After several months of hibernation, the developers of the game Last Oasis, Donkey Crew, shared updated information about what they had been doing for the past few months. The team, apparently, worked on solving the main problems in the game and cleaned the code to give the project a more stable platform for further development. The development functionality was created that allows you to quickly add new content and configure the existing one.

Donkey Crew also released a new blog of developers, which tells about the planned changes in one of the main functions of the game – Walkers (Walkers). Mobile fortresses will receive a serious change in balance, including adjusting the progress of ammunition and the complete processing of the armor rating system.

Types of armor will be divided into five levels, and types of damage – by four. The updated system is designed to make the progress of armor and ammunition more linear and guarantee that they will not be surpassed as soon as new weapons or armor appear.

Walking trees will receive a new protective weapon with remote control, shooting darts, called Stinger, as well as new mechanical assistants-outlets who will help control weapons, which otherwise, should be controlled by another player.

Kenshi Robots & Siege Changes! Dev Update - Last Oasis

“Automatic machines are a hinged equipment that allows the pilots of the wallets to turn each controlled device into a remote weapon (or tool), which can be controlled using steering levers of a wallet. They are designed to increase the role of a step-trip pilot during PVP and PVEs using more remotely controlled tools and options. ”

According to the developers, the addition of machine guns should open opportunities for the new mechanics of the gameplay and new types of weapons, for example, capable of disable enemy guns.

It is expected that the above changes and new functions will appear with the beginning of the 5th season. The update is already available on a public server for those who want to check it.