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Popp again: Reliable Germany resolves the quarter-final ticket versus Spain

After just three mins, Bühl jubilantly averted. The German winger had actually penalized a hair-raising miss out on by Spain goalkeeper Panos, who placed the sphere directly into Bühl’s feet, with a low shot.


Selección misses out on the response

Also after the very early lead, the German selection, in which national train Martina Voss-Tecklenburg had actually brought captain Popp for Schüller (favorable corona examination) in contrast to the 4-0 opening win against Denmark, remained poisonous as well as existing in the battles.

Spain, sent out on with two changes (Aleixandri as well as Garcia for Irene as well as Esther) by instructor Jorge Vilda after defeating Finland 4-1, trembled themselves-and practically countered. Lucia Garcia only struck the side netting after Frohms was currently beaten in the German objective (10′).

Spain trying, Germany unsympathetic

Because of this, the Selección felt their way right into the video game and had fun with regulated belongings football. Aitana missed the equalizer by a hair’s breadth (18th). Spain acted enthusiastically as well as tightened Germany sometimes, but all frequently the crucial last pass didn’t get here or wasn’t played at all.

The compact DFB choice was a lot extra unsympathetic. The nationwide team alleviated the pressure in a straight line and commemorated a 2nd time prior to the break whistle: Popp energetically headed a corner from Rauch (37′) to score her second goal of the tournament.

German charge area ends up being a taboo zone

Irene Paredes’ jersey pluck went unpunished. IMAGO/Eibner

Defensively strong as a bear, Germany, who wished to place a pinprick via Popp, carried out in different ways. The captain went down after being drawn on her jacket by her counterpart Irene Paredes, that was the last protector for the Spaniards in the circumstance (57′). The calls for termination went unheeded.

The second round went in a similar way. Spain had a great deal even more of the ball (in the 66th minute 402 to 150 passes), however hardly ever came to be hazardous. Just a header from Irene Paredes caused a short murmur to resemble via the Brentford Area Arena (56′).

Frohms makes an excellent save

In the last video game in Group B, Germany meets Finland on Saturday (9 p.m., LIVE! at twist). At the same time, Spain is gauging itself versus Denmark.

Spain acted enthusiastically and also restricted Germany at times, but all too often the decisive last pass really did not show up or wasn’t played at all.

The DFB option thus certified directly for the quarter-finals as well as additionally protected group success with the direct contrast.

Spain had a whole lot more of the sphere (in the 66th min 402 to 150 passes), but hardly ever became hazardous. Defensively solid as a bear, Germany, that desired to put a pinprick through Popp, carried out in a different way. Spain pushed once more. At the exact same time, Spain is measuring itself against Denmark.

Spain pressed once again. Both teams battled passionately, but in the end Germany brought the outcome over time.

Towed anticipation of the top game against BVB

For the 1st FC Union, the home alliance against the table second Borussia Dortmund brings the largest top game on a total German level, where the Berliners are involved. In the 22nd game day, the Köpenicker go as a spreadsheet. Trainer Urs Fischer still brings this constellation rather moderately into product.

“We already had a lot of big games in front of the chest. I still see it that every Bundesliga game is a big step – because we come to the limit, spend a lot of spend a lot and to do almost everything right to score,” the Swiss said The press conference on Friday.

Positive tests over several days

The anticipation of the hit game, which is allowed to pursue around 9000 Union fans and 500 Dortmund under 2G-Plus conditions, but is deserted by four Corona cases at the home owners. Affected are the defenders Dominique Heintz and Niko Gießelmann, striker Andreas Voglsammer and replacement Torwart Jakob Busk.

Union has not announced this until the press conference on Friday. The positive tests were loud fishermen but over several days. On January 31 and 2 February, there were still individual messages about Covid-19 diseases of midfielder Grischa Prömel or defender Julian Ryerson. This was subject to the club this week.

MSV Duisburg vs. Borussia Dortmund II | Full Game | 3rd Division 2021/22 | Matchday 25

This is right now.

Urs Fischer

Trainer Fischer considers the abundance of infections factually. “That’s right now. We are not the only ones who infect. For a long time we could really keep it away. There were other clubs harder. At the moment it’s the case that the boys infect,” Fischer said. “It is still necessary to invest the applicable provisions in the best possible way. A certain danger consists every day that you can infect somewhere.”

The staff blanket has become thinner, even because Sechser Rani Khedira saw the fifth warning at the last away game at FC Augsburg (0: 2). In addition, the use of offensive Keita Endo is questionable. The Japanese is crimping. But it should not be about Corona. A PCR test was negative, so fisherman.

The Dortmund team was able to conquer Union both 2019/20 (3: 1) and 2020/21 (2: 1) at home. Nevertheless, the Iron harvests meet the BVB with great respect, even if the last home game Bayer Leverkusen with 2: 5 defeated. “In the game with the ball you will find solutions again and again. They come into the depths and have speed. In the offensive area, they have many players who can solve situations individually,” Fishermen explained. “We know what to expect us. We have also shown one or the other time that it is possible to score against them.”

Great German Streamer uckle from YouTube to Twitch Apparently I m not desired here

Simon unplaced Wheels (31) or just UK is one of the most famous German streamer on YouTube. 15,000 to 20,000 spectators are currently pursuing their streams live on YouTube. However, at the 19th of December price: It is enough…, and announced a new concept and change to Twitch. We report from Mango.

While the general trend abroad goes to change many Streamers from Twitch to YouTube, Simon Wheels is now just the opposite: He changes to Twitch.

That’s the prehistory:

On October 29th, you got a strike from YouTube because he has uploaded a reaction video, which loud YouTube violated certain guidelines. As a result, Wheels got a barrier until the 5th of November.
Unused a video on 5 November high, in which he expressed his worries: YouTube was too uncertain (via YouTube). He now has 2 warnings, he would get a 3. Would be locked his YouTube channel forever. Unused should not create a new channel, the rules are.
Wickets also considered it very inconsistent and unfair that his uploaded reaction video has been locked, but not the LiveStream from which the summary of the video was created. Furthermore, reaction videos of other YouTuber were recorded on the same video at the time, not locked or warned. Stand today, on 20 December, but almost no reaction videos to find the video — YouTube seems to have passed through this.
Unzip against the warning of YouTube and said that he belongs to change on Twitch if the appeal is rejected.

RNA is a cut: changes for live streams back to Twitch

That’s why it changes to Twitch: On December 19, Simon Wheels Led a new video on YouTube high — titled It’s enough…. In it, he described that YouTube was primarily too uncertain for him, as YouTube rejected his previous objection to the warning. The warning would now last until the end of January.

Another warning would be the end of his YouTube channel he has been operating for 10 years. Blurry, his LiveStream content now only wants to bring on Twitch and no longer on YouTube. But he continues to charge, as usual, videos on YouTube high.

Wheels already shared the joyful message on his Twitter that Twitch already accepted him as a partner (via Twitter). At some point between the 20th and 26th of December, the streams should take place on Twitch.

Furthermore, in his video from November 5, a conclusion pulled: YouTube repeatedly put him stones in the way (via YouTube). He thought you could work with YouTube hand in hand, as both sides represent the same interest: the platform and YouTube gaming make even horny.

Apparently, I’m not desired here as a Creator, because instead that YouTube comes to me and says: Hey Simon, you, as a longtime partner — we have discovered that on your channel is a video that may violate our guidelines could (…)

Simon Wheels

Introducing more communication from YouTube have wanted. He was a long-standing figurehead of YouTube Germany. That one treats him so unfair and inconsistent, levels are not right.

Holding the Push Prinz Rupprecht Tier 9 German Battleship Mountain Range South Spawn WoWs
Exactly this actually contradicts what other streamers report on YouTube. Ludwig switched from Twitch to YouTube because he’s more valuable on YouTube.

UK wants to completely redesign his content

Not only does not want to go back to Twitch, but revive old games like Minecraft. With the Kitchen game, Minecraft, the YouTuber and Streamer was known. Wheels wants to rebuild his huge farm on Madeira in Minecraft in the Twitch Streams. He just wants to game again.

Wheels will also upload more Vlogs from his life’s work on YouTube, show more the process of the formation and work on the farm.

He wool away from the negativity and fewer reactions to the whole dispute and beef of the content creator. I have to embark on myself on the level and I just do not want that anymore, says so. Nevertheless, the format is unclosed in which he does such reactions. It’s less rare.

Creating a secure and positive place for spectators on Twitch, where you can relax and shut down.

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