NC soft broadcast ‘Studio W’ on the official Lineage W YouTube channel on February 2 (Thursday).
Before the start of the official broadcast, Lineage W’s official reporter LIA held a short event to provide gifts through a lottery during the support comments of Lineage W users around the world.
After the end of the event, Lee Sung, head of King Byung-soo, and Choir Young Development, showed their appearance and conducted studio W.

As it was the first broadcast in 2023, a special guest appeared together.
The protagonist is Xians, a popular YouTube creator in Taiwan.
Xians is a popular Lineage W BJ in Taiwan and has also appeared as a host in the special studio W, which was held in Taiwan last year.
Xians asked questions of the user in real time, and through real-time translation, Korean users were able to watch the broadcast without inconvenience.

In February and March, we explained the contents and events that will be added.
Lastly, we held a quiz event where viewers participated in the same way as the previous studio W.
Just before the end of the broadcast, an LP containing Lineage W’s OST appeared.
You can get LP and players through the event that will be held soon.
The next broadcast will also be held in March in Japan.

■ 4th episode: Jimmying Hwang’s Execution

Jimmying Hwang’s execution sword, a symbol of Lineage IP, will be updated on February 22.
It also adds skins that can be transformed into Jimmying Hwang accordingly.
If you have a sword in your tory, you can transform it.
Executive swords can be obtained by killing Rastaban’s boss monster.

■ First World VS World Dungeon, Rastaban

Rastaban is a dungeon focused on battle rather than hunting.
Previously, there were only dungeons where only one user in the world could meet, but it is composed of dungeons that many world users can meet for active battles.


Many users were concerned about Rastaban Talisman.

There are also four boss monsters in the existing four military king.
The weapons dropped for each boss monster are heralded that they are more attractive than the added weapons.
In other words, it is an important dungeon that can acquire many rare weapons as well as executive swords.

■ Let’s become the best union and take the execution sword, The Last Throne Event

After the addition of Rastaban, a large PVP event will be held.
The alliance, which kills Rastaban’s boss monster in united units and achieves the best results, obtains a mythical weapon selection box.
China Weapon Selection Box can obtain a myth weapon that can also use other classes, including executive swords and other classes.

Although only one choice of mythology weapons will be presented, abundant additional rewards will be given to the personnel who participated in the event.
More details will be released later.
For reference, the one-to-one execution product, which was previously announced, was promised to be replaced by the corresponding reward, violating domestic law.

■ First World Siege, Ginseng

Ginseng, the first siege of the world, will be held on March 5.
It was delayed about a month from the previously released information, and the relocation of the world before the start of the Siege of the Ginseng is being held inside.
In addition, this update has been changed to Siege of Wildwood, which will be siege.

■ Special Culture Verification

In commemoration of the Curves of Zhu Tang, a limited edition product will be released on February 6.
It is prepared as a product that can have goods as well as the exclusive skin.
In addition, it is also preparing for many colleges.

■ Last greetings

Choir Hong-young, Director of Development: You may feel that the contents we have prepared today are short, but I think we have prepared the important information.
For more information, we will guide you through the update notes.
Rastaban and World Siege, which were released today, are decorated with a space where you can create the best battles that can be called Lineage’s flowers.
I will try not to have a bug so that I can’t enjoy it.

King Byung-soo, head of business: Lineage W has been on the first anniversary and various updates are about to be ahead.
It seems to be the only reward to show good looks, broadcasting, updates, and content in the future.
Thank you very much, and please look forward to it in the future.

Lee Sung, General Manager: Overall, there are a lot of words that there are a lot of words.
However, rather than informing us that we are not fully prepared, we deliberately reduce it because it is important to convey updates that can be released just before.

As I said, Rastaban and Executive Sword have a symbolic image of Lineage, so I hope you will be able to pay a lot of support and interest in this update.
Today is a Taiwan special feature, but you can see a lot of Korean users.
I would like to say that I am so grateful to all Lineage W users around the world, including Taiwan.

Xians: I wanted to visit Korea and give a special gift for all Lineage W users.
I asked the developer to prepare a special reward.
I hope you like it.