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Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference Opening. New Game Industry Innovation Engine

The Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference, hosted by the Korea Game Media Association, opened on the 23rd at the Pangyo Creative Economy Innovation Center in Gyeonggi-do.

The Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference is an event designed to share the experiences of the game industry for NFT and blockchain games, and to discuss future blueprints.

At this conference, game platform holders such as Wemade and Com2us Holdings, Blockchain Game developers such as XL Games, Rising Wings, and Meta Planet, as well as NFT and blockchain games in various fields such as Exola and Sandbox Network You can meet.

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, started the conference, starting with the keynote speech of ‘Intergame Economy and Blockchain Game’. Ahead of the official service of WeMix 3.0, the attention of visitors who visited the scene was focused on the story of Jang Hyun-guk, who shares insights on the future blueprint of the blockchain game.

Subsequently, lectures based on the vivid experiences of companies that are operating their own projects such as Com2us Holdings, Rising Wings, and Meta Planet.

Lee Jong-seok, director of Com2us Holdings, will give a lecture on ‘C2X: Game XNFT’, and Rising Wings will give a lecture on ‘good influence through NFT’.

Meta Planet, which is in the midst of its own blockchain platform metaQ, shares the know-how gained by introducing and servicing blockchain games in the global market through the ‘NFT Integrated Platform and P2E Game’s Practical Case of Service Case’.

In addition, insights from various companies in the NFT and blockchain game markets such as Sandbox Network, Exola, Gong Games, Monowus, Nightingale Interactive, and Enpixel are also shared.

Lee Taek-soo, chairman of the Korea Game Media Association, said, Thank you to those who participated in the NFT/Blockchain Game Conference in Korea today. This innovation did not stop even after the conversion.

In addition, The new technology, including blockchain and NFT, is emerging. The Game Media Association will illuminate if NFT and blockchain becomes a game industry innovation engine. I’m going to go to the attendees and yours. I hope today’s conference will be a place for innovation.

The best combinations of skills in Garena Free Fire

In Garena Free Fire, each team consists of four people, and players can choose any of the various characters to get a strong composition of the team. The composition of your team will determine the game style in the game, and players can ideally choose characters who give them an advantage in battle. An effective combination of characters’ abilities will allow players to master the game. Whether you prefer a secretive approach from a long distance or a tactical close battle, the presence of suitable characters in the team will be crucial. The next list presents a number of game tactics based on the composition of the team and individual abilities of the character.

The best combinations of speed skills in Garena Free Fire?

* Kelly -rush

dj Alock *-Throw the rhythm
chrono -Turner time
Joseph -Crazy movement

Kelly, DJ Alock and Joseph have ability to move, and chrono provides effective cover for teammates. This composition of the team is quite underestimated, but very effective for a quick throw into opponents. This requires reading and adaptation players to any situation before using skills. Drop the Beat gives 5 HP regeneration and increases the speed of the ally by 10%, which is a good way to start rash. In the same way, with the crazy movement of Joseph and Kelly’s jerk, you can move to shoot opponents at different angles. Chrono enters the game when your team is constrained and needs to quickly cover. The correct combination of all four of these abilities will give players a number of mobility options to more often attack opponents.

The best combinations of health skills in Garena Free Fire?

Dmitry *-Healing heartbeat
Dasha -The party is on
chapla -healing song
* Luketa -Hit-trick

The healing heartbeat of Dmitry creates a therapeutic zone with a radius of 3.5 meters, which gives comrades on command +3 HP every second. In the same way, the healing song of the chapel increases the effects of healing objects and skills by 10%. These two characters can play for support, and the other two attack opponents. The hat-trick of the onion increases the maximum health supply by 8 after each destruction. On the other hand, Partying on Dasha reduces the damage received from falls by 30%, reduces the recovery time after falling by 60%, and also reduces the rate of return by 6%. These two characters are ideal for jerks and attacks, quickly moving under unpredictable corners to destroy opponents.

The best combinations of skill for applying damage to Garena Free Fire?

Alvaro *-The art of destruction
Shiri -inflicted damage
Jai -furious reboot
* Hayato -Bushido

The art of destruction of Alvaro increases the damage of explosive weapons by 6% and a range of 7% damage. The delivered short damage is an active reconnaissance tool, since it tracks opponents within a radius of 80 meters, which shot the character for 6 seconds. Jay fierce reload gives players an advantage in battle, automatically reloading the weapon by 30% of its power after a successful knockdown. Busido Hayato increases the breakdown of the armor by 7.5% after every 10% decrease in the maximum health supply. In fact, players can break into the enemy’s location by hacking the entrance using Alvaro. While Red helps with tracking, Jai and Hayato can quickly destroy enemies.

The best combinations of intelligence skills in Garena Free Fire?

moko *-Hacker’s eye
Clound -Tracking steps
Vukong -Camouflage
* K -Master of total

A team that has both MOKO and Club will automatically receive many intelligence options. Hacker’s Eye from MOCO tracks opponents in which they shoot, and CLU Tracing Steps allows players to see enemy locations within 30 meters. An effective combination of these two abilities will allow players to receive a review during each battle. In the same way, the camouflage of Vukonga turns the player into a bush for 15 seconds, which makes him one of the most cunning characters in the game. K’s Master of All has two modes: psychological and Jiu-Jitsu. While PSYCHOLOGIIL gives players 2 EP every two seconds, Jiu-Jitsu allows comrades on the team within 6 meters to receive a 500%increase in EP conversion.

Want to know how to get the best codes for Free Fire? Check out the Garena Free Fire codes (March 2022) in games for professionals.

Supraland is currently totally free at Epic Games Store and also for following week 2 presents already verified

Epic Games Store has been updated at 5:00 p.m. to suit a new complimentary video game, which is none besides Supraland. After a number of days permitting Download and install Manerate , an RPG starring a starving shark, the store now invites its consumers to get a journey of Metroidvania puzzle that sticks out for leaving players easily relocate through a great interconnected world.

Supraland will be available for download till 16:59 following Thursday, when there are two other complimentary video games. In this case, the shop presents Game of Thrones: The Parlor Game Digital Edition, an adaptation of the parlor game based on the job of George R.R. Martin, as well as Auto Mechanic Simulator 2018.

Free games proceed this week beyond Epic Games Store. In this sense, Vapor individuals can still be done with ARK: Survival Evolved, while GOG’s can include Daggerfall Unity to their collections for a few hrs. Furthermore, in Ubisoft they offer us this weekend break the possibility of walking around ancient Egypt with the really dear Assassin’s Creed: Origins, on PC and gaming consoles.

With extremely positive testimonials amongst Vapor users, supra Games is offered in stores such as a mix of website, Zelda as well as Metroid where to explore and find surprise renovations, solve problems, defeat beasts, discover new abilities to go beyond, and so on, all constantly giving the customer a fantastic liberty of activity to finish a minimalist history of 12 to 25 hrs .

How to hide the game you play in Discord

Discord has many wonderful functions that allow you to stay in touch with friends, but sometimes you may want to maintain the confidentiality of your actions. Whatever the reason for your desire to hide the game you play on Discord, this is how to do it.


How to hide the game you play in Discord

To hide the game that you play in Discord, first go to the account settings by pressing the gear icon in the lower left corner next to the sound disconnecting buttons (PC) or Click the image of your profile in the right lower corner (mobile phone).

Going into the settings of your account, scroll down to the point Activity Status. Turn off the display of current activity as a message about the state. . Your status will still be displayed if you are on the network, are inactive or absent, but will not show what games you play when you entered Discord. You can still use all functions, such as the direct broadcast of the game in Discord, but your status will remain invisible.

How to change your game status in Discord

To change your game status in Discord, click on the image of your profile in the lower left corner and set your status in your profile (PC) or go to the settings of your account and change the status of the game in the settings. If you do not want people to know that you are on the network in Discord, you can change your status to the invisible, but other users will not be able to see if you are on the network.

Additional Discord guidelines, see how easy it is to switch between accounts to Discord to Pro Game Guides.

Who could be Aloy or Kratos in the Horizon and God of War series? These are our actors

A few days ago what was a rumor known to almost everyone was confirmed. Sony, along with its PlayStation video game brand, is working on the development of a handful of series on tremendously known franchises. The thing does not end in The Last of Us, which is already being shot, but already work in a series of God of War and another of Horizon .

In MGG we like to elucidate about which actors could each main character interpret in this type of projects, as we already demonstrate with the article about League of Legends and its MCU. Today we are going to see who could be Kratos , Aloy and the rest of the protagonists.

Kratos-Dave Bautista

Kratos’ physicist is important, that is clear. We need someone imposing and our first option was Christopher Judge, who puts a voice in the video game. The problem is that perhaps he is somewhat greater for the role with his 57 years, and that is why we must find alternatives.

One of them would be Jason Momoa, who perfectly meets the role, but the truth is that we do not see his head shaved. In addition, Kratos is more age if this second Nordic part adapts, so we stay with another classic of action such as Dave Bautista.


Anyone who has played God of War of PS4, will know that ALEUS and Kratos They are the two protagonists. The Spartan son is key in the plot, and possibly one of the most hateable children in the history of the video game. And what more odiable person in fiction that Sheldon Cooper?

IAIN ARMITAGE is the actor who embodies Sheldon in Big Bang Theory called The Young Sheldon. He is currently 13 years old and could fit perfectly in the role of Domen.

Mimir-Willem Dafoe

We need someone tremendously charismatic to make Mimir , that speaker head that knows so much about the world of God of War, and that accompanies Kratos and Domen during the adventure. And what better than someone with a very recognizable voice and a first-class facial gesture such as Willem Dafoe .

Aloy-Rose Leslie

The Scottish actress is one of the most sought-after of the moment. After the first jump to her fame as Gwen in Downton Abbey and her second as Ygritte in Game of Thrones, the young woman has chained good roles in series such as Vigil, The Good Fight or the traveler’s woman in time.

Her red hair and her interpretive talent would serve to get the role of Aloy . While she may seem like a role similar to Ygritte , the reality is that she would have much more action and, surely, much less cold than to the north of the wall.

Sylens-Lance Reddick

We arrive perhaps at the clearest moment of the entire list. Sylens , Horizon’s enigmatic character who seems to always go ahead of Aloy, should have his actor for a long time. In fact, I can’t think of another possible candidate for the role that lance Reddick , who has already played it during two games.

Reddick is known for films like those of the John Wick saga, but especially for his roles in series like Fringe. As if this were not enough, he appears in several video game series by putting his voice, as well as in another video game such as Quantum Break.

Also fans of cash money

At Diablo Immortal, numerous gamers had worries that the cash shop might have as well several products that bring advantages in the video game, supposed pay2win items. Now that the video game is outdoors, there is a different factor of criticism: Snowstorm confirms to be her very own at the Cosmetics. You only acquire it for a single character-not account since if you purchase a thing in the store. That creates excitement.

This was in fact expected as a criticism of the cash shop:

Things that you buy in the shop are bound to the character and also server with which you acquire the item. This puts on cosmetic products, structures, Battle Pass incentives or occasion rewards.

That means: If you later make a decision to transform the server or start a new character, the acquisition was totally free. You can’t take the product you have actually acquired with you. It wears for the brand-new personality.

  • Prior to the start of Diablo Immortal, the players were largely worried that the video game is continuously pressing the players into the cash shop so that they purchase certain relief there.
  • Mobile video games like Diablo Immortal are recognized to establish man-made hurdles that lead to the reality that the game experience is either disrupted or is very gradually going, other than players.
  • Since the game is outside, you can see it a little bit more loosened up. The PC Player page, for instance, composes: Diablo Immortal is not quite pay2win, but near it- another peculiarity of the store currently triggers difficulty. Of all things, cosmetic products, which are in fact typically simple, create problem at Diablo Immortal

What is one of the most violent criticized at the store? In the Reddit Gaming Forum, there were already 3 strings with lots of upvotes after the first day that get disturbed regarding the very same issue.

  • A gamer claims: This triggers severe rigid for all individuals with twinks or those who can not choose a starter course. What a complete shit, particularly for stores. Can I pay the focus of the designers on Course of Expatriation, where all personalities constantly have full access to all cosmetic rewards?
  • Another states: What if I delete a personality are all Cosmetics gone?
  • A 3rd composes: Welcome to the future. Nothing will certainly belong to you and you will enjoy.

of all points with actually safe cosmetics there is a great deal of objection of Diablo Immortal.

_ Un animal checklist reveals you which classes are strong. You can see the classes themselves right here in the video: _

player need: more freedoms at the cosmetics

  • An individual states: I thought regarding buying a wonderful cosmetic shield collection. Because there is no account-wide activation, I will not do it.
  • It has to be account. I would certainly enjoy to buy something. But as it is now, I don’t spend a cent for the game.
  • The game is fun, yet guy, the Money tomb is so very aggressive. No wonder it is blocked by some European nations.
  • I have actually left regarding $ 1,000 in Hearthstone for many years, and also if I such as to play Diablo Immortal, I would definitely sustain it. I don’t spend any kind of cash just to play on a character on a web server.

Below you have to set an example as a client.

Just how should the players be? Several players think that items that you purchase in the store must be bound to the account and also can be used by numerous characters.

The trouble appears to be very active. Players who are used to leaving their cash in the cash shop.

A user who concur with numerous is specifically let down. He states: That is a totally brand-new degree of greed, Snowstorm needs to tackle it as soon as feasible.

The issue can additionally be so big due to the fact that many strategy to change the course later:

Diablo Immortal: Modification course in any way times-is that truly simple?

You can’t take the thing you have purchased with you. I would certainly be satisfied to buy something.

** At Diablo Immortal, several players had worries that the cash shop could have as well several items that bring advantages in the video game, so-called pay2win things. Since if you acquire a thing in the shop, you only buy it for a solitary character-not account. Of all points, aesthetic items, which are actually often simple, cause problem at Diablo Immortal

Relegation: HSV wants to knock everything out, Hertha BSC relies on team

With the 1-0 victory in the relegation first leg in the back, coach Tim Walter from Hamburger SV goes with enthusiasm and courage, anticipation and conviction in the second encounter against Hertha BSC.

Crazy Goal gives HSV the Advantage | Hertha BSC - HSV 0-1 | Highlights | Relegation Play Off 1st Leg

“We will knock everything in to make all fans and the city happy,” said Walter the day before the football game on Monday (8:30 p.m./Sky and Sat.1) in the sold-out folk park stadium.

There are different feelings among the Berliners after the home defeat. “I am convinced that the boys go into this game with a certain anger,” said Hertha’s games manager Fredi Bobic. His professionals could win passion if “they are a bit angry with themselves,” said Bobic.

Hertha BSC wants to avoid the seventh Bundesliga relegation in its history, and after four years of second class, HSV finally plays back in the concert of the big ones. It is also about showing character on the pitch, said Walter and praised: “We always show that we are a team. And teams can achieve big things.”

Hertha again with Christensen in the goal

Magath can again rely on midfielder Santiago Ascacibar, who was closed in the first leg. The coach described this as a mentality player. Kevin-Prince Boateng, who is to be used in contrast to the first leg this time, is a final player, said Magath. Goalkeeper Marcel Lotka, however, is still missing due to a broken nose and a slight concussion. Oliver Christensen is likely to replace him again, for whom it would only be the second competitive game for the Berliners.

HSV has “treated a bit timidly” some professionals such as Bakéry Jatta and Jonas Meffert in the past few days. They should be back on the matchday. In order to make a holiday out of the game himself, the trainer invited his entire family who lives near Munich.

The Volksparkstadion is sold out. The police are preparing for a demanding evening. In addition to the Hamburg police, officials from other federal states, including a hundred from Berlin. The stadium actually holds 57,000 visitors, if buffer zones for the game were set up if the number of spectators would be lower. There were no precise information on this yet.

NBA Playoffs: James Harden

The Philadelphia 76ers have balanced their series against Miami Heat. In the 116: 108 victory of the Sixers in game 4, James Harden shows his best game of this postseason.

Harden had never broken the 25 points in this PostSeason before, in this game the superstar put 31 points (8/18 FG) and 9 assists and scored 16 points in the fourth quarter. Joel Embiid came to 24 points and 11 rebounds, Tyrese Maxey delivered 18 points and three other Sixers scored in double digits.

In the end that was too much for the heat, in which only Jimmy Butler towered over (40 points, 13/20 FG). The former Sixer received support from Bam Adebayo (21), Victor Oladipo (15) and Tyler Herro (11, 10 rebounds), but the Heat acted too harmless from the triple line as a team.

Both teams started with the usual Starting Fives, Miami had to do without backup centers Dwayne Dedmon, who had reported sick.

At the beginning of the Sixers, a lot ran again via Embiid, who scored 15 points in the first quarter al1. On the other hand, Tucker and Oladipo from the bank caught good starts with 7 points each, both teams were at eye level. 30:28 Philly after the first quarter.

With Embbiid on the bench, the heat dictated the action more, especially Adebayo now came to slight degrees. Harden tried to keep against it as a playmaker and scorer, then Embiid also returned. As in game 3, Green now turned up, then Harden put in transition via layup and then with a threesome to +10. However, the next scenes belonged to Adebayo and Butler, who quickly introduced Miami. Nang netted for 3, Maxey followed again. 64:56 Philly for the break.

Harden and Embbiid defy the butler show

After a calm second quarter, Embiid put up again, with an And-1 jumper he hung Adebayo early in the third quarter of his fourth foul. As a result, the focus was even more on Butler, which promptly sank an and-1 and a threesome. Miami now played ultra-small and in zone defense, but Philly could not punish this. This prevented Butler with 17 points in the passage. It went into the final quarter with 89:85 Philly.

With Embiid on the bench, the Sixers put an 8-0 run, which quickly brought them away to +12. Butler had to counter again, Miami remained in striking distance again. Harden now had the booklet with the Sixers, Embiid looked rather tired. Three minutes before the end, harden sank a threesome to the 8-point lead, but that was still not.

Butler scored the next two points on the line, but missed a threesome shortly afterwards. Harden penetrated and missed his casual, but Embiid took the offensive rebound and played the ball out, then Maxey Harris found the Alley-Oop-and 1:06 minutes before the end, Harden finally made the decision for three.

the most important statistics

Philadelphia 76ers (4) – Miami Heat (1) 116: 108 (boxcore), series: 2-2

  • The Sixers got almost everything they wanted at halftime. 64 percent met them from the field, the dreaded heat defense was hardly accessed, especially against Embiid they were powerless. The Sixers quotas were very good throughout the game: 54 the home team hit the field, 47 percent from the triple line. 37 Field Goals was preceded by 25 assists – there wasn’t much to complain about.
  • The only problem of the Sixers-Orese was the ball losses. Hards and Embiid were surprised by targeted double teams and played unclean passes, which in turn led to transition options for Miami. The 17 Sixers ball losses led to 24 heat points on the opposite side-far too much.
  • Miami, in turn, had its problems in the half field, here the intimidation factor was already strong. Cleaning the Glass According to the Heat Pro 100 Halfcourt ball, 95.5 points – the Sixers were 112.4. Playoff games are only difficult to win with transition.
  • The biggest problem was the threesome again. Miami sank miserable 7/35 from Downtown, only Butler (2/6) and Max Strus (2/5) more than a threesome. By the way, Duncan Robinson received another DNP CD…

Sixers vs. Heat: The voices for the game

Doc Rivers (coach Sixers): “Game 5 will be fun. We have to be better defensive if we are in Miami…. We haven’t seen the best in this series. He always gets used to it Still by how this mask feels on the face. “

James Harden (Sixers): “Nothing changed for me. I didn’t play any other way. I just hit throws.”

the star of the game: James Harden

Well, it still works! In a must-win for Philly, the 32-year-old finally delivered his complete package again. Elitist playmaking, stepback triano, plus even a few times the train to the basket – harden has not always been seen as aggressive and committed. Especially in the last quarter he was fully on hand when Embiid no longer looked so lively. With this hardden, Philly is a dangerous team!

The flop of the game: Kyle Lowry

Playmaking was there, Lowry also had some good actions defensively – and yet: it is little fun to see the former star in this constitution (6 points, 3/10 FG, 7 assists). Lowry refused several layups, he put every threesome next to it (in six attempts) and gave the ball four times. Strus or vincent were not good either, but none of them are important.

the scene of the game

There were several of them in the last quarter, but let’s take the Dagger right away. Harden dribbled down the clock, didn’t get the Herro Switch, but was not put off by it. He also asked Oladipo to dance and sank the Stepback triangle shortly before the clock ended. The outbreak afterwards indicated that Harden himself also needed a game.

NBA Playoffs – Heat vs. Sixers: The series at a glance

Butler 40 Pts! Harden Dominates 4th QTR Series Tied! 2022 NBA Playoffs Heat vs 76ers Game 4

Game Date Time Home About result
1 3. May 1.30 a.m. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers 106: 92
2 5. May 1.30 a.m. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers 119: 103
3 7. May 1 o’clock Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat 99:79
4 9. May 2 o’clock Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat 116: 108
5 11. May 1.30 a.m. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers
6 13. May TBD Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat
7* 16. May TBD Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers

Articles and videos on the topic
* Compensation! Mavs shoot Suns from the Halle – bizarre appearance by Chris Paul
* Experience the NBA live on DAZN. Register now! Can be canceled at any time.

*if necessary

Last Oasis – remote weapons and mechanical assistants will appear in the game

After several months of hibernation, the developers of the game Last Oasis, Donkey Crew, shared updated information about what they had been doing for the past few months. The team, apparently, worked on solving the main problems in the game and cleaned the code to give the project a more stable platform for further development. The development functionality was created that allows you to quickly add new content and configure the existing one.

Donkey Crew also released a new blog of developers, which tells about the planned changes in one of the main functions of the game – Walkers (Walkers). Mobile fortresses will receive a serious change in balance, including adjusting the progress of ammunition and the complete processing of the armor rating system.

Types of armor will be divided into five levels, and types of damage – by four. The updated system is designed to make the progress of armor and ammunition more linear and guarantee that they will not be surpassed as soon as new weapons or armor appear.

Walking trees will receive a new protective weapon with remote control, shooting darts, called Stinger, as well as new mechanical assistants-outlets who will help control weapons, which otherwise, should be controlled by another player.

Kenshi Robots & Siege Changes! Dev Update - Last Oasis

“Automatic machines are a hinged equipment that allows the pilots of the wallets to turn each controlled device into a remote weapon (or tool), which can be controlled using steering levers of a wallet. They are designed to increase the role of a step-trip pilot during PVP and PVEs using more remotely controlled tools and options. ”

According to the developers, the addition of machine guns should open opportunities for the new mechanics of the gameplay and new types of weapons, for example, capable of disable enemy guns.

It is expected that the above changes and new functions will appear with the beginning of the 5th season. The update is already available on a public server for those who want to check it.

How to play in the destruction mode in Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution breaks into the competitive scene FPS. In addition to world -famous mobile costumes, he supplies with three familiar game modes to attract new pilots: “capture of points”, “superiority” and “destruction”.

Destruction encounters two teams of six people against each other. Attackers must install and arm megazarades at a key point. The task of preventing this and neutralize any embedded megazarades lies on the defenders. Each match is divided into two rounds, the teams change sides after the first round.

Attacks should destroy one of two targets in the first region. If successful, they will open the second area where there is another set of goals. Again, the attackers must destroy one in order to win the round. After installing the megazarad, attackers will need to protect it until the activation coefficient reaches 100%.

The defenders have two victory conditions. They can either detain the attackers until the time is expired, or neutralize the installed megazer.

There is nothing that players did not see in other games in Destruction. But this simply means that players should be able to immediately start playing without studying completely new game modes.

Gundam Evolution All Mobile Suits Abilities and Ultimates (Gundam Overwatch Game F2P Beta )

To learn more about Gundam, read the section “How to play in the Point Capture in Gundam Evolution” in Pro Game Guides.

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