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All places for fishing in Mondstadt in Genshin Impact

In the Mondstadt region, Genshin Impact has great places for fishing next to the Sidr Lake and even on Mount Dragon Ridge. If you need help in searching for all fishing places in the region, read on.

All Mondstadt fishing places in Genshin Impact

  1. In a pond north of the storm horror log . All fish was found here:
  2. In pond south of the label of storm horror . All fish was found here:
    • Medaka
    • Aizen Medak
    • Dawn Dawn
    • Syracodai tea
  3. In a river separating the mountains of beverage . All fish was found here:
    • Medaka

* Aizen Medak
* Dawn Dawn
* Crystalline fish
* Poisonous fish
* Golden Koi
* Syracodai tea
4. In Sidrovov Lake near Mondstadt . All fish was found here:
* Aizen Medak
* Crystalline fish
* Poisonous fish
* Grow koi
* Syracodai tea
5. In Lake Sidr, north of Springweil. . All fish was found here:
* Medaka

* Aizen Medak
* Poisonous fish
* Akai Mao
* Syracodai tea
* Fish fish
* Gorky needle-brown
  1. Just from a tiny island south of the Dawn winery. All fish was found here:
    • Aizen Medak
    • Dawn Dawn
    • Poisonous fish
    • Akai Mao
    • Syracodai tea
    • Fish fish
    • Gorky needle-brown
  2. In river near Windrise . All fish was found here:
    • Medaka
    • Aizen Medak
    • Poisonous fish
    • Syracodai tea
  3. In a small pond on the western side of the Mountain Dragon Range . You can activate and stand next to the nearest fire pillar so that you do not freeze. This is the only place that you can find snowy , a rare fish unique to Mondstadt. All fish was found here:
    • Medaka
    • Poisonous fish
    • Snow long-term
    • Syracodai tea

How to catch fish from Mondstadt to Genshin Impact

You will need to choose certain recipes for bait from the seller of the Association of Fishermen of Mondstadt, Nantuka. In addition, you can catch a little fish only at a certain playing time:

Do you need to find fishing places in other regions? Check out all the places for fishing in the Inazuma in Genshin Impact and all places for fishing in Sumeru in Genshin Impact here in Pro Game Guides.

Why cant you play Tower of Fantasy in India? Answered

Tower of Fantasy has assaulted the world of games and is ready to face face to face with Genshin Impact in the coming months for the crown of the MMORPG anime. Fans have fallen in love with Tower of Fantasy since its initial launch in China, and now players around the world can finally go into action. However, India is remarkably absent from the game servers. Here is everything we know about why you can’t play Tower of Fantasy in India .

Why can’t you play Tower of Fantasy in India?

Currently, India players cannot download versions for mobile devices or for Tower of Fantasy PC. This is because India has not yet been added to the list of regions. that now includes North America, South America, Europe and Japan.

Perfect World developers have considered the opportunity to expand the game even more in the future to add new regions and servers. While that sounds optimistic, throwing Tower of Fantasy in India could be easier to say it than to do it. The Indian government made the decision to ban Chinese applications in 2020 and, since Tower of Fantasy originated in China, it is likely to be affected.

The Indian government made the decision of 59 Chinese applications permanently in June 2020, including Tik Tok. The decision was made after months of tension between China and India in a border confrontation, and the Indian government declared that the applications were harmful to the sovereignty and national security of India.

Since then, India has banned more than 200 Chinese applications, including Pubg. More recently, Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular Mobile Battle Royale Games, received a ban and cannot be downloaded in India. It is worth noting that only a permanent prohibition was imposed in the 59 initial applications, which means that the decision could be reviewed or modified for other applications. That said, it seems that Tower of Fantasy cannot be played in India in the short term.

That is all we know about why you can’t play Tower of Fantasy in India . Be sure to consult the rest of our guides and coverage of Tower of Fantasy below.

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Gensin Impact 2.8: Just how to reach the Golden Apple Archipelago

It is essential to explain that you can just participate in the occasion after you reach an adventurer degree 32 and both chapter II of the game: Prologous Fall Winds, Scarlet Leaves Pursuit as well as Mona’s initial story quest Astrolabos Phase have finished: Act I-beyond the stars of this globe.


Genshin Influence 2.8: Exactly how to reach the Golden Apple Archipelago

Summer Odyssey The main event of variation 2.8 from Genshin Effect is finally here and provides the players the chance to see the nice thing once more Golden apple archipelago while you obtain involved with a new experience, this moment with Fischl, Kazuha, Mona as well as Xinyan. However exactly how can you begin the occasion? And what is much more crucial, exactly how do you obtain accessibility to the new variation of the Golden Apple Archipelago? To address this and extra, learn just how to open the archipelago in variation 2.8 from Genshin Impact.

You can open the Golden Apple Archipelago in version 2.8 by Genshin by joining the initial centerpiece pursuit of the version The Golden Apple Vacation Returns! To officially begin the mission, you only have to talk with Katheryne at the headquarters of the journey guild in Mondstadt and after that fulfill Fischl as well as Mona on the square before the cathedral.

To summarize it once again, right here is how to open the Golden Apple Archipelago in version 2.8 by Genshin Impact:

Summer Odyssey The main occasion of version 2.8 from Genshin Impact is finally here as well as offers the gamers the opportunity to visit the wonderful thing again Golden apple archipelago while you obtain entailed with a brand-new experience, this time with Fischl, Kazuha, Mona and Xinyan. And also what is extra crucial, exactly how do you obtain accessibility to the brand-new variation of the Golden Apple Archipelago? To answer this and also much more, learn how to open the island chain in variation 2.8 from Genshin Impact.

  • Get to journey level 32.
  • Full all the essential pursuits: Phase II: Prologous Autumn Winden, scarlet leaves and also Astrolabos chapter: Act I-Beyond the stars of this world.
  • Wish the occasion and afterwards most likely to the headquarters of the journey guild in Mondstadt.
  • Speak to Katherine.
  • Talk with fish and also mona.
  • Continue the search until you show up at the island chain.

Genshin effect is currently offered for computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 as well as mobile devices-Android and iOS. The island chain will be easily accessible from July 15 to the end of version 2.8.

Genshin Impact – all the characters to the pile (confirmed)

The pile is one of the seven nations of Tayvat, which exists under the rule of the dendro archont, the younger Lord Kusanali. This is a country rich in natural resources, with topography, combining thick tropical forests and deserts. The pile is based on the Academy, the most prestigious educational institution in Tayvat, which specializes in ancient studies, producing some of the greatest minds of the world-from Lisa to Rosalina-circus Lochifalter, pursins and many others.

With the release of a pile in version 3.0, Hoyoveu publishes information about the characters whom a traveler and Pacemon can meet during their travels around the country of wisdom. Despite the fact that many characters have leaked, here is a list of all confirmed game characters for which you can start saving primo and resources!

All officially announced characters to the Genshin Impact to the Genshin Impact


Knocking is one of the most familiar names and faces to a pile due to its value in the Genshin Impact manga, which describes in detail the events of Ludi Harpastum about five years before the events of the current game. She became a victim of experiments with the remnants of the archons conducted by Barnabas with the active participation of the harbinger of Fatua, Ile Dottor.

The connection of a collie and a dotator can be of great importance for the history of the pile, since it appeared for a short while in the teaser of the interludes of the head of Tayvat: the Lazzo of the winter night at the mention of one of the segments of the Dotator, who committed blasphemy. Genshin Impact officially announced Collei as four-star onions of Dendro user, and it will most likely be available in the game in version 3.0.



Tignari is a forest observer responsible for the forest of Avidya, one of many tropical forests scattered through a huge space. He is a professional in this area and knows the forest as his five fingers, and is responsible for the training of rangers, such as kniles, practical observation of the forest. Tignari is a five-star onion of Dendro user, which will probably be available in version 3.0.

His personality was described as similar to Albedo in the sense that he is very well versed in plants and can treat them too seriously-due to its degree in the field of botany. Being a forest ranger who is also engaged in research, he is a person with good ties, who is dealing with a variety of people daily, from the lost local residents to scammers obsessed with Mora, and a traveler from another country.


Dory (according to rumors, Dory Sangema Bay) is a merchant who loves Mora, who in one days is a lighthouse of hope for students of the Academy, and in others-their worst enemy. Its ability to obtain the rarest experimental materials has no equal, but high prices can be too heavy for most pockets. She works without leaving the Alcarzarai Palace, but provides afterwards to respected customers at a reasonable price. Dory is a four-star electrode Claymore a user who causes a lamp spirit to help her in battle. Most likely, it can be pulled with college and Tignari in version 3.0.

Check out everything that we know about future characters to the Genshin Impact shows based on leaks-Scaramush, Kusanali, Tignari and others to learn more about new faces of wisdom.

Aqua Simulacra: How to get, Ascension, Statistics and who can use it in Genshin Impact

Aqua Simulacra from Genshin Impact is a five-star onion that is ideal for characters outside the field, especially for those that are reduced, since it increases the health and damage of the owner, regardless of whether they are on the field or not. Its high additional critical damage also facilitates the throw for the related characteristics of the artifact. This weapon can only be obtained from a limited banner, so do not forget to evaluate it with an increase in the rating if you have a character who can use it.

How to get a

Aqua Simulakr can be obtained from the invocation of the epitoma when it rises. Each jerk costs one intertwined fate or 160 flare-gums. It is strongly recommended to apply the path of incarnation to the map in order to guarantee weapons in the third account of pity, if it was not received earlier.

See the history of Aqua Simulacra banners below:

  • Epitome Invocation from May 31, 2022 to June 21, 2022


Basic attack: * from 44 to 542
Steust: Critical damage (from 19.2 to 88.2 percent)
Passive: Cleaning form-HP increases by 16/20/24/28/32 percent . When there are opponents nearby, the damage caused by the owner of this weapon increases by 20/25/30/30/40 percent . This will enter into force regardless of whether the character is on the field or not.

Materials of Ascension

Phase Ascension 1

  • x10 000 Mora
  • x5 luminous sands from Gyuun
  • x5 gloomy figurine
  • x3 ghost

Phase 2 Ascension 2 **

  • X20 000 Mora
  • x5 shiny stone from gyuun
  • x18 gloomy figurine
  • x12 Phantom shell

Phase Ascension 3

  • X30,000 Mora
  • x9 shiny stone from gyuun
  • x9 dark figurine
  • x9 ghostly heart

The Ascension Phase 4

  • X45,000 Mora
  • x5 relic from Gyuun
  • x18 dark figurine

* x14 spectral heart

Phase 5 Ascension

  • X55,000 Mora
  • x9 relic from Gyuun
  • x14 death figurine
  • x9 spectral nucleus

Phase ascension 6

  • X65,000 Mora
  • x6 Divine body from Guyun
  • x27 death figurine
  • x18 spectral nucleus

Who can use aquasimulakra?

Aqua Simulacra gives the user an increase in damage from 20 to 40 percent (depending on the processing level), regardless of whether it is on the field or not. This makes him an excellent choice for characters outside the field, since their attacks will constantly gain benefits from increasing damage, even when you switch to another traffic police on the field. In addition, a passive increase in HP weapons makes it an ideal choice for units that increase HP, such as YELAN.

While many characters can use Aqua Simulacra, Genshin Impact has many fantastic onions, so you can study other options if you do not have Elan. Here are all the characters who can use Aqua Simulacra:

  • Elan (the best in the slot)
  • Fishl

  • Child / Tartalia
  • Yoimi
  • Ganyu

Check out our leadership on Amos onions: how to get, ascension, statistics and who can use it in Genshin Impact to discover another amazing onion in the game.

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