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For Dragon Like 0 and Wesker approaching DEAD BY Daylight! PS Plus Game Catalog August title announcement

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the August lineup of the paid service PlayStation Plus unlimited play service Game Catalog .

This time, the remake of the series on the theme of the polar road Ryu Ga-like Extreme and Ryujiga Like 2 and the day before the 80’s Ryu ga 0 , Bio collaboration is the target title, such as Dead by Daylight **, which is approaching Wesker.

In addition, there are plenty of lineups, such as the open world shooter Ghost Recon Wildrans and the masterpiece action RPG remake Holy Sword Legend 3 Trials of Mana . These titles will be distributed from August 16th.

Game Catalog August target title

  • Dragon like 0

  • Dragon like a pole

  • Dragon Like Koku 2

  • Dead by daylight

  • Ghost Recon Wildrans

  • Bugsnax

  • Holy Sword Legend 3 Trials of Mana

  • UNO

  • Monopoly Madness

  • Monopoly Plus

PlayStation Plus’s Game Catalog is for Extra and Premium Plan members.

Z flip 4 preliminary pre -booking competition for three days before and five days ago

As soon as Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Z Fold 4, telecommunications companies set out to make a pre-booking atmosphere. If you apply for a pre-booking notification with various prizes, you will be able to provide Naver Pay and Kakao Pay.

The three telecommunications companies will start pre-booking Samsung Electronics foldable smartphone Z flip 4 and Z Fold 4 on the 16th. If you make a reservation, the opening will be held on the 23rd, three days before the official release date.

Prior reservations will be held next week, but the three telecommunications companies have announced pre-sale sales before the announcement of the new Galaxy foldable product. It is a method of applying for notifications to draw in advance reservation.

SK Telecom and KT decided to pay Naver Pay Points when applying for a pre-booking notification, while LG Uplus made a Kakao Pay point.

After the announcement of the new product, the company has begun a full-fledged differentiation competition.

First of all, SK Telecom will hold a Wonderful event until the day before the pre-booking. It is a strategy that raises interest in participating in pre-sales by paying prizes such as luxury wallets and mini refrigerators for five days.

SK Telecom also decided to release the Z Flip 4 Santa Nobela Iris Edition.

KT recently presented a limited edition product of a collaborative project with Nice Weather, an editorial shop. It is also eye-catching that KT has prepared a dedicated prizes for consumers who have purchased a Galaxy foldable smartphone.

In addition, I decided to release Woo Young-woo’s edition using the popular drama Wonderful Lawyer Woo Young-woo IP.

LG Uplus is attracting attention by putting luxury brand products such as Chanel and Prada as a preliminary prizes. In addition, the special edition through collaboration with Maison Kitsune brands will be released on the day of pre-booking.

The competition for pre-sale buyers between the three telecommunications companies, which began before the pre-booking, is expected to begin in earnest from the 16th.

An official in the industry said, As the demand for foldable smartphones continues to grow, the competition for subscribers can be fierce than in the first half of flagship sales..

Includes the competitive card game Junatori War Nawa Butler in Splatoon 3! Challenge Nawabari Battle intelligently

Nintendo has announced a new element that can be enjoyed within the Nintendo Switch software Splatoon 3 on the distribution program Splatoon 3 Direct 2022.8.10 held on August 10.

Speaking of the feature of the Splatoon series, the best one is the Nawabari Battle, which is the one who wins and loses in the area dyed with ink. This program was performed on this program, a match-type card game with this Nawabari Battle motif.

In this card game, you can apply a square position by putting out your card. It is the same as Nawabari Battle that the winner is determined by the size of the painted area.


However, strategic properties are required because the scope and shape to be applied differ depending on the card to be issued. In addition, the Special Attack, which can be a reversal element, has been firmly dropped into this card game, and the timing of making decisions is likely to be important.

More than 150 types are prepared. Build your own deck and intelligently capture the Nawabari Battle that is a bit different from the main story. In addition, this Junori Wars Nawa Butler can be played at Nawa Butler Dojo in one corner of Bankara Street.

Mario Kart Tour – Can

While Mario Kart Tour has actually simply begun, a couple of features are still missing. The highlight that is presently lacking is on the internet multiplayer setting, where you can play along with your pals.

Mario Kart Tour-Can you play with close friends?

For the moment, there is no confirmed date or time for the enhancement of multiplayer setting as a fundamental performance. You can quickly play online with your close friends, yet not yet.

This suggests that on the internet multiplayer is on the means. There is no information to understand if the Gold Pass will certainly be the only method to play the following multiplayer options or if it will be available for the entire public. Along with the on the internet multiplayer mode, it is possible to include PVP, although you do not know specifically what it can give the video game or if it is an addition to the multiplayer video game mode.

Presently, the Mario Kart Tour has just one gamer for rounds in the Trip or Solo Cup against IA adversaries. It was the very same thing when the beta was released a few months earlier in May. As well as since its launch, the very same goes with the incorporation of the Gold Pass subscription of $ 4.99 each month for special awards.

So the short response to discover if you can play with good friends: no. As well as a somewhat longer response: not yet.

Nonetheless, if you look at the main food selection of Mario Kart’s Trip, the gray multiplayer individual interface appears with the word inbound!. In the lower right corner of menu icons.

Halo banner does well Pc gaming

Because banner Jervalin has prospered what in fact everyone-including me-thought it was totally difficult: successfully completing Halo 2 in the Laso setting. However not in some way. But without also passing away when.

I have currently seen some excellent video gaming moments and actions. I am thinking of no-hit runs in the Dark Souls games or crazy rate runs in Super Mario 64 and also Co.

If it is not tough sufficient, ##

Enable youtube web content.

As well as with these settings, Halo 2 becomes an outright problem beast, which can all drive to the edge of madness without terrific irritation tolerance. I attempted it out for fun and really did not obtain past the very first level. Specifically not without dying. On the contrary, my death counter must have been loosely 3 figures.

All heads were not turned on in Jervalin’s passage, due to the fact that Envy, which offers short-term invisibility as well as the game would consequently make it a lot more less complicated than much more challenging, was switched off for the flow.

Advised editorial content.

I concur that ITube’s material is shown.

Personal data can be transmitted to third-party systems. Learn more regarding our personal privacy policy.

I am reasoning of no-hit runs in the Dark Souls games or insane rate runs in Super Mario 64 and Co. Since streamer Jervalin has prospered what actually everyone-including me-thought it was completely impossible: effectively completing Halo 2 in the Laso mode. Without my own fatality death , on the other hand, this is a job that I could have thought in no person but a machine. Amongst various other points, it can be seen that Jervalin uses his virtually 6.5-hour run of some techniques as well as glitches, for instance, he flies to the final employer battle with a Poltergeist glider, which is actually not planned. ** What do you claim regarding the Laso Run?

What do you say about the Laso Run? Are you as impressed as Tobi? .

Since Halo 2 on Laso makes it so extremely hard because of numerous aspects: .

At this moment you will certainly locate an exterior web content of YouTube that enhances the article.
You can have it showed with one click as well as hide it again.

  • You have barely any power yourself as well as pass away after a few shots.
  • Opponents can stand up to dramatically even more as well as can fire quicker.
  • Sign power just loads itself when you struck challengers, so enter into close battle.
  • There are areas where far enemies can change off the Master Chief with a solitary shot (the well-known sniper jackals).

why Halo 2 Laso is a pc gaming feeling without death.

In the Halo-Community, Jervalin has actually attained an outright tale condition, seldom saw with social media sites posts as much inspiration, admiration, admiration as well as positivity as there, as there, which provides me an added significance for me. As well as by the method, ensures that Jervalin’s Halo 2-Laso-Run is one of one of the most impressive pc gaming services that I have actually ever before seen.

Tobias Veltin

Link to the YouTube material.

__ @Frischerveltin.

with a couple of tricks for $ 20,000.

Halo 2 comes from Tobi’s absolute favored games. Accordingly, he usually finished the shooter, even on the highest difficulty level Legendary. For the Skulls, nevertheless, he did not have the recreation as well as perseverance, which is why he locates Jervalin’s performance much more outstanding than anyway.

What does Laso suggest? This is an abbreviation for Epic All Skulls On.

Appropriately, the work of Laso in Halo 2 was conceivable. Without my very own death , on the other hand, this is a task that I could have counted on no individual however a device. Which was additionally true for several others. Even so much that an overall of $ 20,000 were exposed to the lock of this Laso Challenge. Jervalin currently accumulates that. In my viewpoint, actually is worthy of that this is still insufficient for this service.

There is likewise a video clip of its flow. To name a few things, it can be seen that Jervalin utilizes his nearly 6.5-hour run of some methods and also problems, for instance, he flies to the last boss battle with a Poltergeist glider, which is really not intended. This does not change this in my eyes outright video gaming experience. Right here you can enjoy the total video clip:.

Tekken 8: Authorities discovery on The Game Awards 2022?

Last weekend break the EVO 2022 occasion was made use of for numerous updates as well as announcements. The Japanese publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment likewise benefited from the necessary stage.

On the one hand, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that another complimentary update to Tekken 7 is in the works, with which it is again enhanced in the area of harmonizing. A certain date or further details regarding the stabilizing upgrade were not mentioned, however the teaser pertained to an end for the upgrade with a little surprise.

The scene in which Kazuya Heihachi throws from a high cliff might be seen here. Then we are provided with a revised character version of Kazuya with the lettering Obtain All set.

the game awards gas supposition

The waiting time until The Game Awards 2022 can not only sweeten Tekken followers with Tekken 7. On top of that, it was just recently revealed that on August 18, 2022, the Netflix adaptation Tekken: Bloodline will start, which gets the tale of Tekken 3 as well as concentrates on the tragic fate of the Kazama family.

Most importantly, the Prepare should greater than clearly mention a follower in the kind of Tekken 8. The conjecture around Tekken 8 is underpinned by the official Twitter network of The Game Awards, which selects up both the brand-new personality version from Kazuya and the Obtain All set lettering in a tweet. This recommends that Tekken 8 will be introduced or presented in December 2022 as component of this year’s The Game Awards.

More records on the subject :

Over all, the Get All set must much more than certainly factor out a follower in the kind of Tekken 8. The supposition around Tekken 8 is underpinned by the main Twitter network of The Game Awards, which picks up both the new personality version from Kazuya and the Obtain All set lettering in a tweet. This suggests that Tekken 8 will be revealed or presented in December 2022 as part of this year’s The Game Awards.

More reports on Tekken 8.

It is currently still unclear for which platforms Tekken 8 will certainly appear.
| Tekken Bloodline: Beginning day of the Netflix adaptation announces | Tekken 7: The most successful part of the series-reveal new sales number

Nexon FIFA Online 4, securing the first sports relay right to the game company and starting the K -League relay

On the official website, commentators Lee Joo-heon and Park Jong-yoon

-In addition of fun elements such as real-time chat function, game coupon, and interviews with team officials

-Lead Nexon Park Jung-moo Group Please enjoy the K-League on a more diverse platform

Nexon is an authentic online soccer game developed and serviced by EA Korea Studio, and its own online football game (hereinafter referred to as FIFA Online 4) secures sports relay rights for the first time in Korea and the professional football K-League game on the official website Today (8th) said it was broadcast.

The broadcast will be held through the commentators Lee Joo-heon and Park Jong-yun, who are active on the soccer entertainment YouTube channel ‘East TV’, and can be viewed on the official website of FIFA Online 4. These commentators are gaining popularity among domestic football fans with extraordinary affection for the K-League, high understanding of soccer, excellent situation and witty talk.

Unlike the existing relay, it introduces real-time chat functions to strengthen communication, and provides game coupons that can be rewarded for FIFA Online 4 during the broadcast. In addition, the company plans to add various fun elements in viewing by conducting a real-time interview with the officials of the home professional team.

Earlier, Nexon relayed the official website of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and Ulsan Hyundai Football Team on the official website on July 7 at 7 pm. Later, on the 28th, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and Pohang Steelers are broadcasted, and the K-League match will be broadcast in September and October.

Nexon Park Jung-moo, head of the FIFA Online 4, said, We have prepared a relay in the hope that domestic football fans will watch and enjoy K-League on more various platforms. FIFA Online 4> will continue to support the K-League.

More information about the K-League live broadcast of FIFA Online 4 can be found on the official website **.

Bottle in Lautern: St. Pauli need to not whine

St. Pauli need to not whine

The young person, that acquired from Frankfurt Eintracht last summer season, but had been loved by the Hanseatic cities, had not rewarded a goal on the Betze for a breath of fresh air. The tall assailant was thrown as necessary from his yield: Of training course I don’t go residence gladly when I offer 2 opportunities from which an objective can truly occur.

We had the video game control, yet in the end it depends on scoring goals, stated Irvine. At Frankfurt) versus Magdeburg: We have to evaluate the video game well and park the easy blunders.

Matanovic battled

Captain Jackson Irvine and also Marcel Hartel also hit the exact same notch. We didn’t make use of the possibilities we had. We had the game control, yet in the end it relies on racking up objectives, claimed Irvine. A problem for which Hartel had the evident solution all set: We need to much better make use of the possibilities we have.

In the end it was 1: 2 from the point of view of FC St. Pauli in Kaiserslautern. On the Betzenberg, the visitor had revealed the elder play area for a long period of time, however versus the enthusiasm’s enthusiasm, yet regardless of a majority of finals, had actually left. Congratulations to Kaiserslautern. We didn’t misunderstand, coach Timo Schultz needed to admit after the game at Sky. His group had had a great deal of video game control, this was most definitely desired by the FCK.

Ultimately, the KiezFrankfurt had started as well little with more belongings, as Schultz examined after the last whistle: We had several levels and activities around the penalty location. Other than for Medic, nobody took care of to put it in. As an outcome of a straightforward cause: We have actually been lacking the power and also effectiveness that we need to chalk ourselves today. Accordingly, he and his team ought to not whine.

We didn’t get wrong, coach Timo Schultz had to admit after the video game at Skies. His group had had a great deal of game control, this was certainly desired by the FCK.


According to Matanovic, this has now been inspecting off and proceeding. Hartel ended how the ongoing look of the KiezFrankfurt on Sunday (1.30 p.m., live! At Frankfurt) against Magdeburg: We have to evaluate the game well and also park the straightforward blunders.

Unbalanced function as well as number 9: Barçan introduces Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski has actually been in the solution of FC Barcelona for a while, and also on Friday the two-time world football gamer now additionally received a proper performance. The Post existed in Camp Nou, around the 57,000 fans welcomed the celebrity brand-new entry to the Catalans frenetically. I am extremely pleased to be a FC Barcelona player, the 33-year-old beamed.

It was intriguing this Friday afternoon in Catalonia that Lewandowski was offered with his brand-new number 9. The number 9 at FC Barcelona really has Memphis Depay, which is on the sales checklist.

Lewandowski with a fellow feeling for the new season

Particularly the collection of the group encourages the newcomer: I see excellent possible. I see that everything is going really well when I see what we do in prep work. So the new season can run in an entirely various instructions than the last.

Of course, you do not need to be a prophet to recognize that Lewandowski is plainly set as number 9 in the team of the Catalans, there is no way around it. The future can be much far better, said FC Bayern’s previous attacker.

assaulter wants to go in advance

As well as naturally Lewandowski is stated to be the objective scorer that was missing out on Barça last period. Depay (12) racked up the majority of the objectives. The striker does not just intend to aid the team with his goals. I wish to lead various other players, make them far better as well as aid them with my experience. I have actually seen a great deal in football up until now and can obviously utilize it. We have an excellent mix of seasoned as well as young players. I just want to hand down the kids a little, makes Lewandowski clear.

Robert Lewandowski has actually been in the service of FC Barcelona for a while, and on Friday the two-time world football gamer currently additionally received a proper performance. I am really proud to be a FC Barcelona player, the 33-year-old beamed.

It was interesting this Friday afternoon in Catalonia that Lewandowski was provided with his new number 9. The number 9 at FC Barcelona actually has Memphis Depay, which is on the sales checklist.

Destiny 2 developer staff states that the dialogue with users is reduced. Some user slander and intimidation deepen the developer and the user

Destiny 2 Developer BUNGIE staff revealed on the bulletin board that reduced dialogue with users. In addition, the title, such as Minecraft , is also increasingly avoiding dialogue with the user community. The background seems to be the acts of slander and intimidation from users.

In recent game development and operation, there are many development attitudes that incorporate the opinions of player communities. It is especially noticeable in live service-type games that are continuously updated. SNS such as Reddit and Twitter is also used for exchanging opinions, and some developers are actively interacting with users. There will be aspects that such communication has helped develop.

BUNGIE, which works on Destiny 2, is one of the game development companies that are active in communicating with players. On the official website, information for users is posted every week as BUNGIE of this week. The exchanges between developers and users on SNS were also actively performed.

In such an exchange, the game development policy sometimes gets a user’s antipathy. At the end of May, Kevin Yanes, the sandbox design lead for this work, tweeted that the TWILIGHT GARRISON, a popular equipment in the previous work, Destiny, will not reprint. In response to this, user dissatisfaction spouted. According to Kotaku, he received many harsh opinions, and had to temporarily close his account.

And BUNGIE has been further passed by some malicious users. The target was Bungiee Headquarters, and DYLAN GAFNER, DMG04, a senior community manager. According to Polygon, Luca Leone, who had repeated fraud in Destiny 2, has tweets that suggest threats to Bungie and Gafner. LEONE said that he had even armed to Bungie at the headquarters. In response to such evil, Bungie has been sued Leone.

After this one, Bungie decided to reduce communication with users on SNS, including Reddit. In response to that situation, the user has posted a thread on Reddit.

In the Reddit community, a Bungie Replied tag is given to the thread reply by Bungie developers. The above posts are based on users who feel lonely that such threads are no longer seen. Gafner also commented on this thread. It talks about the causes of BUNGIE developers to reduce interaction with users.

According to Gafner, Bungie is ahead of communication with users, which is also due to the real threat to the studio the other day. The decrease in communication from the development side is the result of the best path for players and employees. On the other hand, many of the development teams have confirmed the Reddit threads every day, and they are discussing feedback. It is also revealed that new communication methods with users are being considered.

The case where communication with users has been troubled can be seen in other titles. On June 21, Minecraft announced the introduction of a chat reporting system to the Java version in version 1.19.1. This community has been concerned about the introduction of a system that was not in the Java version. There were also BAN punishments that ignored the context, and others were worried about privacy. Although the system is applied to private servers, it does not always monitor chat, and it has been revealed that the moderator intervention is not performed unless there is a report from the player.

However, after the introduction of the system, some users began protesting under the hashtags of # SaveMineCraft. MojangMeesh, a community manager of this work, commented on Reddit’s official news thread for this movement. He said he was grateful for feedback, but he did not plan to stop the new chat report system.

MojangMeesh also pointed out that some users are sticking to Mojang developers on Reddit. He reported that in a thread unrelated to the chat report system, the act of investing opinions on the developer on the system was rampant. He called for this act and stated that this kind of harassment would hinder the constructive and open dialogue desired by Mojang developers. He also reports that such an act will be reluctant to convert the developers in the community. And if he has a strong desire about Minecraft, he wants his feedback to be notified in an appropriate thread.

As mentioned above, it seems that communication with users in game development may be more serious. In order to avoid that, there may be more development studios that are reluctant to dialogue with the player community. As an example of the developer to refrain from using user dialogue, Battlefield 2042 also reveals that the community manager does not reply on Reddit (related article). In addition, there are slander and intimidation by users for domestic manufacturers, and there is a possibility that the same trend will be the same from the viewpoint of risk avoidance.

While SNS such as Twitter and Reddit can easily incorporate the raw voice of an unspecified number of players, there is a high risk that problems introduced in this article occurred because of the high anonymity. As long as these problems continue, the tendency to avoid dialogue with users may expand in the future.

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