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Recruitment of participants G -Star 2022 Game Cosprolly Wars

The largest game culture festival in Korea, G-Star, has announced the G-Star 2022 Game Cos Fr aery Wars, which was prepared to revitalize the game culture.

The G-Star 2022 Game Cosplay Wars, which celebrates its fifth year this year, is a representative cultural festival that allows you to reproduce the characters in the game and experience the various pleasures of ‘cosplay’. It will be held on a special stage in BEX CO, Susan on the 20th.

The G-Star 2022 Game Coolly Wars can be accepted by October 31 through the official G-Star website.

The G-Star 2022 Game Coolly Wars, the only game-related costume event in Korea, is decorating the G-Star event with high-quality participants every year, and this year, when G-Star is held, is expected to be hotter and competition.

Anyone who loves games such as individuals or cosplay clubs can participate, and the long-awaited final stage will be broadcast live through the online ‘G-Star TV’ channel.

Hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association (K-Games) and co-hosted by the G-Star Organizing Committee and the Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency, G-Star 2022 is Susan BEX CO and Susan for four days from November 17 (Thu) to 20 (Sun). It takes place on online G-Star TV.

More information about ‘G-Star 2022 Game Coolly Wars’ can be found on the official website.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: The extension of Jedi Fallen Order promises to be video

The extension of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order was currently on everybody’s lips for numerous moons, he was missing out on only a confirmation. It is currently done: Star Wars: Jedi Survivor will consequently arrive from 2023 on PC and brand-new generation consoles.

The trailer of just under a min thirty in precalculated recommends the look of a new challenger, in the person of this mysterious Pau’a who appears to have actually gotten his hand on the hero’s saber. Another visibly essential factor: this personality with white hair caught in a bacta tank.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Official Teaser

The game will be led once more by Stig Asmussen, that affirms that his team currently understood the continuation of Cal’s experiences before he even completed the initial opus, and also will only release in 2023 on computer, PS5 and Xbox Series. According to theVideo game Supervisor _, we ought to assess Jedi Survivor throughout the year.

Digital Arts, Lucasfilm Gamings and also Respawn have as a result confirmed what several currently seemed to have understood (and also specifically Jeff Grubbs, who never ever stopped to obtain details around the task): the success of Jedi Fallen order Well confirmed the existence of a collection. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor will certainly once again stage Cal Kestis, Padawan having actually made it through order 66 and also located his own course, five years after the occasions of the very first part.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor-Trailer Promotion on PC, PS5 as well as Xbox Collection

Respawns Star Wars

Respawn’s Entertainment Tars war-hit star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order The sequel has been officially revealed.

Star Wars Jedi: The work called Survivor was revealed by Electronic Arts at the Star Wars Celebration event yesterday. The sequel has been known to be underway since January this year, but now the project has finally got the official name and the first trailer.

According to Electronic Arts, the story continues five years after the original game. Starring the Cal Kestis again with his faithful BD-1 robot, and the adventure is expected to be again a third-person activity with a relatively open world.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC during 2023.

More on:

  • Respawn Entertainment develops as many as three Star Wars titles-sequel to the Jedi series, first-person shooter and strategy game under work

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Official Teaser
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Star Wars: Disney reports the series centered on the dark side

One of the Disney +projects, the Acolyte series, from the Star Wars universe, has just been postponed, according to the sources of The Illuminerdi.


The pop-culture site The Illuminerdi, often well informed with regard to Disney + productions, announces that its sources report a Report of the shooting and the release of the Acolyte series.

A series centered on the dark side

While fans on the clear side of Star Wars await Andor series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka, and the sequel to The Mandalorian , the faithful of Obscur side await the series The Acolyte . Project still very mysterious, The Acolyte will take place during the High Republic (about two centuries before episode 1 of the films). We will see the awakening of new dark forces . The series should indeed focus on a main character who will be a follower on the dark side of the force . Moreover, the title “acolyte” refers to a way of calling apprentices on the dark side. We do not yet know the official casting, but we know that the series will be produced by Leslye Headland . However, Illuminrdi claims that it is, according to their sources, actress Amandla Stenberg who will play the main role of the series, baptized Aura . The site adds that production would still seek actors for two other important roles: Paul , a regular role for a single season and interpreted by a man in his fifty years, and Miri , a Young girl A guest role that could be interpreted by twins (to alternate between the two minor actors for this role, since their working times is more limited than that of adults).

Amandla Stenberg would be the interpreter of Aura, the main character of The Acolyte

maybe we will have to wait until 2024

The filming of The Acolyte was originally to start Beginning of 2022 , then was postponed to June 2022 , but according to Illuminord, the plans again have been modified. Indeed, their sources informed them that the production of the series would be repulsed in October 2022 , to finish in May 2023 . As for the broadcast of the series, it is difficult to be sure of the window. Indeed, with the shooting from June 2022 to January 2023, the series was expected for the summer of 2023 on our screens. With an offset ending in May, we would logically wait for the series for the fall of 2023 . However, there is chances that fall is already taken by the broadcast of season 2 of Andor . The end of the year could again be the place of a series linked to the Mandalorian , as was the case this year with Boba Fett . The forecasts therefore hang on a availability of The Acolyte for the year 2024 . We have no details on the exact reasons for the postponement of the shooting.

If we believe the information of The Illuminrdi, we must wait until October for the start of the shooting of Star Wars: The Acolyte. As for the distribution on Disney +, it may be necessary to wait until the year 2024.


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I’m starting to know what it looks like when Disney claims to do something serious or dark… exactly the same as other prods, the last example Moon Knight.

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ADI Shankar provides update on the Assassins Creed television series of Ubisoft

The world of fred of the murderer has only expanded since the first game of the series was launched in 2007, with tickets that took place over the years around the world, and in a recent interview with the creative mind responsible for One of the largest adaptations of video game of Netflix, castlevania, ADI Shankar gave a update on whether it was working or not on the series. With the franchise receiving a live action feature film and still throwing new entrances almost every year, an animated series has a lot of material to extract every time it progresses.

For those who are not familiar with the property of Ubisoft, _ CREDO of the Assassin_ will normally focus on a member of Assassin Guild, an organization that operates in the shadows during countless years. The great turn of the franchise is that, normally, someone in the present or in the near future will be the one who “pilot” this killer of the past using a device known as Animus. More recent, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla put players on the skin of a Viking who adopted a very different approach from the world of murders, bringing a severe brutality to the world of videogames.

Adi Shankar's Message to 'Assassin's Creed' Fans About Anime Adaptation

Shankar said this with respect to fred of the murderer and the state of him, which is only one of the many series in which the producer is currently striving:

«Halcon Laser is my focus at this time on the Ubisoft side. One of the reasons why I am so excited capitan laser hawk is that _castlevania was an anomaly when he came out. I saw the writing on the wall and now it’s going to be converted into a business model for me. I’m going to take video games and turn them into television series for transmission services. I can harvest the benefits of this business model, but the artist in me wanted to make it more weird. “

Captán LaserHawk: A Blood Dragon Remix is the next animated series set in the world of muy far one of the largest properties in Ubisoft, which will reach Netflix in the future and is adapted from DLC story that was part of the third entry in _Far Cry’s video game franchise.

What series of videogame would you like to see having your own animated series? Do not hesitate to let you know in the comments or contact me directly on twitter @evcomedy to talk about comics, anime and the world of video game adaptations.

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