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Assassins Creed Valhalla: Players Punish It Hard For Missing Features

There have been a lot of games released in the past few years that have had similar issues as this 1. Some are seen as negatives while others are seen as positives, but they all show that gaming as an industry is always changing.

It took over 2 years for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla finally located its method to Steam.
After a lengthy delay, the Computer gamers are currently being bitterly disappointed since they lack an essential function.
They likewise provide their rage a lot of air.
Update from December 13:

Air Conditioner Valhalla: Fans are missing extremely details heavy steam feature

For almost a week, Steam players have actually been able to stroll the vast world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
If you look right into the testimonials of the platform, nonetheless, an extremely mixed evaluation of the game is emerging.
What interrupts the players?
A check-out the impact-filled discussion online forum and also right into the testimonials makes it clear that the gamers desire their typical Steam achievements.

These are entirely missing out on from air conditioning Valhalla.
Some even wish to boycott the video game if the accomplishments are not held off.
And what does Ubisoft claim concerning the objection?
Some followers have actually already gotten in touch with Ubisoft assistance as well as received the adhering to answer:

Please note that Steam-Achievements will certainly not be readily available in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and that the only possible achievements are offered in the Ubisoft Connect application.
Numerous individuals intend to have actually received such an assistance message.
An Ubisoft staff member has also talked out in the string and ensures that the desires of the followers are brought and reviewed (source: Vapor).
The moment will certainly reveal whether the Vapor axis will certainly still come.
The big hype of Assassin’s Creed is over?
You have recommendations on exactly how Ubisoft can enhance the following parts:
Original message:

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: A complete success on Heavy steam

For PC players, Ubisoft’s very own launcher and Impressive Games have actually been the only factor of get in touch with if they wished to play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
Around 2 years after the release, it is currently commemorating its launching on Shutoff’s preferred system.


As well as with complete success!
Since right away with launch it climbs the leading seller and even pushes itself previous current Steam faves like Telephone Call of Duty: Modern War 2 (source: Heavy steam leading seller).
Just one video game is just more effective on Heavy steam:
And also the acquisition of the open globe spectacle is worth it: Due to the fact that right now all available editions are furnished with a juicy discount.
You will certainly obtain approximately 67 percent price cut.
The standard edition is therefore to be obtained for a slim 19.80 euros rather of the usual 59.99 euros.
The deal is still legitimate till December 22nd.
Here you reach the Vapor shop page:
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on Heavy Steam
The video for Assassin’s Creed Mirage has currently been seen?

computer gamers desire Mirage quickly in the Valve shop

The rating of air conditioning Valhalla is fairly satisfactory on Heavy steam with 75 percent positive voices.
Much of the leading evaluations are extremely welcome Ubisoft with a/c Valhalla on Heavy Steam.
The return was unavoidable for several players anyhow.
In the same breath, make an insurance claim to the author: Assassin’s Creed Mirage should be offered on Steam from day 1.
Obviously, many PC players don’t want to make buddies with Ubisoft Link or Impressive Games.
And the success on Vapor shows that purchasers go to the very least there.
It remains questionable whether Ubisoft will ultimately drive this approach for new parts of the AC collection.
However, the opportunity of buying a/c Valhalla on Steam does not conserve you the connection to the Launcher from Ubisoft.
Because as a gamer notes in the evaluations frustrated, you also have to gain access to Ubisoft Get in touch with the Steam variation in order to play it.

Squid dollar vivalging RAFT over 100,000 players! In addition to the official release, the summer sale is back

It has been revealed that the number of simultaneous connection players in the survival game Raft released by AXOLOT GAMES has been developed by RedBeet Interactive.

This is an maritime survival game starting from one squid. While dealing with threats such as sharks, we use drifting to expand the squid, and adventure to solve the mystery of ancient civilization while surviving.

It was conducted early access to ITCH.IO in 2016 and Steam in 2018, but the final chapter was added on June 21 and the story was completed. It was a formal release of about 4 years. A Steam Summer Sale will start soon after the official release, and you can purchase it for 15%off for 1,683 yen until July 8.

According to the unofficial database site, SteamDB, the number of players increased by about 15,000 people on June 20 local time, when the official release version was distributed, to 66,000 peaks. Since then, the number of players has gradually increased, and the number of players has exceeded 100,000 on the 26th. In addition to the official release, it is thought that Steam Summer Sale, which has been held on the 23rd, has become a tailwind.


RAFT is being distributed for PC (Steam).

Project D May 26 Steam Global Test Pre -Reservation Beginning

The online showcase of Nexon’s new PC shooting game ‘Project D (gauze)’ was broadcast on the official YouTube and Twitch Channel from 6 pm to 7:30 pm on Friday. In this showcase, the Steam Global Test schedule, new content, and balance work were announced, and users’ answer sessions were held.

▣ June 9 Steam Global Test “Preliminary Reservation from May 26!”

On June 9, ‘Project D’ will be conducted in the Steam Global Test and will begin pre -booking on May 26. After the Alpha Test in December, ‘Project D’, which has been made together with users in the online showcase every month, will be released to shooting game users around the world.

At the same time, it introduced a new semi -automatic sniper gun, M82, with high destructive power. New weapons can be fired 10 shots, and additional ‘ZIT shortcuts’ parts can be installed more effectively. It can be purchased in 6,200 coins and is unlocked when level 5 special equipment is achieved.

New Titles, ToF CBT, Project Snow CBT, Arknights 3 Year Anniversary, April #3 [Gacha Weekly]

▣ Improvement of matching systems for beginners

Cumulative gameplay has been improved for beginners of less than 10 editions. The users with similar scores between skills and teams have been more sophisticated to match, and they are not “initiative matching” in progress. In addition, you can play the game more conveniently by separating the matching of one, two -thirds, and five people.

The official sound source of ‘Project D’, which is scheduled to be released, also released. The OST, which allows you to feel the game D’s game, can be downloaded with the existing artwork and can be listened to through the official YouTube.

▣ Added weapons, character balancing and weapon resale systems

The company changed the purchase price of weapons such as ‘G17′, MARK 10, and AS VAL, and improved the rebirth, accuracy, and movement speed of weapons. In addition, it is possible to play more strategic game play by adjusting the characters’ lepton (worn ability) and ‘unique lepton’ (character unique ability).

At the same time, we adjusted the melee attack range of Simon, which specialized in melee attacks, and added a weapon resale system to secure coins by selling it in the store with depreciation after using the purchased weapon.

▣ Balance of goods such as MVP additional rewards and upgrade costs

Users who occupy MVP in each round can get an additional 300 coin, and the basic coin is paid 700 coins in the first round, 2000 coins in the second and fourth rounds, and 1000 coins in the 5th to 7th rounds to adjust the balance of goods using the goods. did.

In addition, the funding encouragement system to strengthen the team tactics was paid 20% when the second stage upgrade was paid, and the upgrade cost for each fund was changed.

▣ ‘Project D’ April regular test until May 2

From the end of the showcase to 12 pm on May 2, ‘Project D’ April regular test is conducted, and anyone can participate without a separate tester code. During the test period, the ‘Develop a developer’ event every evening, winning the development team or winning with the development team. Circle)

On the other hand, ‘Project D’ is a third -person shooting game that fights five to five by combining nine distinctive agents in a changing combat environment. Strategic play elements such as the goods obtained from the game based on the bombing mission that explodes or canceled the bomb at the target point, and the unique skill of each character who buys various variables in the game, and the realistic combat action. It is characterized by strengthening.

Steam: The Skywalker Saga, Planet Zoo and more – the topseller at a glance

For most PC players, the platform Steam belongs to the most popular contact points. Games and the matching information is quickly found, as well as attract regular offers. Also this week is waiting among the top sellers fat discounts on you. Which games sell particularly well this week, we will show you.

Steam: The 10 Topseller at a glance

There are permanent burners like CS: Go, which have been located on the shopping list of the gamers for months. Now and then there are also surprises, such as the Lego game Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga . This game appeared in early April and is still selling like the proverbial warm rolls.

Sparf sweeps also come to your costs this week. So it is worthwhile to meet regularly with the global steam topsellers, whether gives a new insider tip or even a special bargain . We now introduce you to the top 10 of the Steam Topseller – maybe one or the other is there for you.

10. Square – Farming Simulator 22

Official description of Steam: builds your farm and let the good times grow! Harvesting cereals, supplies animals, manages the productions and take seasonal challenges.

__Farming simulator 22 at Steam

9. Place – The Planet Crafter

Official description of Steam: a space survival game with open world and terraforming crafting. Changes the ecosystem of an enemy planet to make it habitable for people. Survive, collects, builds your base and then generates oxygen, heat and pressure to create a brand new biosphere.

__The planet crafter at Steam

8th. Place – The Elder Scrolls Online – Blackwood

Tokadana - Space & Maz’s Castle 100% - All Collectibles - Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Official description of Steam: The Elder Scrolls Online Collection – Blackwood is the ultimate Elder Scrolls experience and contains the basic game, the Blackwood chapter and all previous chapters.

  • By the way: By 27 April you will get the game at Steam for 9.89 euros instead of 29.99 euros, so saves 67%!

__Blackwood at Steam

7. Square – Days Gone

Official description of Steam: Ride and fights in a deadly, postpandemic America. Slips into the role of Deacon St. John, a rider and bounty hunter fighting on the broken road to survive while looking for life in this open-world action adventure after a reason.

  • By the way: By the 17th of April at 19 o’clock you get the game at Steam for 24.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros, so saves 50%!

__Days Gone at Steam

6. Place – No Man’s Sky

Official description of Steam: In no man’s Sky it’s about exploring and survival in an infinite, procedural generated universe.

  • By the way: By the 21st of April you will get the game at Steam for 27.49 euros instead of 54.99 euros, so saves 50%!

__No man’s sky at Steam

5. Place – Planet Zoo: Ultimate Edition

Official description of Steam: Construction in Planet Zoo a world for wild animals. From the developers of Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon, the ultimate zoosimulation comes. Build detailed habitats, manages your zoo and meet authentic, living animals that think, feel and explore the world that creates around you.

The Ultimate Edition is the final version of the game containing all published DLCs. Immers with the aquatic pack into the waves.

  • By the way: Until the 21st of April you will get the game at Steam for 63.10 Euro instead of 146.89 euros, so saves 57%!

__Planet Zoo Ultimate at Steam

3. Place – Jurassic World Evolution 2

Official description of Steam: Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the expected continuation of the extremely successful Jurassic World Evolution of Frontier. This bold new era of the Jurassic World Evolution game series builds on the groundbreaking and captivating management simulation of 2018.

  • By the way: By the 21st of April you will get the game at Steam for 32.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros, so saves 45%!

__Jurassic World Evolution 2 at Steam

2. Place – Elden Ring

Official description of Steam: A new fantasy action RPG. Rises, Tarrnished, and let yourself be guided by the grace to swing the power of Eldenring and become an Eldenlord in the intermediate countries.

__Eldden ring at Steam

1. Square – Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Official description at Steam: Experiences all nine films of the Skywalker saga in a game that differs from all others. With over 300 playable characters, over 100 vehicles and 23 planets that apply it to explore, a far, far away galaxy has never been so much fun! The game also contains the classic playable character Obi-Wan Kenobi.

__The Skywalker Saga at Steam

(Source: Steam)

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Can Spider-Man hold his top place? This movie is on # 1 of the charts

On Monday morning we not only take a look at the current Steam sales charts, but also look at the big world of cinema. More specifically, the interest is especially the US cinema charts and the placements there. Last week, Spider-Man: No Way Home could recall the top place there. But what about it now?

This movie is number 1 in the US cinema charts

Spider-Man 2 - Hold On (Movie Scene)
How a look at the current top 10 shows, Spider-Man: No Way Home actually stopped on the throne, even if the revenue was significantly lower than still in the previous week. Instead of just over $ 14 million, the latest Marvel blockbuster could only rinse $ 11 million in the coffers.

Overall, the film was able to take more than $ 1.74 billion worldwide **, which is enough for the sixth place of the all-time ranking.

Here the current ranking in the overview.

  1. Spider-Man: No Way Home – 11 million dollars
  2. Scream – $ 7.4 million
  3. Sing 2 – 4.8 million dollars
  4. Redeeming Love – $ 1.9 million
  5. The King’s Man – $ 1.8 Million
  6. The 355 – 1.4 million dollars
  7. American Underdog – 1.2 million dollars
  8. Ghostbusters: Legacy – $ 0.8 million
  9. Licorice Pizza – 0.7 million dollars
  10. West Side Story – 0.6 million dollars

Behind it continues the reboot of the Slasher Film Series Scream with a banking result of $ 7.4 million. On the third place, the Animation Film Sing 2 can be found, which comes to $ 4.8 million. Incidentally, newcomers will not be announced this week. Remarkable, however, is the comeback of Ghostbusters: Afterlife (in Germany he is called Ghostbusters: Legacy) in the top 10.

Watcher Chronicles, 2D Souls

Apparently, death is the destiny of a hero. And the new 2D souls of Third Sphere Games Studios like, Watcher Chronicles, promise you will die a lot. Watcher Chronicles comes out today on Steam. A press release provides more details on launching and playing itself.

The Watcher Chronicles Steam gives players the welcome to which they should expect in the game saying, Oh, poor player, I complain… because in your trip through Steam, you find yourself on a Dark page where the right path is lost… you can not go back, because you found the suffering you aspire… Prepare your thumbs and your trigger fingers because your penance started…

The game puts the player to the orders of a hero whose mission is to save the purgatory forces of evil. You will give us everything that is at your disposal to do the job. A variety of unique weapons to magical powers and new improvements, you will have everything you will need to start your quest.

Watcher Chronicles has more than twenty unique bosses, each with different strategies to defeat them. You will need to improve your hero and use weapons adapted to your personal game style to beat them. In addition, you are not obliged to do so al1. Watcher Chronicles Co-op multiplayer. Bring a friend and kill hordes of infernal creatures.

Of course, Watcher Chronicles is now available on Steam. In addition, to celebrate its exit, Watcher Chronicles is currently -10% for a week. It is currently at a price of $20 and the original band is also available for $5. So prepare warriors and defend the purgatory. Choose your weapon and get your improvements, exit and kill demons.

Forgive Me Father Retro Horror

1C Entertainment will send FORGIVE ME FATHER by byte barrel on October 26, 2021 in the Early Access – on Steam, Gog.com and other digital stores. The game is a cartoon-style retro horror shooter inspired by the works of Lovecraft. It should also fight against your own madness, the madness promises additional forces. As a playable characters, a priest or a journalist are available. Both figures should attract with their own skilltree and their own style.

Last updated video: Game Announcement Trailer

Features (according to the manufacturer):

Feeling of Classic FPS from the 90s: Timelapse Animations, Opponets and Elements of 2D in A 3D Environment; First Aid Kits and Life Points, Non Reloading Weapons, Powerups During Dynamic Combat with Numerous Opponets.
Custom Combat Experience: With Scripture in One Hand, Weapons Powered By Unknown Substance In The Other, The Player wants Face The Challenge of Maintaining Humanity. The Evolution of Equipment and Unpredictable Opponents AS Well as The Way to Defeat Them wants to be up to the Player.
Dynamic Level of Madness: Influencing Directly The Audio-Visual Experience and the Gameplay Itself, Which Increases Depending On Its Size.
The gameplay is represented by a comic book style: Hand-drawn Graphics Where Design is Maintained in A Distinctive Comic Book Style, Where Any Screenshot from the Game Can Be A Part Of The New Comic Book
Mood Straight from Lovecraft s Dark Novels: All of It Is Kept in A Horror Mood Where TRUTH MIXES With Madness, and a Sense of Hopelessness Confuses The Need to find the answers. Occultism and Eternal Evil.
MANY Climatic Levels and Varied Bestiary: A Diverse World Entirely Made by Hand, Full of Interesting Enemies from Possessed Inhabitants to Monsters from Your Worst Nightmares.
TWO HEROES TO CHOOSE FROM: EACH WITH THEIR OWN UNIQUE DEVELOPMENT TREE. Experience The Story From The Perspective of A Priest OR A Journalist.

The official premiere of Neo 2045 or a free MMO for the youngest

Early access, additionally called early financing, alpha access, alpha founding, or paid alpha, is a funding version in the video clip game sector by which consumers can purchase as well as play a video game in the various beta growth cycles, such as pre-alpha, alpha, and/or beta, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue further advancement on the game. Those that pay to take part generally help to debug the video game, give feedback as well as pointers, and also might have access to unique products in the video game. The early-access strategy is an usual method to obtain financing for indie video games, and may additionally be made use of together with other funding mechanisms, consisting of crowdfunding. Many crowdfunding tasks promise to provide access to alpha and/or beta variations of the video game as development progresses; nonetheless, unlike a few of these tasks which obtain funds yet do not yet have a usable video game, all early access games supply a promptly usable variation of the incomplete game to players.

It was Early Access, there is no Early Access. After less than four months, Neo 2045 abandoned early access … and officially debuted ~~ on the market ~~ on Steam. The current business model was maintained, so we still can play in Free-to-play mode. Stick here . Neo 2045 is a MMO game directed for (most) a younger part of the recipients. There is nothing here that you would have to show your children or younger siblings. Colorful graphics, simple gameplay and zero brutality. > Futuristic MMO action game in which you play in your way, raising your skills to face Laztron and regain the Earth one day! Recruit your friends and discover Neoverse. Terracepoj and build, create teams with friends, head on the arena for many players and e-sports, Save and Train Pets!

GeForce Now GFN Thursday A dozen other games can be on streaming

Early access, likewise called early financing, alpha gain access to, alpha beginning, or paid alpha, is a financing version in the video clip game industry whereby consumers can purchase as well as play a video game in the different beta advancement cycles, such as pre-alpha, alpha, and/or beta, while the developer has the ability to utilize those funds to proceed further growth on the video game. Those that pay to participate generally assist to debug the game, supply responses as well as suggestions, and might have access to unique materials in the game. The early-access method is a typical means to acquire financing for indie games, as well as may likewise be made use of along with other financing mechanisms, consisting of crowdfunding. Many crowdfunding projects promise to offer accessibility to alpha and/or beta versions of the game as advancement proceeds; however, unlike several of these projects which get funds but do not yet have a usable video game, all early access games supply a promptly usable variation of the incomplete video game to gamers.

Twelve more games can be used on GeForce Now this week, eg Beyond Contact (Early Access), Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Sable, World was Z: Aftermath and Sheltered 2. Here s the complete list of games that in the this week in the Geforce Now library to be included:

Beyond Contact (Steam)
Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Epic Games Store)
Sheltered 2 (Steam)
World was Z: Aftermath (Steam)
Sable (Steam and Epic Games Store, September 23, 23)
The Escapists (free of charge in the Epic Games Store, September 23)
Darwin Project (Steam)
Eve Online (Epic Games Store)
Gas ​​Station Simulator (Steam)
Miscreated (Steam)
Professional Fishing (Steam)
Zanki Zero: Last starting (Steam)

Nvidia: For the most advanced Android TV Streaming Media Player there is now a rare price action. Until 3 October, the base model of the Shield TV is available 25 € cheaper! It is now even easier to enjoy many 4k HDR content to come – such. For example, the recently launched Apple TV + with Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS support – Ki-upscaling for your HD content on 4K, over 1,000 PC games via Geforce Now and numerous smart home Functions, including the integrated Google Assistant. The offer is available in the NVIDIA Store as well as at Alternate and Cyberport.

Geforce Now is a cloud gaming service. Simplified, you rent a PC system in a data center and can start specific games from its own libraries as well as many free-to-play tracks on this virtual PC system. The game runs natively in the cloud and is streamed to different terminals. An overview of the supported games can be found here.

NVIDIA: GeForce-Now members can buy the new and many other games in their preferred digital stores and play on all supported devices – PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, Android or Android TV.

Eve Online GeForce NOW Gameplay
Last current video: Video test

Hardspace Shipbreaker comes on Xbox One and PS4

My Summer Car is an open globe, automobile technician, as well as survival game in growth by Finnish designer Johannes Rojola (also known as TopLessGun or RoyalJohnLove) of Amistech Games. It was released on Steam s Early Access program on October 24, 2016, and also is anticipated to be out of early access in 2021.

It will first be available this summer for the PC via Steam Early Access.

The Problem With Early Access Games...

BlackBird Interactive Hardspace: Schiffbrecher is currently planned to publish this summer in Steam Early Access for PC. However, the developer and the Publisher Focus Home Interactive have announced that console versions are in development. Take a look at the trailer below to get a better idea for what the game has to offer.

Players control a shipbreaker working with Lynx, exploring large ships and wins valuable salvage with tools to settle an exorbitant debt. You must create entry points, find valuable materials and cut into slices.

In the further course, you can update your tools and are suitable for higher-paid contracts. With next-generation physics simulation, Hardspace: shipbreaker presents an interesting turn to the Space Sandbox Genre. It may not be anyone s thing, but do not worry. Blackbird Interactive is still working on Space RTS heimatwelt 3 (which has not received new details since its announcement in the last year). Stay in the meantime.

Marked with: Blackbird Interactive, Focus Home Interactive, Hardspace: ShipBreaker, PC, PS4, Xbox One

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