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Space Channel 5 and Comics Zone are made into a movie. Sega agreed with US media companies about the development of movie works

Sega announced on August 20 that it has agreed with the US Picticure Starting Company to develop film work for Space Channel 5 and Comics Sone . The release time is undecided.

Picture Starting Company is a media company established in 2019 and has many movies, television and audio projects. Film works that have been produced and invested so far include Unpregnant, Am I OK? In addition, a live-action movie based on Border Rounds is being produced in the film of the game work.

  • Trailer of VR version Space Channel 5 VR Arata ★ Dancing Show

Space Channel 5 is a musical action game featuring the newly-spacecraft reporter Urara of the future space broadcasting station. Rescue those who have been forced to dance by a mysterious alien, Moro, in a dance battle. It is characterized by gameplay that traces the opponent’s dance steps, a retro-futured worldview, and a character full of humor. This work was released for Dream Cast in 1999, and transplanted and sequel was released.

For the film production of Space Channel 5, Belly Bobs, Barry Battles, directed and writer of the climb comedy film Gangbusters starring Billy Bob Soonton, and South by Southwest. Nil Panille, director and scriptwriter of the science fiction movie EXTRACTED of the Emerging Visions Prize Nominated, will jointly write a script.

  • Trailer of the mobile version Comics Zone

The Comics Zone is an action game released in 1995 for Mega Drive. The protagonist is a popular manga artist sketch turner serialized in the comic Comics Z1. He gets lost in his manga world, escapes and fights the mutants. A unique stage progress that develops the game on the American comic page and moves from frame to frame.

For the movie production of the comics zone, the scriptwriter such as the Emmy Award-winning HBO MAX TV anime series Young Justice and the movie Hick and Dragon spin-off TV anime series DRAGONS: THE NINE REALMS Maycat, who works on, is in charge of the script.

In addition, Eric Fake and CEO of the Picture Start Company & CEO and Lois Reeves-Derby have supervised both projects. He is a producer with the company’s management, Sammy Kim Falbay.


  • PV of the movie Sonic the Movie / Sonic VS Knuckles

From Sega, the company’s Vice President CO-COO’s Utsumi State will supervise both projects. Toru Nakahara, a producer of the movie Sonic the Movie series and an executive producer of the TV series Sonic Prime, participated in both works. In addition, the company’s game director Takumi Yoshinaga will participate in the movie of Space Channel 5, and Kazumasa Shimomura, a game producer, will participate in the comics zone film.

It is new to remember that the movie based on Sega’s game work has recorded a huge hit by Sonic the Movie released in 2020. The sequel Sonic the Movie / Sonic VS Knuckles was released in Japan yesterday on August 19. These works use an expression that combines the actor’s performance by live-action and CG characters such as Sonic. It is noted that the films of Space Channel 5 and Comics Zone will be.

A lot more video games that will certainly get to the big screen: Sega announce that two of its 90 titles will be movies

Comix Zone tells the story of a comic designer and a writer that must stop an excellent bad guy from giving disorder , that when they are taken in by the most recent problem of their preferred collection. The individual in fee of making these adjustments is Toru Nakahara, manufacturer of the successful Sonic films, according to VGC.

The truth is that I understand films is something that seems to continue doing. Another example of this is Road of Rage that will certainly have its adjustment and also currently has a director. We can not neglect to state that the Sonic 3 flick already has a cinemas outcome day.

SEGA will adapt in the form of Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone The producer Pictureart . As the Hollywood Press reporter assures, Space Channel 5 will certainly have a narrative concentrated on the dancing where a worker from a rapid food chain will certainly have to conserve the world of aliens with the dower viral dancings .

Sega is functioning recently that of taking games to the big screen. The lighter example remains in Sonic , which at the box office has actually not failed. In this case, SEGA will adapt in the form of films 2 specific niche games to transform them right into a movie. We are speaking regarding Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone .

Capcom Showcase is finally broadcast from 7:00 on the 14th! New information of 3 large titles has been announced, and official mirror distribution is also available

Capcom will broadcast a digital event Capcom Showcase to deliver the latest information from 7:00 on June 14.

With the theme of more detailed, faster, closer, closer, this event, which provides the latest information on Capcom, is already Monster Hunter Rise: Sambreak, Resident Evil Re: 4, Expo Remember Information disclosure has been announced.

The broadcast time is scheduled for about 35 minutes, and it will provide a variety of latest information besides the above three titles.

In addition, official mirror distribution , which enjoys the program with the popular distributors, is also available. A total of 23 distributors, from game commenters to Vtuber, will deliver mirrors. Each distributor name and distribution channel are as follows.

  • Aki Rosenthal (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel Akirose CH. Vtuber/Holo Live affiliation

  • Inaneko
    Distribution channel Inaneko

  • Inoue
    Distribution channel Inoue

  • Smile time
    Distribution channel smile time

  • Cat Matata porridge (holo live)
    Distribution channel OKAYU CH.

  • Kakyoin Chieri (belonging to.live)
    Distribution channel Hanakyoin Chieri

  • Kanikama
    Distribution channel Kanikama

  • Carlo Pino (belonging to.live)
    Distribution channel Carlo Pinot

  • Gunter matcha
    Distribution channel Gunter Matcha

  • From Hiroi Ko (Horo Live)
    Distribution channel KOYORI CH. Hiroi-HOLOX-

  • Sakura Min
    Distribution channel Sakura Min COROMIN CH


  • Lion God Leona (Re: ACT)
    Distribution channel Lion God Leona/Leona Channel

  • Takatin
    Distribution channel Takatin

  • Takiei
    Distribution channel Takiei

  • Chacha tea
    Distribution channel ChaCHACHA

  • Tokuyo Dark (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel TOWA CH.

  • Shirabotan (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel BOTAN CH.

  • Summer color festival (holo live)
    Distribution channel Matsuri Channel Summer Color Festival

  • Night sky mel (holo live)
    Distribution channel MEL CHANNEL Night Sky Merchannel

  • Yoshinama
    Distribution channel Yoshinama

  • Lara 9HJQR3 // 3O
    Distribution channel Lara 9HJQR3 // 3O

  • Louis Takamine (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel LUI CH. Louis Takamine-HOLOX-

  • Himemori Luna (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel LUNA CH. Himeimori Luna

The Capcom showcase will be broadcast on CapcomChannel from 7:00 on June 14.

Save the world to the rhythm! New trailer disclosure “SoundFall” announces delivery schedule of 2022 spring

About the rhythm-based router shooter “ Soundfall ” developed by Drastic Games and NOODLECAKE is a newly announced that this work is available on the YouTube channel ** this year is scheduled to be delivered on the Youtube channel. I released the trailer.

This work has become a guardian of a girl MELODY, including a girl MELODY summoned to a different world symphonia, making full use of a combat system combined with rhythm games and action elements, and fights against the army discordian of the violent Rhythm action game. Of course, players are free to import your favorite music freely by playing with over 100 songs provided in the game.

In addition, this work supports up to four local and online cooperative plays, and in the published trailer, you can see multiple characters with different instruments in addition to MELODY.

“SoundFall” announced in 2018 and continues for a long time is scheduled to be distributed in the spring of 2022 for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch / PC (Steam / EPIC Games store) Is.

FIFA 22 launches a live upgrade for PS5, Xbox Collection as well as Stadia: These are the information

FIFA 22 Stadia vs Series X vs RTX 3080 Gameplay Comparison
Register for the 3D game channel on YouTube .

FIFA 22 remains to demonstrate why football is recognized as the King Sport , due to the fact that it is still one of the most popular games given that its launch in October 2021. Fame does not blind to EA and also have already taken * Various updates * Prund the title experience, something that has come well to fix really unjustified insects.

And also today, the designer go back to the lots with a new real-time update for PS5, Xbox Collection and Stadia In this method, individuals will certainly not be required to download it prior to going into the video game and, consequently, it will certainly be available before beginning a match. Following with the features of the update, which we are described listed below, EA has concentrated on Improve the behavior of players in the video game.

These have actually not been the last changes that has actually recently sent, because the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has caused the withdrawal of the Russian national group, as well as the clubs of claimed country, FIFA 22 and also FUT. In enhancement, it is still to be seen evolution ** of the football franchise, since the conflict with the FIFA entity for the revival of the permit has made the programmer the significance of these letters.

Amazon Prime Video Spain receives a Ban on the part of Twitch for inappropriate content

Original text too short.

As every day on the platform, twitch is responsible for BANNED (either fairly or unfair) different channels that do not meet the guidelines and laws dictated for the live service Do not be chaos and most streamers comply with having good behavior, although this may not sometimes happen (if we talk about Oslo and Darío). Well, something wonderful has occurred these days: The official Amazon Channel Prime Video of Spain has been Bane ado Officially Twitch, Platform that is the current owner.

The reason for the BAN has been for nakedness and inappropriate content, so it is likely that the prohibition is between one day and a week to be the first infraction. The reason in question has been quite obvious: one of the presenters, Hear Álvarez, scriptwriter and Spanish comic who has participated in different humor programs on both radio and television, threatened between laughter during the farewell to show a nipple to provoke the bank, since the program seemed that it was not going to end up and wanted to cut by health. Well, in a moment of lucidity, the filmmaker would make a close-up in a few milliseconds of this scene, causing this part of the body as prohibited by the streaming platform.

HASAN AND VAUSH BANNED - Destiny's Honest Opinion And Hot Takes

Obviously there has been no bad roll in the program, since it was the last program of the season, and they were not going to take their hands to the head. Even so, it is poetic that the official Amazon Channel Prime Video, who owns Twitch, has been banned by twitch itself by infringing the rules, a foot shot to full rule by the multinational, although it is true that The rules are the rules, and you have to fulfill them regardless of the channel it is.

Gemini Elevated 400M To Broaden In Various Metaverses

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Winklevoss twins prepare to develop a Decentralized Met averse against Zuckerberg Centralized Met averse.

Morgan Creek Digital led the $400 Million Capital elevate for Gemini with Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Boost VC, United Talent Agency, and also a lot more contributors.

Gemini will make use of a portion of the funding round to expand in different Metaverses. The twins will maintain 75% of possession over Gemini, while Morgan Creek Digital companion Machine Mainly will sign up with the 2 siblings as the 3rd board supervisor.

One of the twins initial steps was made in April when they bought land stories in The Sandbox, a famous Met averse where huge names have spent, such as Atari and also Finance.

Decentralization is a spectrum. However, there is one more path, the decentralized Met averse, as well as thats the Met averse, where we believe theres a higher option, self-reliance, as well as possibility. There is innovation that safeguards the legal rights as well as self-respect of people.

Cameron Winklevoss.

Will this show one more fight in between the siblings and Zuckerberg?

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Already here is the first unboxing of the Xbox Series X of Halo Infinite

This next Monday will be arriving at the market. Well, a lucky guy has already done one of these machines, and shared the experience of unboxing in a video that you can see around here.

Are you also interested in topics related to Monday Games?

Through its YouTube channel, the user HUGOTHEKING077 has already received its X Series X, along with the control elite series 2, and here you can take a look at your UNBOXING.

Although the video is not in English, at least we have the music of the Wii Shopping Channel to set it. As expected, the console looks really impressive with its special control and of course, the change of green color to blue in the ventilation slots on top of the hardware.

As I told you at the beginning, this console will debut the next November 15 and includes a digital code to download HALO INFINITE When debuting the next December 8.

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X (Limited Edition) Unboxing – IGN First
Editor s note: On this occasion Microsoft beat Sony to launch the first NEXT-GEN Special Edition console. And it was that it coincided with the 20th anniversary of Halo, so it was impossible not to take advantage of the occasion to launch this special Xbox. Do you plan to buy it? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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