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New Updates of Dead Space Remake Weapons Revealed

Motive Studio by Electronic Arts is naturally being updated Espacio dead weapons and almost everything else for the remake of the dead space, but in a revelation this week, the developers showed that they have already been updating those updates. That is, changes have already been made between the time the March broadcast was transmitted and now Motive takes into account the comments of the community to further update some of Isaac Clarke’s most recognizable weapons.

Motive’s last update returns to treat the audio design of the dead space_ as it did the live broadcast of March, the same one that gave us a launch window for the game. Motive then showed some of the changes in which I had been working for the plasma cutter and the pulse rifle compared to the original appearances of weapons. Today, the same type of comparison was shown again, but this time, the weapons were shown in three ways: the original espace dead appearances, shown in the last remake of the dead space Livestream and the current iterations in which the Developers.

In Reddit, where the same video shown above, Caden House, the community administrator in Motive and for the remake of the dead space said “not everyone was convinced” when the plasma updates were first revealed Cutter and press Rifle. The developers appreciated the comments of the community and said that what is shown here is still not definitive and could change before the launch of the game.

DEAD SPACE REMAKE New Gameplay Demo 18 Minutes 4K

“The sensation of power of weapons comes with the complete experience, since not only the main sounds are heard, but also the impact on the surfaces and the effects on the environments,” House said. “You will notice that the frequency range of the plasma cutter has been rebalanced to focus more on the kick, as well as at the lower end. In general, this is better aligned with that ‘sensation’ that many of you mentioned with the original. With the pulse rifle, you can now listen that the rhythm is a bit more chaotic and not as tight as in the previous version. There is a little more volume of the environmental reaction, as well as more feedback from the impacts on the surface “.

House also reminded them of those who awakened the remake of the dead space that there will be another live broadcast in May that will focus on the art of the game. It was supposed that the previous one had to do with the sound and ended up giving the fans a launch window as well, so it is not known what could bring next to the art showcase.

Red Dead 2 has still been mysterious teleportations over three years after release

In Red Dead Redemption 2 there is a UFO, a giant, uncanny luminous pentagrams – and teleportation drawers. Only that the latter should not really give. While it is Easter Eggs for the first three points mentioned above, the developer team has not intended that Arthur flies through Nirvana if he is looking for items in dressers.

Clip shows teleportation drawer

It’s about it: Be it through coincidences or glitches – In Open World games, there is always uncomfortable situations and Rockstars Western epic is no exception. In the category “Glitches”, the scene that has shared a fan on Reddit and describes the following words:

Arthur opens a drawer that leads to another dimension. He should not have smoked this Sch ***.

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Arthur flies through nothing: The attached video is an impressive demonstration of the phenomenon. At first, everything looks normal: Arthur searches a room, opens a drawer… and is in the next moment in textless blue nothing. It gets even better than he hugs wildly in the empty room while we see the map in the distance. After all, he’s back on the floor and stands on a dirt road as if nothing had been.

Many fans are likely to be encountered this glitch. Curiously, he was still not patched out of the game, but at least continues to ensure amusement.

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Community reacts with mixed feelings

Bigevil621 calls a matching heading to this video in the comments:

Arthur Morgan and the multiverse of madness.

On the other hand, Lotussloth points to the giddished potential of Glitch, certainly with the ulterior motive that there are plenty of crazy secrets in Red Dead:

There are at least 3 places like these in the game (same result, other places). It would have been cool if they were intentionally built with goals like the pentagrams.

Jimstone100 does not find the whole thing to laugh, but annoys that bugs like this are still not patched. Finally, have passed over three years since the release of the game. Most fans amuse themselves in the comments, however, more or reports from their own experiences.

Have you ever telepported from a drawer to another place? Please tell us in the comments of it.

Xbox anniversary heap xbox 360

Microsoft celebrates the 20 . Birthday of the time-honored Xbox (yes, that s why that s already). For a celebration of the day, a special anniversary stream takes place, which you can watch at 7 o clock tonight.

In advance, however, some mysterious circumstances occur: various Xbox 360 titles have namely new updates. These include, for example, Fallout New Vegas, Fable Anniversary, Dead Space, Dragon Age Origins and many more. This could be very good with the stream and may mean that playability is improved thanks to downward compatibility of these titles.

Xbox 360 games get fresh updates: what could that mean?

Xbox with anniversary stream: Who has nothing in tonight and does not want to celebrate the Xbox s birthday with Microsoft, should turn on Central European Time at 19 o clock. Although there is no new announcements, but still give one or the other surprise. According to rumors, allegedly even the release of the Halo Infinite multiplayer could be preferred:

19 0

more on the subject

Hallo Infinite: Multiplayer could show Leaks already today

Updates for Xbox 360 Title: Diverse Xbox 360 games have now received surprising updates. The titles all have several years on the hump and have not received any updates for a very long time. What is included in it remains unclear, but the assumption is of course suggested that this has to do with the great anniversary.

These games are among other things:

Fallout 3
Fallout New Vegas
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Fable Anniversary

Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration
Dead Space
Dead Space 3
Dragon Age Origins
Dragon Age 2
Fable 3

More about the Xbox anniversary: ​​

32 2

more on the subject

Xbox becomes 20 and Microsoft celebrates this with this connector

It s about backward compatibility? We do not know exactly what the updates mean, but also a guess is pushing up. It could be very good about improvements in terms of downward compatibility. So if you have done one of the above titles for a long time before you to catch up on Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X, you may have an even better way to do today.

Which games would you like to catch up? For what do you want better downward compatibility?

Dead by Daylight That s it Fans disappointed by Halloween

One of the biggest horror games disappointed many to Halloween.dead by Daylight has little to offer on this special party.

Halloween is just the golden time of the year for horror fans. There is also available from appropriate horror games that they run according to Great guns to Halloween and organize great ingame events. However, this is only partly successful at Dead by Daylight. Many players are disappointed with the event and also the lack of codes for the shop ensures frustration.

What is the Halloween Event in Dead by Daylight? There is a Halloween event in Dead by Daylight, where you can players:

Earn a handful of new Cosmetics about Challenges.
Pumpkins destroy a few blood points and buffs or debuffs.
Through sacrifices to increase their gain in bloodpoints a little.

In addition, there are various thematic objects, such as flashlights that create a light beam with spirit symbol or medi-kits with neon green color.

What do the players want? Above all, more bloodpoints. A multiplier for bloodpoints is the biggest incentive for many players. This not only ensures that more items such as offerings and perks can be purchased, but also gives an incentive to play new characters. In addition, the grind for newcomers is extremely hard, which always need such a boost again to be able to grasp foot in the game.

Because the cost of activating all PERKS will continue to increase with each patch when new Perks are added.

Basically, the mood in the forums is rather negative. Although it is recognized that the developers have tried a few new things, but so satisfied seems to be the majority of people – at least in the subreddit of Dead by Daylight -. One would like to have wanted more, after all, Halloween is probably the most important day for horror franchises.

More news about Dead by Daylight is here:

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So Pukebags writes in the subreddit of Dead by Daylight:

The is disappointing. For a game with the horror legends, I would think that they make Halloween especially especially, it is literally the season for this type of game.

However, some players also note that there was certainly something, such as the bonus blood points when logging in:

I believe that we have received a total of 967,698 blood points this year when you count the login bonus and the blood points codes.

ES is still very disappointing that we have not got a double bloodpoint weekend and nothing on the day Halloween. Maybe there is more if the event ends, but I would not hope for that.

How do you find the Halloween event in Dead by Daylight? Are you satisfied with what is there? Or would you have expected more?

Just How Army of Thieves feeds right into those Army of the Dead time

Caution: The adhering to includes major spoilers for Army of Thieves ( as well as Army of the Dead ). Reverse currently if you haven t watched the motion pictures on Netflix!.

Supposition concerning Army of the Dead s time loop has been swirling ever considering that the film struck Netflix– so, naturally, you might be asking yourself if Army of Thieves feeds right into this timeline anomaly. While the movie doesn t straight reference the theory, Dieter does have some oddly pythonic desires…

We ve got a refresher course on that time loop listed below, as well as a description of how Dieter s problems harmonize the concept. Below s exactly how Army of Thieves could connect to among Army of the Dead s largest enigmas.

What is the moment loop?

Army of the Dead is chockablock with ideas that this isn t the first time the staff has actually attempted this particular heist. At one factor, Vanderohe even mentions to Dieter that some dead bodies are putting on clothing that look a lot like the ones put on by their fellow heisters. It might be us in one more timeline and also we re caught in some unlimited loophole of battling as well as dying and also battling and also dying, he states. Take a look at our full break down of the theory and also all its hints here.

time loop+ rested down with Snyder to discuss Army of Thieves, and also he teased that the moment loop will certainly turn up in Army of the Dead 2: I m a significant follower of this mythical understory, and what it does to the safes, [Hiroyuki Sanada s personality] Bly Tanaka, all your time loop enjoyable that you can have, there s a great deal of great improvements that are baked in currently, he informed us. I can not wait to make the sequel to Army of the Dead, to ensure that we can see how after that all of those things manifest..

Does Army of Thieves consist of the time loop?

Not precisely. No clear referral is made to the moment loop, yet there is something fascinating about Dieter s headaches of the undead crowds. If you ve seen Army of the Dead, you ll recognize the safe-cracker shows up to meet his death by Alpha zombie Zeus outside the Götterdämmerung secure in Las vega. We do not actually see Dieter pass away, though, and also Zack Snyder has actually hinted that he simply could have survived– as well as might be component of the follow up.

When Dieter mentions his dreams to Gwen as well as Korina, the cyberpunk says something that might end up being really significant. Perhaps they re prophecies, not dreams, she claims. Possibly you saw your very own death..

If Dieter s nightmares are prophesying his eventual destiny in Army of the Dead (or at the very least, what can have occurred to him in one timeline, otherwise the movie as we saw it) then that could be attached to whatever is creating the loop. In some way, Dieter appears to be having feelings, especially thinking about one headache sees him fracture a secure with zombies at his back, with one ordering him from behind after he gets involved in the vault– which is essentially what takes place to him in Army of the Dead.

ARMY of THIEVES: NEW Time Loop Theory, ARMY OF THE DEAD 2 Clues & Ending Explained!

Or, as Gwen states, he could simply be having nightmares since zombies are terrifying. We ll simply have to wait up until Army of the Dead 2 to discover out for sure…

Army of Thieves is streaming on Netflix now. If you remain in the state of mind for a film marathon, have a look at our overview to the very best Netflix motion pictures to fill in your watchlist.

Back 4 Blood vs Left 4 Dead Welcher Zombie Koop

Supermassive Games is a British computer game programmer based in Guildford, Surrey. The workshop is best understood for developing horror games such as Up until Dawn for the PlayStation 4 and also The Dark Photo Compilation for Bandai Namco Amusement.

Left 4 Dead 2 vs Back 4 Blood

As soon as a new cooop shooter comes to the market, he must always have the same comparison: How does he actually beat against Genreprimus Left 4 Dead 2? In the case of Back 4 Blood, this question is twice as interesting. Finally, with Turtle Rock Studios behind both games is the same developers. Since you already want to know how much of the 12 years later has learned.

In the two weeks after release, we had enough time to try and face both games intensively and want to clarify in this comparison: what distinguishes the two titles exactly? And which is better in the end?

Table of contents

  1. 1 presentation
  2. 2story and characters
  3. 3 campaign
  4. 4Multiplayer
  5. 5stone and leveldesign
  6. 6Gunplay
  7. 7 Progress Systems
  8. 8Comfort functions


Let s start with the most obvious: the graphic. That s pretty clear. The staging of Back 4 Blood (Buy Now 64,39 € / 53.99 €) Of course, a lot more than the almost twelve-year old left 4 Dead 2. The story is told here with the help of chic render sequences. Character models and objects are much more detailed. For this you just have to watch the human survivors, their hair and faces in comparison. Or the weapons they carry around with them. Also there much more subtleties are recognizable.

Apart from that, lighting and reflections in back 4 Blood are more realistic, with water, explosion and fire effects, of course, the nose is also ahead. The Unreal Engine 4 is just too much more able than the slightly dusted source engine.
Although you can still praise LEFT 4 Dead for how well it has held over a decade. Even in soundtrack and sound design of the weapons, the title makes the clear impression. Nevertheless, the first point on back 4 Blood goes.

Story and characters

Although the Oger is an impressive figure, but always appears only on predetermined locations in the campaign. Source: PC Games Suitable for the staging we want to lose a few words about the campaign. Or rather said: To the story she tells. Of course, this is not really in focus in any of the two titles. It s more about it s tough zombies over the pile of ballers. But those who want to have at least a little framework, which will probably be more happier with Left 4 Dead. Why? Especially due to the charming characters: coach, Rochelle, Ellis and Nick have grown to a heart over the years. Also, because they somehow look like. You do not have a gear of bang-hard motherfuckers, but four very normal types that suddenly find themselves in the middle of the apocalypse and try to make the most of it. In addition, the figures from Back 4 Blood have been trimmed a little too much to the Generation Fortnite. Colorful hair, hip outfits, tattoos and piercings – that was somehow nothing for us.

Left 4 Deads Storytelling also looks more mature. Through conversations between the four protagonists, through details and objects in the area, for example doodles on the wall of a safe room, you learn more and more about the game world. The levels tell their own little stories. Back 4 Blood can not keep up.


It looks like the campaign. Again, Left 4 Dead is the clear winner. This is not just because the game fails much longer, it also comes steadily new content. The magic word is here: Mod-Support. Over the years, the community has always come up with additional game elements and content. Perfect example here is the enlargement The Last, which came out in September 2020 for the PC. It was fully created by the community and contains over twenty new maps, a new campaign, new achievements, melee weapons, animations, dialogues, and much more. Back 4 Blood can not attack against. For unavoidable reasons, Turtle Rock has decided not to involve the Steam workshop this time.

It does not remain the only questionable decision of the developer: Back 4 Blood relies on Always-on general incomprehension. Even if you are traveling alone with bots, you have to be connected to the internet. Otherwise nothing works. In addition, your solo mode does not earn progress for statistics or achievements. At least for the current time. For loners, LEFT 4 Dead remains the better choice, even due to the much smarter Ki companion.
Back 4 Blood only has a single multiplayer mode, which may be Left 4 Dead better. Source: PC Games


Let s jump from single player to multiplayer mode and start with back 4 blood directly. The selection in the multiplayer here is exactly scarce. There are only the swarm mode. That s a kind of versus survival. So she slips alternately into the skin of humans and infected and tried to survive as long as possible or to keep the opposing team exactly from it. Nothing special.

On the other hand, LEFT 4 Dead offers significantly more choice: In addition to Versus survival, there is still normal versus mode. In that, you play through the campaign while the opponent team as a boomer, Charger and wipe make life. This also works in the realism variant in which you go even faster. To do this, the scavenge mode in which your gas can collect, as well as a series of mutation game variants with individual rules – for example, last man standing. Clear thing: Here, Left 4 Dead wipes the floor with back 4 Blood.

Opponent and Leveldesign

Next point: The opponent and level design. Especially with a view of the zombies that surrounds her in the game, Back 4 Blood often looks just like a new infusion of Left 4 Dead 2: Reeker are quasi boomer, the Sleeper is quasi a Hunter. Really new original monsters who have their own character, Turtle Rock did not come up with. The spawning was also solved in Left 4 Dead Cleverer. While the Ogere appears only in certain places, a tank can surpass you anytime, anywhere. While back 4 Blood you would like to overcome with several mutations at once, Left 4 Dead uses its special infected significantly more targeted. In addition, the standard undead, depending on the environment, getting a new coat of painting: In the course of the campaign, you meet clowns, swamp people, racers, construction workers, armored policemen or scientists in protective suits. This ensures variety.

Speaking of environments: The stages are also built differently. Back 4 Blood rather sets on small tubular cards. This underlines such a little the claustrophobic basic mood, but also ensures more dynamics. You will clearly driven in one direction by the zombie masses. Standing and cutting is not an option. This feeling is known from Left 4 Dead also. But there are always more widespread sections in which your time to explore. A nice example of this is the whispering Oaks Amusement Park, whose attractions can even try it yourself.


Ballers in back 4 Blood makes mood. This is also because you can now provide your weapons with attachments. Source: PC Games we come to the actual core business: the gunplay. Here you can definitely stick to that both games make a fun. This is especially due to the fleet control and the successful hit feedback, but also on the large selection of shooting bashing: assault rifles, shotgun, pistols – here is something for every taste. For the weapar areals from the world back 4 Blood has again a little more to offer. Ballistic is much more realistic here: unlike in Left 4 Dead, your creak finally has a recoil and forgiven if you just stump the tray presses.

In addition, your arsenal is much more comprehensive. You not only collect weapons that are killed in the area. You can also buy them at the beginning of a round in the shop and modify them with essays. For any equipment there are levels and rarity levels with color coding. So different weapons actually have different values ​​that you can finally see detailed. A true shooting party! Only movement drops: There is no akimbo function! So you can not race me two desert eagles at the same time through the area. Despite this blatant mesh, we can give the point here but good conscience to back 4 blood.

Progress systems

Back 4 Blood relies on a card system with which you can secure Perks and Benefits for the campaign. Source: PC Games This mass of modification options continues into other areas of back 4 Blood: For example, there are eight different characters with individual skills. The choice of your character is actually playing a role, there are more than purely optical differences. Add to this the card system: For the campaign you build your own deck, which consists of different perks and buffs. At the beginning of a round you can always select one of five random tickets and make you a little easier for the survival battle. You will always get new cards about the supply lines in Fort Hope. This also keeps the motivation high in the long run. There are always new better options that you can customize your deck individually to your game style. Since Left 4 Dead 2 can not keep up.

Comfort functions

Last but not least, we are still devoting ourselves a bit of general playing comfort. This shines back 4 Blood namely with a mass of meaningful quality-of-life improvements. The Koop Shooter offers, for example, CrossSplay. So you do not have to worry about the fellow players. Even the common gambling across different platforms is not a problem.

Besides, you can now go to Kimme and Grain with each weapon, instead of firing them from the hip. That was in Left 4 Dead only with Sniper Rifles possible. There was also a Hit marker before. Your motion repertoire was finally supplemented by climbing, jump and sprint functions. Although the endurance feature introduced thereby can be argued that back 4 Blood is much more the current playful claims as LEFT 4 DEAD, that is probably except question.

And what does that mean for our comparison? At the end there is a balanced four to four. Undescribe so. Whereby the less than criticism of back 4 blood and more than compliment for Left 4 Dead is to be understood. And as an indication that both coal shooters have their rights of existence. One offers a modern presentation and playful depth, the other lots of content and variety. What is more important to you, this must decide at the end of each self. No matter which of the two titles but also grabs you: you will have them with both.

From David Benke
28.10.2021 at 18:00

Evil Dead Rise Completes Filming Utilized 6 500 Litres Of Phony Blood

The Evil Dead is a 1981 American mythological horror movie composed as well as routed by Sam Raimi, produced by Robert Tapert as well as executive generated by Raimi, Tapert, and also Bruce Campbell, who additionally starred together with Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManicor, Betsy Baker and also Theresa Tilly. The movie focuses on five college students vacationing in a separated cabin in a remote wooded area. After they find an audio tape that, when played, launches a legion of devils as well as spirits, four participants of the group deal with demonic belongings, requiring the 5th member, Ash Williams (Campbell), to survive an assault of progressively gory mayhem.
Raimi, Tapert, Campbell as well as their buddies generated the short film Within the Woods as a proof of idea to build the rate of interest of potential financiers, which safeguarded US$ 90,000 to start job on The Evil Dead. Principal photography occurred on place in a remote cabin located in Morristown, Tennessee, in a difficult recording procedure that confirmed very uneasy for the cast as well as crew; the movie s extensive prosthetic make-up impacts and stop-motion computer animations were created by musician Tom Sullivan. The finished movie brought in the passion of producer Irvin Shapiro, that aided evaluate the movie at the 1982 Cannes Movie Event. Scary author Stephen King provided a rave review of the film, which resulted in New Line Movie theater obtaining its circulation civil liberties.
The Evil Dead made $2.4 million in the United States and also in between $2.7 as well as $29.4 million around the world. Both early and also later important reception were widely favorable; in the years because its launch, the film has actually created an online reputation as one of one of the most significant cult films, mentioned amongst the best scary movies of all time as well as one of the most successful independent films. It released the occupations of Raimi, Tapert, as well as Campbell, who have actually proceeded to team up on a number of movies together, such as Raimi s Spider-Man trilogy.

The Evil Dead spawned a media franchise, beginning with two straight sequels created as well as directed by Raimi, Evil Dead II (1987) as well as Army of Darkness (1992 ), a fourth movie, Evil Dead (2013 ), which offers as a soft reboot as well as extension, and a follow-up TV series, Ash vs Evil Dead, which broadcast from 2015 to 2018; the franchise business likewise includes video clip games as well as comics. The movie s protagonist Ash Williams is likewise thought about to be a social icon.

Evil Dead Rise, the most up to date movie in the Evil Dead series, has finished shooting after a process attracted out by COVID, as well as prepares to head right into post-production. As you might get out of an Evil Dead manufacturing, the flick made use of a whole lot of blood, according to a tweet from supervisor Lee Cronin. Like, a great deal.

8 months, 1 Covid Lockdown, 6,500 litres of blood, and a lot more memories than my mind can even process. That is a wrap on EvilDeadRise. Thanks New Zealand, it s been a blast. Time to head residence and also cut this beast together. pic.twitter.com/iyah4vEEqL

— Lee Cronin (@curleecronin) October 26, 2021

8 months, 1 COVID lockdown, 6,500 litres of blood, and also extra memories than my mind can also refine, Cronin composed in a tweet. That is a wrap on EvilDeadRise. Thanks New Zealand, it s been a blast.

Info concerning Evil Dead Rise is light. Bruce Campbell, who has actually been the face of all Evil Dead material with the exception of the 2013 film, does not appear in the film, and the tale is established in the city as opposed to the cabin that a lot of the various other Evil Dead motion pictures have made use of as a setup. Below s the official synopsis for the movie:

In Evil Dead Rise, a road-weary Beth pays a past due browse through to her older sis Ellie, that is elevating three kids on her own in a confined L.A house. The sis reunion is shortened by the discovery of a mystical publication deep in the bowels of Ellie s building, generating flesh-possessing devils, and thrusting Beth into a primal fight for survival as she is confronted with the most nightmarish variation of being a mother you can possibly imagine.

Evil Dead Rise is Filming SOON! Everything We Know...
The movie will certainly star Lily Sullivan as Beth and also Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie. Lee Cronin both composed and also guided the movie, and also Sam Raimi is creating the movie alongside Rob Tapert and also Bruce Campbell.

Like the upcoming Batgirl film, Evil Dead Rise is headed exclusively to HBO Max with an anticipated launch at some point in 2022. A multiplayer video game based on Evil Dead is likewise headed for PC sometime in 2022.

Discover in preview Dead Space live with developers

We will have a good overview and more information on the remake of Dead Space on Tuesday, August 31 at 10:00 pt / 13 h 00 he in a livestream. I address this with caution because EA is also the company that killed Dead Space. He does not have the merit of having dressed a knife injury that he has caused.

The Livestream will present an overview of the early development of the game. We will hear the leaders of Dead Space at motive, including the main producer Philippe Ducharme and the Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola. The Livestream will also feature special guests from the Dead Space Community Council. The board is composed of Dead Space fans and helped consult on the project.

Do not expect to be totally breathtaking by this Livestream. This is a first building prototype, and the goal is to show the vision of the game. I can just say it s better than it s a horror game, or I ll lose your head.

I really do not know what to think of this remake as a whole. We will never point out enough that EA s fault if the series is dead in the first place with the way they slaughtered the series with Dead Space 3. Now they want to refresh the corpse and scroll through it? It seems just a bit odd.

That being said, I am an adept of good horror games, and the original Dead Space is one of the best on the market. I am very intrigued and I am happy that Dead Space receives a second chance. We simply do not have enough big budget horror games, and I will always look at it at least one.

You will be able to watch the Livestream on the Twitch page of Motive Studios

What do you think of Dead Space remake? Are you excited for the Livestream? Let us know in the comments, or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

Source: Press release

The Walking Dead Spookhouse and Kannibalen

When did the Walking Dead have been the last time a spookhouse episode? Because different is the scenario in which Connie and Virgil are at a time, not to describe. After all, Connie has managed to escape the cave crash. The supposedly abandoned house, where you and new companions of Virgil are located, but does not look much more confident. More, Connie feels observed. Whether this is only because she has not slept far too long, as Virgil suspects? Or are they actually persecuted?

The Walking Dead: Killer-Kannibalen apart it on Connie and Virgil. Source: AMC Naturally, second, as it turns out when Virgil and Connie separate with their exploration tour through the house. However, there are no zombies that will charge you, but a group of cannibals who have been losing almost everything since the zombie apocalypse, which has once made them human. However, that makes them less dangerous how Virgil quickly experiences their own body. While he and Connie trying to flee from the house, one of the cannibals wound him hard. The two does not remain another choice: Conni rubs itself with zombie moons and lures the undead, which drift in front of the house. This creates it to leave the Kannibalen hostel. Not the only happy coincidence as it turns out, because a short time later, Virgil and Connie are discovered by another group survivor: Kelly, Magna, Carol and Rosita, who had discovered one of Connies and Virgil s stores and were looking for them .

The Walking Dead: Daryl and the Reaper

Daryl is meanwhile in others but no less dangerous location. The Reaper accepted him as one of them, at the latest after he tortured his fellow folded and the situation of Maggie s meeting point. Therefore, he, Leah and a few other Reaper will be sent out to make Maggie and Negan in their hiding place. Of course, Daryl does not want that. With some very loud whispering and other carelessness, he also manages to make Maggie and the others draw attention to the Reaper. The group flees and Daryl returns with The Walking Dead: Daryl and the Reaper on the way to Maggies. Source: AMC back the other to the base of the Reaper. There already waits Pope on her. He says that the prisoner told him everything. Whether Daryl s Scharlade is flown with it?

As long as the on the inside underlying scenario (how did the inhabitants of the ghost home were actually managed to become so animalize?) Ignored, is the sixth episode of the eleventh season of The Walking Dead an amazing good horror Sequence with some real nailboat scenes. Especially the circumstance that Connie is deaf, the creators of the episode have exploited very well. To fear that – and we mean that in the positive sense!

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The Red Dead Redemption 2 discovers the secret end of the infamous mission

In red Dead Redemption 2 , during chapter 2, the best chapter of the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia game, players finally have the task of rescuing Micah from jail. To do this, you have to plant dynamite on the wall or use the steam machine to free your offshore partner. Since the launch, players thought that these were the only two ways to free Micah. That said, it turns out that there is a third way and is the most obvious method.

Taking Reddit, a player recently revealed this third form. Instead of working on the plant s steam or dynamite machine, the player walked back through the main door of the Sheriff s office, shot the three men on his head with Dead Eye, looted the key of The cell of jail, and then walked and opened. The door of Micah.

Of course, it is very possible that this is not a completely new discovery. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been played by more than 30 million people, so there will surely be someone else who has thought about trying this. However, on the Reddit page of the game, it houses some of the most unconditional fanatics in the series, many had no idea what I could do this.

TIL There is a third way to free Micah from jail in chapter 2 of

As you will know, one of the few criticisms against red Dead Redemption 2 is the linear and restrictive that your missions are. However, this shows that this is not true, at least not at all.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available via PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. It can also be reproduced in PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, but only through compatibility with earlier versions. At this time, there are still no news of a native version of the game for any of these three platforms.

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