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WOW: Spot Notes for 9.2 – so your course changes in the end of endless time

When does the spot appear? The spot 9.2 end of eternity already shows up in the coming week, on February 23, 2022. With the upkeep on Wednesday early morning, the spot is played and after that the changes are right away live.

witch doctor .

In a couple of days, the spot 9.2 shows up at the end of infinity and also brings numerous innovations into the Shadowlands. We reveal you what modifications – and what courses benefit from the developments.

Hunter .

  • General .
  • The following enchanting impacts are now displayed above the nature’s source screen: ‘Wild to the wild animals’, ‘coordinated strike’, ‘immune emphasis’ and ‘complete hits’.

  • General .

  • The Cheetah of ‘Traveling Age’ currently has a new version with greater resolution.
  • The worth perk of the legendary Kyrian effect, soul affinity ‘for Druids was reduced to 6% (previously 8%) as well as the worth benefit for the Druid partner was reduced to 3% (previously 8%).
  • The legendary venthyric effect, wicked hysteria now prolongs the period of, insatiable craze ‘by 0.1 sec. With each application (previously 0.2 sec.) And also you will certainly not be bewildered for 3 secs after the end (previously 5 Sec.).
  • Remediation .
  • The healing of all skills has been boosted by 10%.
  • The damage of all abilities has been raised by 10%.
  • The routine healing of ‘flowering life’ was boosted by 12% as well as the recovery increase at the end by 20%.
  • The healing of ability, treatment ‘was boosted by 15%.
  • The mana price of ability, wild development has actually been reduced by 60%.
  • The talent, internal peace ‘now provides an additional effect: when carrying’ calmness ‘, you suffer 20% less damage as well as IMMUN versus rejections.
  • The ability, merger ‘currently supplies an extra effect: the period of’ restoration ‘is prolonged by 2 seconds.

The following patch ofWorld of Warcraft is quickly there – and also the patch notes have been released. We disclose you exactly how all courses transform.

Sorcerer .

Paladin .

Mönch .

  • General .
  • Damage and also recovery of necrolford ability, bone dust querium ‘was enhanced to 40% (previously 35%) and the capability can not accomplish essential impacts.
  • A mistake has actually been fixed, through the bone dirt broodded to be parceled.
  • The legendary necrolord effect, charitable mixture now prolongs the period of bone dust broker with targets that are influenced when setting off ‘bone dust pool’.
  • The legendary venthyric effect, dark teaching ‘minimizes the cooldown of’ dropped order ‘currently at an important hit by 2.5 sec. (Previously 5 sec.).
  • A mistake has been dealt with, brought on by the, damage redirection ‘does not constantly cause consistent damage.
  • Wind joggers .
  • An error has actually been settled, by the, authorized Tigerblitz ‘from Xuen the white tiger twice to the damage of necrolford ability, bone dust swimming pool’ was credited.

  • General .

  • The damage of the fabulous necrolord effect, blich command ‘for, unholy lightning’ of the clattering illusionist was reduced by 40% as well as the healing of injury patches’ of the brooding cleric was reduced by 5%.
  • Divine .
  • The recovery of all skills has actually been increased by 10%.
  • The damage of all skills has actually been raised by 15%.
  • The cooldown of, symbol of hope ‘was reduced to 3 mins (previously 5 minutes.) And also the sewering time was reduced to 4 seconds (previously 5 sec.).
  • The damage of, blessing word: breeding has enhanced by 25%.
  • The mana price of, true blessing word: epiphania has actually been reduced to 2.5% (previously 4%).
  • The mana price of ‘blessword: benediction’ was reduced to 3.5% (previously 5%).
  • The talent, petition circle, now decreases the mana cost of, prayer of healing by 25%.
  • The talent ‘guardian angel’ currently offers an added effect: if the safety spirit maintains the target before fatality, he does not go off.
  • The ability, past ‘now uses an additional effect: As a spirit of salvation, you can act, resurrection, which completes the spirit of redemption. The magic time for, rebirth ‘with, beyond’ is 6 sec. And also, beyond ‘now avoids the clergyman’s rebirth for 30 secs after using’ rebirth ‘.
  • The talent, linking recovery ‘was removed.
  • The skill, cosmic wave ‘was held off and also currently changes the talent, linking healing’ at the Talents of Level 40.
  • New Talent (Level 30): Integrating recovery – you will be recovered by 20% of the healing ‘or, flash healing’ to other goals recovery.

The course modifications in spot 9.2 end of infinity

  • General .
    *, Mobilize Sukkubus’ was changed by ‘Sayaad’ ‘Summon’ – Summons arbitrarily your incubus or Sukkubus. Hexammaster can talk to the witch master instructors in Stormwind or Orgrimmar to take a deal with their incubus or their succubus, so just these are mobilized.
  • Mobilize Sayaad.
  • The servicance, temptation ‘allows the target currently slowly come close to the satanic force. There is currently additionally the opportunity that it will be raised with endured damage. She no more constantly breaks the initial damage.
  • The functional capability, whips’ adds opens up despite each hit 1% even more damage with the succubus or incubus, as much as 10 times stackable. The period has been boosted to 15 secs (previously 10 sec.).
  • The normal reward damage of the fabulous Venthyreffekt, contemplated limitless surge ‘now has an optimum of 275% after the conference of 10 additional objectives.

Demon Seeker .

  • General .
  • Venthire capacity, sinful fire indications can no more be overwritten by a shorter period of, wicked fire signs when used by metamorphosis.
  • The legendary effect, blind faith is now approved an optimum of 20% flexibility.

_ If you have an interest in the full – extremely extensive – patch notes, you can check out the on the office WOW web page. _.

Mage .

Death Knight

  • General .

Classes With THE MOST Changes In Patch 9.2 | WoW Shadowlands
* An error has actually been fixed, created by the, butterfly ‘while, daredness’ triggered no damage if the warrior was not able to move.

  • General .
  • Discover 2 brand-new glyphs to alter the look of ghost wolf: spectrallyupine and spectral vulpin.
  • The damage of ‘Frostshock’ was enhanced by 40%.
    *, Flameschock ‘currently impacts a maximum of 6 goals.
  • Venthire capability, chain harvests now grants 3 meal current per hit target when used in essential spec.
  • The legendary venthire effect, elemental links now also reduces the cooldown of the venthire capability, chained captured ‘by 1 sec. In an essential hit with, flame shock’.
  • The epic necrolform effect, fragmented components now boosts the pace 12 seconds (previously 10 sec.) 10% (previously 8%).
  • The tripping likelihood for the tool, wild winds is now 15-50% relying on the item degree (previously 20-35%).
  • The added critical hit possibility of the tool, Magmafaust ‘is currently 12-37.2% depending on the product degree (previously 15-25%).
  • The damage or recovery rise of the medium, bundled flash is now 5-12% depending upon the item degree (previously 1-4.5%).
  • The tripping chance for the tool, icy ‘is now 30-72% relying on the product degree (previously 21-35%).
  • Essential .
  • The Talent, Icefuror ‘currently causes your following 4 goals of, Frostshock’ 225% more damage (previously 300%).
  • The mana expenses for the fire primary capabilities were reduced by 90%. It should not go out now the mana now.
  • The ability, windböe ‘of the storm web cams currently picks up the period of the storm cam (previously 30 sec).
  • reinforcement .
    *, Frost shock ‘and also, fire shock’ no more separate the cooldown.
  • The mana price of ‘surging flashes’ was reduced to 1% of the basic mana (previously 5.5%).
  • The mana cost of ‘Firingova’ was reduced to 1% of the fundamental mana (previously 5.5%).
  • The mana expense of, totem of wind edges’ were reduced to 1.5% of the fundamental mana (previously 12%).
  • The mana price of ‘LavaIPeIPle’ was reduced to 0.8% of the fundamental mana (previously 4%).
  • If your ‘Lavaitiper’ is versus a target, on the ‘flames shock’ is energetic, spreads, lavaitiper ‘, fire shock’ currently up to 3 destinations within 8 meters. If all the opponents are currently impacted in the location of, flame shock ‘, the period of flame shock’ is renewed instead.
    *, Wildgeist ‘is no more shown under the Totemzeit Advertisements under the device window. This ought to stop that a lot of spirits in combination with various other incantations flood these locations and also go away too soon the ghosts.
  • The skills, ice shock ‘as well as’ wrecking ‘can now cause the weapon damage effect of’ flaming tongue ‘as intended.
    *, Ice Shrub ‘as well as’ Beschung ‘can no longer be utilized in the disarmed state.

Taking into consideration all these points that the worths could still transform to the release of the spot – even more than a couple of little details ought to not transform any longer.

Warrior .

Not all courses are changed in spot 9.2 as well as oftentimes it is likewise “just” an adjustment of different pact skills as well as passive rewards.

  • General .
  • The legendary Kyrian effect, unified echo repeats the damage against the very first goal that is affected by the vulnerability by glowing spark.
  • frost .
  • The damage of ‘icy ball’ was reduced by 12%.
  • The damage of ‘Blizzard’ was reduced by 12%. The cooldown of ‘frozen bullet’ is currently reduced each time by 0.25 sec. Snowstorm’s damage created (prior to 0.5 sec.) if.
  • The ability, cometenhagel ‘gets rid of no longer, winter season cool’.

  • General .

  • The damage of necrolford capability, impressive limb ‘was enhanced by 20%.
  • The famous necrolord effect, craze of monstrosity ‘now increases the damage to the death knight challengers, 20% (previously 10%) and also opponents impacted by’ craze of monstrosity ‘are currently likewise increased damage due to your servants for The duration of the effect.
  • The legendary Kyrian effect, last judgment ‘currently grants 4% damage per stack (previously 3%), the period was reduced to 15 seconds (previously 18 sec.) As well as the strengthening effect for the legendary effect and also the damage is currently being use, shackles of unworthy ‘( and once again, when the effect spreads).
  • The strength per stack, regulation of fatality ‘via the fabulous effect of nightfare, surging transmission’ was increased by 3% (previously 2%).
  • The medium, convocation of the dead now reduces the cooldown of ‘armageddon’ by 1 second per rupturing of ‘swinging injury’ on all ranks and likewise enhances the damage of ‘swinging injury’ by 15%.
  • The medium, infinite cravings ‘boosts the servant damage by 6% (previously 3%).
  • The tool, fatality shot ‘leaves, inbring damnation’ the damage of ‘death coat’ increase by 40% (previously 35%).
  • The tool ‘harsh manage’ raises the damage of, monstrous arm or leg ‘by 30% (previously 15%).
  • blood .
  • A mistake has been fixed, as a result of the, heart shock ‘the dancing rune weapon triggered less damage than meant.
  • frost .
  • It has actually been fixed a trouble with, eliminating machine ‘through which the effect of two-hand tools has actually been less frequently activated than meant.

Druid .

  • General .
  • The healing of the Venthire capacity, ashweisung ‘was reduced by 15% for all field of expertises.
  • Venthire ability, ashweighting ‘can currently be stopped early by re-activating.
  • The fabulous venthire effect, radiant ashes now boosts the period of ‘ash to’ by 50%. The early termination of ‘ashweightung’ minimizes the cooldown of the capability by up to 50%, relying on the continuing to be period.
  • Divine .
  • The recovery of all capacities was increased by 6%.
  • The damage of ‘ash to’, ‘hammer of rage’, ‘Richtimrichteil’ and ‘Divine Shock’ was reduced by 12%.
    *, Angry retaliation ‘( rank 3) was eliminated.

Priest .

What do you consider these class adjustments? Do you like what Blizzard does there? Or will your class “once more” damaged?

  • The epic venthyric effect, wicked hysteria currently expands the duration of, insatiable rage ‘by 0.1 sec. * The damage of ‘Snowstorm’ was reduced by 12%. * The skill, past ‘now supplies an extra effect: As a spirit of redemption, you can act, resurrection, which completes the spirit of salvation. * The servicance, seduction ‘allows the target currently gradually come close to the devil. ** When does the spot show up?

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to kill a mud

Mud may be the most annoying enemy with which you have to deal with Rainbow Six Extraction. They are the love child of a trap and a normal enemy and serve only to prepare headaches the players. They are the running killer in the game and require some preparations to kill them. So you can kill a mud in Rainbow Six Extraction.

How to kill a mud in Rainbow Six Extraction

Sludge scan be killed by shooting, like any other enemy in the game, including the crushing. It seems easy enough, but they do not just go down as they would like. These blobs tend to spawn on blankets and very unfavorable places. They even multiply if they suffer enough damage, causing an even greater confusion and becomes harder to be aimed at

Often they are spawned by a nest or a swarm of enemies. If that is the case, these enemies are attacked in any form when performing a sneaky TakeDown attack. You have to remove these most likely from the distance if you do not want to hurt yourself. Here are some ways to do this.

Use AOE Weapons (Area of ​​Effect) and Devices like explosives

Explosives are the most effective way to get rid of a muddy enemy. A properly placed explosion removes the mud without being split into other problems. It is a unique solution that could even turn off a few enemies nearby.


The only issue is that the Achaeans are attracted to the noise of the explosion when using an explosive. Always be ready to fight more enemies if you make a lot of noise.

Use shotguns up close

Shotguns are just as effective as the use of explosives, but require a little more precision. Since a shot fires several pellets, add more damage to mud, as they would die before they share. Not every operator will have a shotgun, let alone one that has enough firepower to kill mud.

If you use an oppressor attachment for a shotgun, there is a possibility that the total damage per ball is reduced. In this case, you have to come within reach, so your crosshair has about the same size as the sludge you want to kill. If you do not use any oppressor, you can increase your range between enemies, but make sure to alert more archives.

First eliminate all opponents nearby and then shoot

This is more of a method to spare you headaches than a quick way to kill sludge. These enemies are extremely slow, so it’s best to turn off any enemy that can quickly close the gap to them through projectiles or speed. As soon as you have done this, stop the source that produces more and more Achaeans, such as possible apexes and nests.

If you then eliminated all perceived visible threats, look up and around before you go to the next room. Use Any Enlightenment Tools to help you so that you do not suffer unnecessary damage by sludge at your dead angle.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC. A 2-hour trial is available for people who do not own the full version of the game.

[3.16] Hierophant with a Forbidden Ritual – Bild on the Priest (PoE / Path Of Exile)

In this guide, we will tell you about the game for hierophanta with a forbidden ritual in Path of Exile . Here you will find recommendations for choosing talents, equipment, useful tips and much more.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Build Review for Ierophanta with Forbidden Ritual in POE
  • 3. POB and Wood Passive Talents for Hierophanta with Forbidden Ritual in Path Of Exile
  • 4. Equipment for Ierophanta with Forbidden Ritual in POE
  • 5. Climbing, Bandits and Pantheon for Ierophanta with Forbidden Ritual in Path Of Exile
  • 6. Pumping of the hierophanta with a forbidden ritual in Path of Exile
  • 7. Conclusion

1. Introduction

The Build is described in the guide is intended to start the league, so we tried to make it as cheap than possible. If desired, the build can be improved and used for stripping high-level cards. Birds with totems have their own characteristics that need to be considered. Below we will state everything you need to know.

Build exists in various variations — from super proof to glass gun. Many variations require serious investments. We will focus on the minimum budget and give links to build more expensive for those who are interested in them.

2. Build Review for Ierophanta with Forbidden Ritual in POE

In this section, we will look at all the advantages and disadvantages of Build so that you can decide, suitable from you or not.


  • \ + Strong damage (even in the budget version)
  • \ + Suitable for the beginning of the league (the necessary items are found at every step and cost inexpensively)
  • \ + Suitable for the murder of bosses (the main ability is calculated for one purpose)
  • \ + Unique style of play (the bulk of damage comes from totems that use the forbidden ritual, as well as totems of wilting)


  • fragility (in the budget version, protective performance leaves much to be desired, in expensive versions, protection has to be damaged by damage)
  • pending damage (Totems are used in Build, which read the Forbidden Ritual; This ability is striking opponents with a small delay, and therefore the player is recommended to act carefully and carefully plan their actions before entering the battle)
  • damage from chaos (Merchant is damage from chaos, and he has no cheap ways to get rid of the corpses; as a result, the dickey killed them explodes, scattering the needle in different directions, and the player falls from them)

style game

If you are developing complex content (for example, a map with unprofitable modifiers), always make sure that you have at least two totems. Otherwise, you will probably have to kit Paki, and this is not always convenient. As a rule, the heartfelt is painted with packs pretty quickly, but it has to be considered with the mechanics of totems that are applied by a pending damage (shells are striking goals with a small delay). To maintain the effect of the mind above the matter, a resistant perpetual bottle of MANA and modifiers on MANA from equipment are used.

Rocking damage and protection levels

In most buildings with damage from Char, the character strengthening is achieved by increasing the level of used abilities. For a heartland with a forbidden ritual, this rule does not work — it requires as much health as possible for totters, since the indicators of damage from the spell and damage from chaos depend on it, the likelihood and scope of critical strikes (effects are purchased by passive skills, equipment and support stones).

As the main level of protection in Build, the ability of the mind is used above the matter with efficiency up to 40%. Effective health stock is determined by non-hard computing: 4/6 = 0.66667, in the presence of free MANA in the amount of 66.67% of the maximum health stock, you need to multiply the existing health by 1.6667. That is why there are actively passive skills and modifiers of equipment on Many in Build.

3. POB and Wood Passive Talents for Hierophanta with Forbidden Ritual in Path Of Exile

Important comments! At the moment, the only regular updated version of POB is the Local identity branch. It can be found here: POB Community Fork.

Tree skills for high-level characters

Build is not particularly difficult. In the cheapest versions there are no cluster gems, as they are quite difficult to make or buy.

The budget version of Build can be found here, the full tree of passive skills is here.

The expensive version of Build can be found here, a complete tree of passive skills is here. Attention! The version was created for a patch 3.15 and has not been updated since then!

Having received all the necessary talents, focus on additional nests for gems or clusters, if you can afford it.


The process of pumping the character is described in detail in the appropriate section of Hyde.

  • Wood for pumping, 52 points
  • Wood for pumping, 70 points
  • Wood for pumping, 102 points
    Try to find 2-3 medium clusters with protection of the ancestors (the third average cluster involves the use of one large cluster). In this case, your totems will be self-sufficient.
  • Full tree


The choice of skill in most cases depends on the personal preferences of the player, but some skills are mandatory. All of them are listed below.

    • Mastery of health: +50 to the maximum health stock (it is recommended to take in the first accessible workshop of health)
  • Health: + 10% to the maximum health stock, -10% to the speed of health replenishment (increases the character’s strength, take as soon as you have such an opportunity)
    • Mastery of totems: Totems provoke opponents within 1 second after the call (the first important skill of this type, gives the character additional strength)
    • Mastery of totems: + 60% of the global probability of a critical strike after the call of the Totem (the second important skill of this type)
    • Mastery of chaos: + 20% to fading efficiency (strengthens outgoing damage)

Oils for amulets

The best ability to improve oils is an iron tree (1x transparent oil is required, 1x amber oil and 1x turquoise oil).

high-level connections for stones

Forbidden Ritual (6 ties)

The optimal setup for the forbidden ritual looks like this:

  1. Forbidden Ritual
  2. Vol lean
  3. Accelerated Crowing Char
  4. Manipulation of emptiness
  5. The increase in critical strikes
  6. Strengthening critical strikes

Portal + Auxiliary Effects (3 Communications)

Setup for those who prefer to play with the portal:

  1. Portal
  2. Steel skin
  3. Extension

Mobility (3 Communications)

Setup for rapid movement (blowing a shield + fiery jerk):

  1. Blow shield
  2. Acceleration of attacks
  3. Fire jerk

withering (4 ties)

In setup for fading, totems are included, which serve as the main source of damage, as well as many totems. Since totems of fading can be more than the totters of the forbidden ritual, the rotation must be started with fading, and then spam the forbidden ritual.

  1. Withering
  2. Singing Totem.
  3. Many totems
  4. Accelerated Crowing Char

Chapter + Rights (3 Communications)

This setup automatically imposes a damage when using a chapter brand and significantly saves time in battles with bosses.

  1. Stamp Chapter
  2. Met aging killer
  3. Accelerated Crowing Char

You can put a portal or extension to the remaining slot (both options will work well).

Golem (4 connections)

There are relatively few mandatory stones in Build, so if you wish, you can add a golem with support to it, thanks to which it does not have to call too often:

  1. Call of Stone Golem / Calling of the Golem of Chaos / Calling Golem Lightning (depending on personal preferences)
  2. Dimming
  3. Health of minions
  4. Elemental army

4. Equipment for Ierophanta with Forbidden Ritual in POE

Cancel resistance to the elements and characteristics that are required for inclusion of stones. We recommend that you choose rare equipment with health, manner and missing characteristics or resistance. In addition, you will have damage from Char and Chaos, as well as any modifiers for a critical strike.

An exemplary list of equipment looks like this:

Slot Name of the subject Rarity
Helmet Health and MANA, Resistance and Other Features As necessary Rare
Amulet Health and MANA, Resistance and Other Features As necessary Rare
Bib Pogrom Spirit Unique
Gloves Health and MANA, Resistance and Other Features As necessary Rare
Shoes Bakery Torch Unique
Belt Health and MANA, Resistance and Other Features As necessary Rare
Rings 1x Rare Health Ring, Resistance and Other Features + 1x Chalía Rare or unique
Weapons Damage from Char, damage from chaos + spell reading speed, probability and scope of critical strikes Rare
Shield Health and MANA (preferably the creator base with the modifier +1 to the maximum number of called totems ) Rare

Objects Equipment

Most of the equipment items can be bought or made independently. To determine the cheapest way to obtain a particular item, use the Craft of Exile.

In Build, predominantly rare items are used on which there is an energy shield, resistance and other necessary characteristics. If you have resources, you can purchase an exemplary.


Select a rare helmet with a maximum bonus to health and MANA. Other features can be any, depending on your needs.


The cover of the Spirit serves as the basis of Build. It allows you to install an additional totem and imposes damage to the character when the totems disappear.


Choose a subject with maximum bonuses to health and MANA. Resistance and other characteristics can be any, depending on your needs.


Use a cheap unique piece of wood torch. It increases the supply of totems and increases outgoing damage.


You will need a belt with manana, health, resistance and other characteristics (depending on the existing distribution).



For a cheap build, it is recommended to choose a rare amulet with man, health, resistance and other characteristics. For expensive build, the subject is suitable with a modifier for a critical strike.

Oils need to be applied to the iron tree.


The flow of the Spirit imposes damage to the character every time the totems disappear. To neutralize this effect, the gift of the younger God of Fugue, passive refuge skills / shrine of thought, as well as the ring of a conveyance, improved by the help of a magic catalyst (in patch 3.16, the Clara decreases the effectiveness of the curse by 72%).

As a second ring, you can choose a rare object with mania, health, resistance and missing characteristics.


The most important modifier for weapons is damage from Char or Chaos. You will also need the speed of reading spells, the likelihood and scope of critical damage and the speed of projectiles (preferably, but not necessarily).


Choose any shield with a large bonus to health and MANA. The optimal option is an object with the effect of the creator (modifier +1 to the maximum amount of totters called ).


The choice of bottles depends on personal preferences. Below we bring a list of featured vials. Full lists of bottles with different modifiers: bottle with auxiliary effects, health vials, MANA vials, hybrid bottle.

Slot bottle Description
1 Diamond bottle Increases the likelihood of critical strike
2 Divine bottle of life Health bottle, instantly fills health and eliminates bleeding effect
3 Perpetual bottle of life Neutralizes periodic damage from poisons and mile zones
4 (Resistant) Eternal Bottle MANA (Hacker) Provides an acceptable manual replenishment rate (thanks to the Resistant modifier, the effect is not interrupted if your MANA reserve is already full)
5 Mercury bottle After applying the bite of fellows, Wall feature must move as quickly as possible to hit as many opponents as possible, the mercury bottle gives it the necessary acceleration

Gems for passive tree

Choose gems with modifiers on totems’ health, critical damage and health / MANA, if you are missing.

Unique gems are greatly different. For example, without a shutter stone, it is quite possible to do, while self-defense is mandatory (it enhances the outgoing damage due to damage imposed on the character of the cover of the spirit). The degrees of debris give two additional shells to each tutor (in the amount of each totem releases 6 shells).

5. Climbing, Bandits and Pantheon for Ierophanta with Forbidden Ritual in Path Of Exile


In this build, concrete ascent skills are used. If you replace them, build will stop working. Below we will consider in detail all these skills.

Recommended option

The ascent skills are listed in the order of importance (and, accordingly, acquisitions).

  1. Finding faith
  2. Ritual awakening
  3. Divine Providence
  4. Inner conviction
Search of faith

The search for faith allows you to create additional totems, increases the speed of the installation and increases the time of their action.

Ritual Awakening

The ritual of awakening supports the effect of the mind above the matter due to the additional generation of MANA when creating totems, and also enhances the outgoing damage for each called totem.

Divine Providence

Divine Providence Increases the effectiveness of the mind of the mind above the matter from 30% to 40% and gives an additional MANA.

Inner conviction

Internal conviction gives +4 to the minimum and maximum number of rage and energy charges (in fact, the number of charges cannot fall below 4). Charges affect the protection indicators, resistance and the likelihood of a critical strike.


We recommend that you kill all the gangsters, as their bonuses do not stand the spent skills of skills.


For most buildings, the choice of talents of the pantheon depends on the personal preferences of the player. As a senior God, we recommend that you choose the sea king to avoid chain stun.

You can choose any of the younger God, however, we recommend staying on the improved version of the fugue (-20% to the effectiveness of damage, eliminates the need to spend points for asylum or the sanctuary of thought).

6. Pumping of the hierophanta with a forbidden ritual in Path of Exile

In an existing mete, all plot acts can be underway without totems. We did not set themselves the goal to tell you how to kill China in two hours — on the contrary, we want you to pump a character without having a single sphere of repentance for the transition from the temporary build to the full-fledged build with totems. If you wish, you can switch to totems in the plot to learn how to use them before moving to the cards.

without totems

On the totems you can switch to a minimum of 5 acts (or at 49 levels, with the cover of the Spirit). Up to this point, other abilities are used. Levels 1-12:

  • Wave cold for stripping
  • Frosty bomb as an alternative to the Wave of Cold
  • Sacred fire totem (helps to keep a distance, applies additional damage)

You can also use any support stones suitable for your color (for example, a cold and / or illuminated damage).

Porous bomb:

  1. Frosty bomb
  2. Damage with lightning
  3. Damage by cold


At the 12th level, buy storm and return stamps to pass the first acts as quickly as possible. When performing mandatory tasks, you will receive glasses for changing talents. This will allow you to move away from the proposed scenario at the beginning of the path (for example, take additional skills to damage from magic or lightning), and then return. Returning brand can be put in any blue slot without connections.

Alamo storm:

  1. Stamp storm
  2. Damage with lightning
  3. Damage by cold

Great combined with a sphere of storms.

In the second act, you need to take the following support stones:

Alamo storm:

  1. Stamp storm
  2. Controlled destruction
  3. Concentration of elements

RI presence of the subject with four connections:

  1. Damage with lightning
  2. Damage by cold

In the second act (the abode of sins, level 16) it is necessary to take stones like Bulletin and use them up to level 28 (third act):

  1. Ice Bulletin
  2. Bulletin of thunder

In the third act you will receive another stone of the same type (ash angle), it also enhances the abilities used up to level 28.

Alamo Armageddon:

  1. Stamp Armageddon
  2. Inflammation
  3. Damage by cold or damage with zipper or anger or accelerated creation of charms, depending on the color of the slots available.


  1. Cremation
  2. Vol lean
  3. Concentration of elements
  4. Controlled destruction

If you wear a tabular Race or you have no slots of suitable color, use the remaining support stones:

  1. Anger
  2. Accelerated Crowing Char

To start the cremation effect, it is necessary to absorb the corpses, so you have to enter somewhere desecrating.

In the fifth act you will receive a gem of action with the threshold of action that gives the first snow, and you can take a connection with the ancestors in the passive tree instead of Runic VLSI. Before that, we strongly recommend that you pass the labyrinth and take the first talent of the climb.

Write cold:

  1. Single Totem.
  2. Wave cold
  3. Accelerated Crowing Char
  4. Damage in cold / damage lightning / malice, depending on the color of the slots available

The concentration of elements is not used because it prevents freezing. Controlled destruction is not used because it reduces the likelihood of the effect of spontaneous overload.

Forbidden ritual worth taking only after the acquisition of the cover of the Spirit.

If you swing first character, read the following guides:

  • Hyde on unique subjects for pumping will help you pick up equipment for pumping.
  • Hyde for pumping for beginners contains answers to the most common questions arising from those who are just starting to play POE.

7. Conclusion

We believe that the game must first bring the player’s pleasure. If you think that build for some reason you do not fit, boldly change it to your needs and do not forget to share with us the most successful options. We will be happy to learn something new from you!

Questions remained? We want our guides bring the maximum benefit to the game community. If you think that we missed something, ask a question in the comments, and we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

We wish you good luck in the game and many, many elevations. See you!

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