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GTA, God of War & Co: 13 Games, which you never want to gamble before your parents

Play video games together with the family, is something great. However, there are games that are absolutely not suitable for it. In our picture line you will find 13 games where your parents should not watch better.

GTA Moments You Wouldn't Want Your Parents To See

13 games should hide her before your parents

It can already happen that your parents ask you what you drive in your free time on the PC or the console actually. For many games , the answer is relatively lightweight : “I save a princess from the hands of a fire-feed turtle.”

However, there are also such games in which you should come into explanatory notes at this question . We asked you on Facebook, which games you would rather fool your parents. Some selected answers can be found together with our candidates in the following pictures:

To avoid an embarrassing catastrophe, you should better avoid the above mentioned games **. Be it exaggerated violence, tightly dressed women or a strange man-hedgehog relationship.

Dr Disrespect Popular Streamer says Twitch goes below

The topic of streaming is probably the first twitch in the meaning. But other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook also offer streamers a place — and bind well-known streamers with exclusive contracts and a lot of money.

H3 Podcast #36 - Dr Disrespect
The popular Streamer Dr Disrespect was active for a long time at Twitch, but then banned and changed to YouTube. In a stream, the 39-year-old now claimed that only his conditions rely on many stars Twitch and go to YouTube.

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What happened?

Lately changed some large streamer of Twitch exclusively to YouTube. Including, for example, Timthatessman, Dr LPO and Ludwig. These are friends of Dr Disrespect, with which he can stream together again. Exclusive contracts with Twitch prevented this before.

What did Dr Disrespect said?

In a stream on Monday, December 06, Dr Disrespect now claimed that he is the reason why many big streamers to change to YouTube and Twitch to return to the back. According to him, YouTube has become a strong competition for twitch during streaming.

Streamer praises YouTube

Obviously, everyone is going to YouTube for me now, says the self-confident statement of the US streamer. Support is great, believe me. All the Support since the change to YouTube, you are madness!

Litigation with Twitch

Dr Disrespect, which is called with a bourgeois name Herschel is currently located, is currently in a litigation with Twitch because of its Ban last year. The famous streamer founded his own developer studio in the summer of 2021, which should develop new games for PC and consoles.

Source: Desert / YouTube

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