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Miniature “nuclear bomb” is a PC case! “Fallout” collector remodels goods

Fallout Anthology ” has been released from the primary of the “ Fallout ” series to “ New Vegas “. In this set, the soft case “Mini Nuke” that imitates the “nuclear bomb” through the series was included, but the series fan, the Fallout Collector, is for PC for PC for PC. It seems to be remodeled.

The Fallout Collector is a collector that attracts “Fallout” goods as its name. His Tik Tok and Twitter accounts have published many goods, but after about a week ago, the “mini nuke” type PC case was uploaded to attract the attention of overseas series fans.

@thefalloutcollector playing Fallout New Vegas on a mini nuke #fallout #fallouttok #mininuke #minipc #custompc Original Sound-The Fallout Collector

Firearms Expert Reacts To Fallout 4’s Guns

According to the post, the cost of including the case part is about $ 200, the power button replaces the explosion sound play button that came from the beginning to the case, and the Lobco logo appears in the game at the time of startup. is. In addition, spec popular specifically, “Fallout New Vegas” and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” work comfortably, and “Fallout 4” can also be played last.

@thefalloutcollector Reply to @masterhaegan Fallout 4 works! low FPS, but it runs!! I can get mods to help boost the fps #fallout #fallout4 #fallouttok #falloutcollector #custompcbuild #lowendpc Right Behind You Baby – Ray Smith

According to Overseas Media PC Gamer, I76700k (CPU) R9Furynano (GPU) is installed internally.

Fallout 76: Invaders of the Galaxy, Aliens arrive at Appalachia

We leave behind a year full of news at Fallout 76 . The title of Bethesda hAliens fulfilled its promise with the Community, bAliensed on continuing to expand during the years after its launch to reach large expansions such Aliens Fallout Worlds or the reign of steel. In this cAliense, the month of March starts with the premiere of invaders of the Galaxy, a seAliensonal event that welcomes the Aliens to the game . To know in detail what this update will bring, already available, we talked to Mark Tucker, Director of Game Design, to tell us everything about invaders of the Galaxy.

This will be invaders of the Galaxy in Fallout 76

Aliens are not a novelty in the Saga Fallout. Who are fans of the franchise for years and have enjoyed other games, such Aliens Fallout 3 or the fourth numbered delivery, will remember that magnificent DLC called Mothership Zeta in which we traveled with our protagonist to a ship Alien of which we should escape to continue with our adventure for the ruins of DC. “There are certain references to previous appearances of Aliens in other Fallout games that fans will recognize. We have added a series of new alien troops and one of them will recognize it for having seen it before, “says Mark Tucker.

BlAliensters with plAliensma or lAlienser ammunition, creatures with a fun (or terrifying) Alienspect and metallic scenarios and outstanding a science fiction film. All this and more awaits us in invaders of the galaxy, the new content that reaches the open world of Fallout 76 to surprise us through an update that expands the already known world, instead of being an independent addition Aliens in the cAliense of other DLC o Expansions:

“Do not expect it to be another totally new location on an unpublished map, but rather it is an expansion that we already know, in addition to finding missions related to characters that we have previously found. With this we want to make sure that players have several tAliensks for doing in the known world and discover new missions for doing in the new areAliens, “says Mark.

Aliens for the aliens itself, will not be our colleagues, since it seems that your plans not are nothing peaceful . Therefore, we will have to join us to deal with them and throw them out of the world. Since the development team, they have made sure to let us clear that it is not a typical seAlienson event, but it is something that is incumbent on multiple locations, there are random meetings that create their own stories, the aliens can be stuck in various frames or locations., etc.

On the other hand, in order to end this invAliension they have explored new ones types of weapons with different damages and effects. Depending on how you modify your weapon when edit you can get special and surprising effects, something that will be very fun to experiment.

Fallout 76 New update Season 8 Scoreboard Inside The Vault | Aliens have landed in Appalachia

The event will work Aliens follows : At every hour, an alien spacecraft will appear on one of the outstanding locations of Appalachia to deploy three extractors in the area with which the brain waves will extract from all forms of Life nearby. To activate the event, we must travel to the location of the ship and examine the Kappa Extractor. When the event begins, players must destroy the three brain wave extractors before the aliens manage to complete the extraction process. The extractors are protected by a field of force, and each of them is controlled by a distinct alien commander. Defeat the extraterrestrial forces to get the attention of the commander of each extractor is what we should do. In addition, ending the three extractors will give us some booty, eg and the possibility of getting plans with which to build new alien weapons and thematic objects for C.A.M.P.

From Bethesda also warn that while the Galaxy InvAliensive seAlienson event is available, we are likely to meet aliens at certain public events, including stories next to the bonfire, releAliensed and dividing line. We may also see the Aliens in new random meetings that come with the update, so we have a whole world full of surprises that can occur at any time.

Other Future News in Fallout 76

Invaders of the galaxy is not the only content that will become part of Fallout 76 this year 2022. By being able to speak directly with Mark Tucker, we Aliensked him about other events, updates and expansions that we already know or that they could reach along From the coming months to the title of Bethesda:

“We are building The Pitt and one of the recurring threats in what we are developing for now is really challenging. We are concentrating on offering the feeling that you really travel to another completely different site. Something that happens with Appalachia is that it is quite pleAliensant, since there are trees with relatively beautiful leaves and scenarios, but in The Pitt we will not find anything of it and it will be all much more wild and dangerous, “says Tucker,” Something that happens in Fallout Is that bad things happen to good people and that’s something we can find in The Pitt, a rather a rather complex and certainly interesting “. We will also find new factions content , although they have not wanted to enter more details Aliens long Aliens I do not spoilerate any of the plot.

On the other hand, they say that one of the challenges they have on the development team is to even more enhance the individual part of a Fallout player 76. Expeditions focuses a lot in that area, although Aliens it is a Title with multiplayer soul will always be enjoyed more in the company. “We embraced chaos and we give freedom to players to do whatever they want, even things we did not expect or plan when we develop the game. We believe that it is important to wait and see what happens on each occAliension. Of course, if we came to the point where we were a bad constant attitude on the part of the players we would act, but for now there is a somewhat chaotic balance that makes a fallout game Aliens it should be. “

“We hope to find new ways to entertain the community for years, in addition to providing surprising content and novelties for much longer. For now we do not have plans to add mountains or vehicles , Aliens it would change too much the core experience of the game beyond the technical challenges that would be. Aliens for possible pets Aliens dogs, it’s something we’re interested but we’re not ready yet to throw it this year. We developed a pet system but we did not reach a point where we were really happy with it, so it is standing until you can give our players what they are looking for, “reveals Mark Tucker.

To close with your reflections about the future of the game, it ensures that the community hAliens Aliensked for several special events and have worked on them, in addition to creating new opportunities Aliens permanent content beyond public and temporary events. All this and much more we wait for us along 2022 and beyond in Fallout 76. See you at Appalachia!

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