place shortly after the weather effects of Gran Turismo 7 and a selection of Gran Turismo starter cars were revealed during a state of play last week.

Anyway, we do not have too long time until the project at which both Polyphony Digital and Sony AI work is revealed. But since CrossSplay was confirmed for Gran Turismo 7 and may be a renewed focus on improved Ki, competition races may be much more intense in this entry, whether online or against the computer.

Gran Tourism 7 confirms with a new video that will continue to add conceptual vehicle versions

Gran Tourism 7 is one of the next great exclusives of PlayStation in sight. For this reason, before its launch next year we are starting to know more details of the new career proposal, which will seek to redeem criticism from its previous delivery with a greater commitment to collecting that aims to back up origins.

Many things implemented in the previous titles of the franchise will be maintained in this seventh numbered delivery, such as the Conceptual Versions of Vehicles carrying out Polyphony Digital in collaboration with different brands. In the video you can see at the top of the news, we have a new ad about it.

Gran Turismo 7 Gameplay | Official Reveal Of Deep Forest Raceway!

The protagonist is the Porsche Vision Gran Tourism, a completely electric sporty that has been revealed during the global endings of the FIA ​​Gran Tourism Championships 2021. The car has been developed by Porsche for the future, and will be available to use In the new delivery of the driving simulator. The concept exhibits the typical proportions of the brand, although it has a more sporty width and more pronounced aerodynamic elements than usual.

Gran Tourism 7 premieres at PS4 and PS5 next March 4, 2022 and will count on an exit with a 25th anniversary edition and different reserve incentives. In addition, we know nothing that the Franchise and Fanatic have collaborated for the creation of a new Steering wheel of great tourism that seeks to offer a realistic experience at the height of the peripheral brand.

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