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[Todays Steam] Roa Global, which has strengthened bot ban, 150,000 falls

Lost Arc, which maintained about 870,000 won at the same time on Steam the day before, caused a big change. In one day, the number of people was lost.

On the 15th (local time), Lost Arc staff said in the North American Forum that a new ban on bot will be applied by next week. This is to solve the bot account problem that has been pointed out as a chronic problem since its launch in February.

Earlier, the staff announced that they had suspended millions of bot accounts, but the damage is still reported. For this reason, North American users came to the Korean community and appealed to pay attention to the bot problem.

As soon as a large bot ban began on the Lost Arc Global Server, the number of people in the same day decreased by 150,000. All of these reductions are not convinced that they are a bot account, but it is analyzed that the ban has had a significant impact. In addition, depending on the effect of this measure, there will be a big change in the future.

In addition, Steam Day’s highest concurrent users ranked 78,131, down about 40,000 people from yesterday, but ranked first, beating the more missing Lost Arc. Free distribution: Survival Evolb has steadily ranked sixth, but recorded 20,000 people, down about 20,000, down 20,000 from yesterday.

Most Monster Hunter Rise was occupied by the top global sales top rankings. Monster Hunter Rise has firmly defended the first place, and Monster Hunter Rise Expansion Pack Sunbreak (hereinafter referred to as Sun Brake) was ranked second. Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition and Sun Break Deluxe Edition ranked 9th and 10th, respectively.

Capcom Showcase is finally broadcast from 7:00 on the 14th! New information of 3 large titles has been announced, and official mirror distribution is also available

Capcom will broadcast a digital event Capcom Showcase to deliver the latest information from 7:00 on June 14.

With the theme of more detailed, faster, closer, closer, this event, which provides the latest information on Capcom, is already Monster Hunter Rise: Sambreak, Resident Evil Re: 4, Expo Remember Information disclosure has been announced.

The broadcast time is scheduled for about 35 minutes, and it will provide a variety of latest information besides the above three titles.

In addition, official mirror distribution , which enjoys the program with the popular distributors, is also available. A total of 23 distributors, from game commenters to Vtuber, will deliver mirrors. Each distributor name and distribution channel are as follows.

  • Aki Rosenthal (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel Akirose CH. Vtuber/Holo Live affiliation

  • Inaneko
    Distribution channel Inaneko

  • Inoue
    Distribution channel Inoue

  • Smile time
    Distribution channel smile time

  • Cat Matata porridge (holo live)
    Distribution channel OKAYU CH.

  • Kakyoin Chieri (belonging to.live)
    Distribution channel Hanakyoin Chieri

  • Kanikama
    Distribution channel Kanikama

  • Carlo Pino (belonging to.live)
    Distribution channel Carlo Pinot

  • Gunter matcha
    Distribution channel Gunter Matcha

  • From Hiroi Ko (Horo Live)
    Distribution channel KOYORI CH. Hiroi-HOLOX-

  • Sakura Min
    Distribution channel Sakura Min COROMIN CH


  • Lion God Leona (Re: ACT)
    Distribution channel Lion God Leona/Leona Channel

  • Takatin
    Distribution channel Takatin

  • Takiei
    Distribution channel Takiei

  • Chacha tea
    Distribution channel ChaCHACHA

  • Tokuyo Dark (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel TOWA CH.

  • Shirabotan (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel BOTAN CH.

  • Summer color festival (holo live)
    Distribution channel Matsuri Channel Summer Color Festival

  • Night sky mel (holo live)
    Distribution channel MEL CHANNEL Night Sky Merchannel

  • Yoshinama
    Distribution channel Yoshinama

  • Lara 9HJQR3 // 3O
    Distribution channel Lara 9HJQR3 // 3O

  • Louis Takamine (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel LUI CH. Louis Takamine-HOLOX-

  • Himemori Luna (Holo Live)
    Distribution channel LUNA CH. Himeimori Luna

The Capcom showcase will be broadcast on CapcomChannel from 7:00 on June 14.

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