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Elden Ring: Will the DLC Arrive Soon? Steam Gives Us a Clue!

Players from Elden Ring were able to look forward to the pvp upgrade at the end of last year, where you can measure yourself in multiplayer modes with other individuals, followers are still client for a comprehensive DLC for the title.
In the end, there were frequently reports about an expansion-confirmed from software application yet absolutely nothing.
A fresh entry in the Steam database now supplies brand-new info.

is the elden ring dlc ahead?

According to the Steam dB details, the parcels of the Requirement and Deluxe Edition from Elden Ring were given an upgrade today.
That was last the case at the start in February 2023 and the PVP update a couple of weeks earlier.
From software might prepare brand-new material here.
Data min Senior Dub likewise confirmed via Twitter that these plans will also be preserved on Steam-but there is no info on the moment.

More leakages on the elden ring dlc

It was just two weeks ago that reports around the extension made the round.
At that time there was talk of a big DLC that ought to be under advancement, especially with from software
Possibly the studio utilizes Elden Ring’s upcoming birthday.
On the 25th.
February 2022 the open world title came on the marketplace at the time.
Banzai NAMC likewise made it clear that you are far from ended up with Elden Ring.

New video game from software.

Considering that the last Game Awards, we have also known that Dark Souls, Senior, Elden Ring (now buy EUR 59.99/ EUR 53.99) and Co. are currently working on the next task.
These are Armored Core 6, which is to be launched this year.
Trailers and other information have actually currently been shared.


We likewise reported on the continuation of the series.
Source: Catch/ Steam db
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Elden ring: 30 flags indicate possible new boss fights

With over 16 million duplicates marketed until August and also favorable evaluations of the expert press and also players worldwide, it should be clear that followers crave fresh content for Elden Ring.
Thus far, no extensions or LCS have been officially revealed for the parlor game.
However, indications were located that from software application may work on something.
After potential info on new play locations was located in the files of the game a few weeks earlier, there are now much more.
So 30 brand-new flags for bosses have actually currently been uncovered by a Data miner.

You shouldn’t presume numerous brand-new bosses now.
The designer will most likely not have actually produced this without reason.
In enhancement, hairdos, 6 brand-new weapons, the new Colosseum and 16 NPC entrances, which are listed under the name A person Yet Undetected, were also located.

A few of them can be associated with brand-new manager battles.

YouTube shares very curious statistics on Elden Ring, one of the biggest premieres of history on the platform

That Elden Ring, the lYouTube Gamingt from from Software with Hidetaka Miyazaki in front is a success is beyond doubt; Sales speak for themselves. But not only hYouTube Gaming he achieved to conquer records on a commercial level, since Youtube hYouTube Gaming also d1. 3.4 billion visualization hours in just 60 days are to blame that it hYouTube Gaming become one of the greatest successes in the history of the platform. In addition, the official YouTube Gaming account hYouTube Gaming shared some most interesting statistics.

Elden Ring hYouTube Gaming overcome the * premiere of games like GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Margit * is the final boss who hYouTube Gaming achieved the most videos and visualization hours, followed by Malenia, Godrick, Radanh and the rugged Draconian sentry.
Samurai * is the clYouTube Gamings that hYouTube Gaming achieved the most videos and visualization. They are followed by hero, miserable, YouTube Gamingtrologer and warrior.


Elden Ring, one of the greatest successes of the decade

The Dark Soul phenomenon comes from afar: the cult generated around Demon’s Souls several years after its premiere, the exploitation of the first Dark Souls and its consecration YouTube Gaming a saga, titles outside the license but with the character of close family YouTube Gaming Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice… From Software hYouTube Gaming created a genre in itself, which many developers baptize YouTube Gaming Soulkeke .

And then there is Elden Ring, the commitment to the open world of an Hidetaka Miyazaki whose ambition does not seem to have a roof. A commercial monster that hYouTube Gaming sprayed records and that several months after its launch continues to generate content of all kinds around it: mods, curiosities and mysteries, legends like Let Me alone Her… What will be the next of the Japanese creative?

Elden Ring arrived at stores on February 25 and is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Karstens ranking the souls

Who my special Elden Ring is the most accessible soul… but it still has read a soul , the white: souls (like) games and the karsten, that was no love at first sight. Comparatively late, it made “click”, sometime in 2016. Thanks to the “Scholar of the First Sin” edition of Dark Souls 2, and because I had the time and peace to get me in full of Souls experience.

But I’m not a hardcore fan even now, which plays every work of from Software polls several times and knows all optional content and DLCs from the Effeff. It is usually enough for me to experience the end boss and one of the ends. At Koop help I never wanted to resort to this. I play souls games predominantly offline. For this purpose, I only like to use all other ways that offer me the game – for example, NPCS that helps me in battles, or strategies that make me facilitate boss fights.

All these things should you know to classify my subsequent ranking of the previous Souls games from FROM Software. The top list was created by a “casual fan”, which came late to the party and has not completely costed any snack of the buffet, who recently could play Elden Ring (now € 53.98) and now just a comparison to the “predecessors” must pull. Accordingly, it would be great if you have your own ranking in the comments. So we certainly get a more comprehensive picture about which Souls games have arrived especially well in the Demon Souls ecosystem and which are not.

Place 7: Dark Souls 2

Even though the knot is bursting with Dark Souls 2, I still hold the game for the worst souls game of from software. The level design is not as brilliant as in the direct predecessor, fighting power in the younger games much more joy and through the technique from today’s perspective lose important pluses like the art and opponent design to charm. Nevertheless, Dark Souls 2 is a good game that made me a lot of fun in 2016 just under 30 hours.

Rank 6: Demon’s Souls (Playstation 5)

Without the remake for PlayStation 5, I would never have played Demon’s Souls more than two, three hours. Technically, the original must have been hopelessly outdated to the 2009 release. All the more I noticed that when the full version landed in my drive a few years later. That not only looked bad, that was also dusty, uncomfortable and quite fast very frustrating.

In the new edition for the PlayStation 5, all the old-baked design decisions of that time are still again. But the graph is now the blast, the control goes better from the hand and I finally had a lot of fun with the original father of the Souls genres. I personally preferably prefer the direction in which the FROM software games have evolved in recent years.

Ranking the Dark Souls Series

Rank 5: Dark Souls

Technically, the first Dark Souls unfortunately laid only a small jump through the Remastered version. I did not make up for this classic for some time ago, therefore not as much fun as other from-software titles – because here also art and creature design does not fully come into its own. For this, the level design belongs to the best thing you can find in the Action RPG area, and I can well understand why bosses like ornstein and Smough still appear in many top lists today.

Place 4: Dark Souls 3

The first Souls game I played through. The graphics are still very pretty today, which makes the varied places, chic panoramas, diverse armor and wonderfully designed creatures can unfold their full effect. In addition, the level design returns some OHA moments, there are smaller, welcome comfort improvements and give me the challenges to the end exactly right “difficult”.

Place 3: Sekiro: Shadows the Twice

I could have placed Sekiro just as well in second place. I come to the advantages of Bloodborne. Sekiro, however, shines with a better feeling in my view when it comes to fast, aggressive fighting. Once it’s “clicking” first, counter, evasive maneuvers and blows rows like a dance. This becomes particularly clear when the blades of two sword masters such as Genichiro and Sekiro in a fulminant staged duel.

If you are trying to dominate the opponent, despite the high tempo, to read all attacks, to block all the attacks, to block them only to tore themselves specifically, then the adrenaline and joy is pure. Even otherwise I had a lot of fun with the trip to the fantasy variant of the Sengoku time, even if the setting is not quite as enthusiastic like that of…

Place 2: Bloodborne

I love the style design of Bloodborne and was literally mad at me when I did not realize the souls systems in 2015 with my first play attempt. Can not be that I have to spurn such a great looking game because I’m too stupid?! The greater then the pleasure was when I stopped Bloodborne later, and today I hold the work for the best exclusive title of the PlayStation-4 era. So it can go.

The only drawback that I can accuse the game? The occurring performance increments. To a new edition with constant 60 pictures per second and 4k-open solution would certainly not only say “no”.

Place 1: Elden Ring

After 85 hours in the intermediate lands and the reaching of the credits, I have to stick that I had even more fun with Elden Ring under the stroke than with Bloodborne and Consorts. From software fusion succeeds the open world and the typical branched-nested level regions very wonderful. At the same time, the old-skebler, slightly slower combat system comes as variants as never before – thanks to mount, jumps and the countless weapons with the even more classic effects to build huge fun fight styles and synergies.

But also that Elden Ring comes a corner of one-star-friendly and more comfortable than the other souls parts. However, there are high difficulty tips, and those who want to see everything can lose themselves for more than a hundred hours in the fascinating game world. That’s exactly what I did in my vacation, and despite smaller weaknesses such as the increasing recycling rate at bosses and assets or the usual technical quacks, the From Software since 2009 by game to match game. I would not be surprised if Elden Ring is at the top of my “game of the year” list in December.

That was my personal ranking of Souls games from from software. What looks like your top list of the games? Which favorites is you in place 1? Which part did not like you at all? For which franchise you would like to have a continuation? Track us in the comments!

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Elden Ring Ranni Quest Guide: How to get the big sword of moonlight

The Moonlight GreatSword is a basic element of the series and has been present in all SoulSborne games developed by fromSoftware. It is known as a weapon focused on intelligence that has the power to shoot blue projectiles that are impressive in dark areas, and is also available in Elden Ring. However, getting it is a total annoyance, and that could be the euphemism of the year. Here is How to get the big sword from the moonlight in Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, Moonlight Greatsword is a weapon skill for Dark Moon Greatsword, which is the weapon you are looking for. You can consume FP to use this ability, which allows you to shoot the aforementioned great-looking projectiles. Note that this guide contains important spoilers for the two-story bosses, as well as a secondary chief and some areas of the late game.

get the big Moonlight sword in Elden Ring

  • Meet Melina and unlock the ability to level up.

  • Return to Elleh Church at night and speak with Renna, who will give him the bell of spiritual call.

  • Avour in history until you reach the Academy of Raya Lucaria. You will have to beat Rennala, Queen of the full moon, to continue.

  • After that, go to the Northwest region of Liurnia of the Lakes to get to Caria Manor.

Keep in mind that this area can be quite dangerous if you just beat Rennala and is at level 40 more or less. It is possible to clear the area at this level, but it may be convenient to upload a little more level before returning.

  • Clean Caria Manor gives you access to Ranni’s Rise, Renna’s Rise and Selip’s Rise. Go to Ranni’s Rise to start searching correctly.

Climb to the tower to talk with Ranni and accept your order from helping Blaidd. You can check our BlaidD NPC Missions line guide here. It is a very long and complicated series of missions, but you will have to see it until the end to progress.
It requires that you come to Radahn, enter Nokron and recover the Fingerslayer sword that you get at the end of the area.

  • After completing the Missions series of Blaidd, it returns to Ranni’s Rise and talks to her to deliver the Fingerslayer Blade you got in Nokron.

  • Then, go to Renna’s Rise north of your location and interacts with the shipping door at the top, which will take you to the Ainsel River.

The first thing you should do in Ainsel River is to interact with the collection element right in front of you to get the miniature Ranni key element.

  • Rest at the nearby grace site and choose the option to talk with the wrist three times until the wrist finally responds.

  • Go to Carian Study Hall, located on the east side of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Interact with the pedestal within the study room, and this will invest the entire area, providing access to the Liurnian Tower Bridge and the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

How to Get the MOONLIGHT GREATSWORD - Dark Moon Greatsword & Ranni Story Quest Guide - Elden Ring!
* Go to the top of the divine tower to get the curse mark of death.

  • Return to the Ainsel River and advance through that area until you reach the NOKSTELLA waterfall basin.

Once here, Ranni will ask you for help to kill a murderer. Continue to the south through the area to trigger an invasion. After killing the invader, you will receive a key and Ranni will appreciate your efforts.

  • At this point, return to the great Lucaria Raya Library and use the key to open the chest.

You will receive the Dark Moon Ring, which will be useful towards the end of the mission. Return to the Ainsel River to progress.

  • Continue crossing the Ainsel River to get to Lake Rot, and advance through the area to reach the great cloister site of Gracia.

In the great cloister, you must navigate through a series of falls to reach the ground floor and pass running between centipede enemies. On the southernmost edge of the area, you will see that the road ends up on a drop, with a coffin on the edge. Interact with the coffin to rest inside.

  • The coffin will transport you to another area, where you should fight against Chief Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.

  • After defeating the boss, you can advance through the area behind the sand and pull the lever to call an elevator.

This elevator will take you to the altar of the moonlight in Ladies Liurnia. Keep in mind that you must have the Dark Moon Ring in your power at this time or you will not be able to progress.

  • From here, go to the east to the Cathedral of Manus Celes.

Near the site of Gracia, you will see a hole in the floor where you can fall. Look for shelves that you can safely fall and go to the bottom.

  • Browse through the cave, where you will find a doll lying on the floor.

Interact with it and use the ring, and this will trigger more dialogue with Ranni. After listening to what you have to say, you will find the spadston of the black moon lying on the floor as an element to pick up, and that will mark the end of the search line.

This is easily the longest series of missions you can take on Elden Ring, and it is not one that you can complete at one time. You will have to advance in the story to unlock more Ranni missions, so it is better to try it in small fragments while playing.

Even so, the reward is well worth it. The Ranni search line adds a lot to the tradition and general history of Elden Ring, and you can also play with Darkmoon GreatSword and make use of the iconic Moonlight Greatsword Weapon Skill. If you are using an intelligence compilation, of course.

That’s all you need to know about How to get the big Moonlight sword in Elden Ring . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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Elden Ring Large Rune of Unborns explains: What does “get used to perfect rebirth”?

ELDENRING , the latest game of fromSoftware, offers a crazy amount of customization options for your character. Everything, from the aesthetic choice of armor to the way you can bring the fight to your enemies, you will be able to find a way to play around with almost everything.

However, the big runes offer an even bigger way to adapt your characters. With these you can make it to absolute power packets or the execution perfect rebirth . But what exactly does that mean? Follow our guide to find out what the perfect rebirth in Elden Ring means!

Elden Ring – What is the perfect rebirth?

As with each of the great runes, the perfect rebirth is granted after win Rennala, Queen of the Vollmond is an extremely powerful tool that you can start from scratch. Do not start the whole game from the front, but the ability to do Distribute your statistics completely new . When you complete the rebirth, you can get the amount of runes you have currently to improve your statistics, and you can completely move them to try different builds and different ideas for their statistics.

Do you have too much health and not enough endurance? Maybe it’s boring to use melee weapons, and you want to try the game as a magician. With the power of the Great Rune you will be able to do so. However, you can not just use it again and again because you need another special item.

You have to have a larva rip every time you want to complete the rebirth process. There are several ways to get you in your hands, such as the visit of the cemetery in the village of the Albinaurs , and you can sometimes loot from enemies. You should make sure your arcade skills are high to increase your chances of finding one of these key objects!

As soon as you have completed the rebirth, you can rewrite from the ground floor to create your new build or redistribute points to make your current build even more than before. Fortunately, you can often do it as long as you have Larval Tears so you can experiment and learn how to best get an Elden Lord!

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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Where to find Evergaol MalFactor in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Alternative Prison of the attacker can be found at the beginning of the game. It is located to the north-west of place of grace on the shore of Laurnia . Getting to Evergaol is extremely easy, and it should not create problems for players, as it is quite calm here. This area can be noted by the presence of Evergaol’s drawing enemies.

What is Evergaols in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring – Adam Thief of Fire - Malefactor's Evergaol

Exploring the world of Elden Ring, players from time to time will be stumbled on stone worms with purple eyes. When they find them, it usually means that there is Evergaol nearby. Evergaol essentially Prisons for dangerous enemies in the world of Elden Ring. The players entering them should be prepared for tough struggle.

Evergaol An attacker will contain an enemy known as ADAN, FIRE Thief . He is a formidable opponent, especially at the beginning of the game, but the players can usually defeat him, quickly holding his feet, because his attacks are slower than other enemies in the game. The victory over this boss will give players Flame of the Fallen God .

Interested in Evergaols in Elden Ring and want to know more? Learn how to defeat the knightly burned in Elden Ring? In professional guidelines for the game!

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