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Includes the competitive card game Junatori War Nawa Butler in Splatoon 3! Challenge Nawabari Battle intelligently

Nintendo has announced a new element that can be enjoyed within the Nintendo Switch software Splatoon 3 on the distribution program Splatoon 3 Direct 2022.8.10 held on August 10.

Speaking of the feature of the Splatoon series, the best one is the Nawabari Battle, which is the one who wins and loses in the area dyed with ink. This program was performed on this program, a match-type card game with this Nawabari Battle motif.

In this card game, you can apply a square position by putting out your card. It is the same as Nawabari Battle that the winner is determined by the size of the painted area.


However, strategic properties are required because the scope and shape to be applied differ depending on the card to be issued. In addition, the Special Attack, which can be a reversal element, has been firmly dropped into this card game, and the timing of making decisions is likely to be important.

More than 150 types are prepared. Build your own deck and intelligently capture the Nawabari Battle that is a bit different from the main story. In addition, this Junori Wars Nawa Butler can be played at Nawa Butler Dojo in one corner of Bankara Street.

The first time in the history of Czechoslovakia destroyer tank! PC version “WORLD OF TANKS” Battle Pass New Chapter Start

The Battle Pass Season VII, which is currently being held in the PC version “ World of Tanks ” operated by Wargaming, has started a new chapter “Night Queen” for a limited time on May 12.

In this new chapter, you can get the new premium vehicle “SHPTK-TVP 100” as a finishing reward, and you can also get additional rewards in addition to basic rewards by upgrading additional billing.

The SHPTK-TVP 100, a new vehicle, a new vehicle, a new vehicle, is characterized by a high penetration of 270mm in normal ammunition and 330 mm in reinforced ammunition, and a high-end firepower of 2778 damage in the initial state. So, the performance is generally suitable for money.

In addition, the maximum speed is 55km/h, which is excellent in mobility, and it is possible to secure a good position in the initial movement and change the base after shooting.

On the other hand, it is not good at shooting while exposing the armor and the low HP, and the performance is required to be faithful to the basics of destroyers such as concealment and view.

Battle Pass Season VII: Get a Free Premium Vehicle in the New Time-Limited Chapter!

This chapter is being held from May 12, and the end is about 10 days on May 23.

The PC version “ World of Tanks ” is being distributed on Steam in addition to the official website.

Here the first teaser of the second season for Halo Infinite

It’s been five months since the release of the multiplayer free-to-play of _ halo infinite _. During all this time, players have experienced the same content day after day. This has caused that part of the community lost their interest in this experience. Fortunately, this is about to change, since The second season of Halo Infinite has confirmed its start date.

Through a small teaser, 343 Industries has confirmed that the second season of _ halo infinite_ will begin on May 3, 2022. Here we will see new maps, more game modes, events for limited time, and a new pass Battle that has an indefinite duration.

Currently, there are no specific details related to the new content that will be available. However, it is clear that we will see new skins and cosmetic elements for the personalization of new Spartan and weapons. Just hope this season does not last almost half a year, and the periods between seasons are shorter, in order to keep the Entertaining community.

Along with this, The second season will also introduce a couple of improvements and changes for the main story of _HALO INFINITE _ . However, the cooperative campaign is something that will not be available during this period of time. You can learn more about this delay here. Similarly, new details arise about the alleged Battle Royale of this game.

Halo Infinite | Season 2 Announce Trailer - Lone Wolves
Editor’s note:

Finally. He can not believe that five months have passed since the multiplayer of halo infinite came to our hands. While this game was a whole feeling in November and December, I have to admit that I have abandoned it in recent months, but the second season will make me come back.

Fortnite: Battle Pass of Chapter 3 Period 2 – All skins and also material

The complying with web pages are after that gotten either by unlocking incentives or by degree climbs up.

This takes place just in Period 2: Several followers of the underground company “Io” get on the brand-new map vast. They use bearings on well-known POIs and also occupy them with strong weapons. The 7 tries to regain their island in the fight.

Can I quickly get the last skin of the Battle Pass? This is not so quickly. First, you would certainly have to open the previous pages all. Because numerous rewards commonly construct on the previous benefit by their design or their subject.

  • For web page 2, you should retrieve 4 incentives or get to Degree 10.
  • Page 3 demands 10 benefits or Level 20.
  • For web page 4 you require 17 benefits or Level 30.

If you intend to see the spot notes of the new Season 2, we have summed up the most important point for you: Fortnite: Update 20.00 for Period 2 in Phase 3 – Patch Notes

Framework of the Battle Pass: As normal, the Battle Pass expenses 950 V-Bucks. The pass of the brand-new Period 2 of Phase 3 will certainly have the same system as in Period 1 in the past. So you have the possibility to unlock your benefits with stars.

A new Battle Pass has been published with Season 2 – Chapter 3 Informnite. Here you will find all the skins, emotes, plant tools and various other material that you can get in the new Battle Pass.

Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass ALL SKINS!

That uses up to web page 10. You can also see the trailer for the story that we have summarized for you:

All rewards of the Battle Pass in Season 2

This skin will most likely get extra designs as well as products that you can open over the weeks.

Ultimately, there is a secret skin? Not this time around, the extra skin in the Battle Pass is the prowler from the Wonder Universe.

All content in the Battle Pass of Season 2

This overview shows you all items that you can play in the new Battle Pass.

Battle Pass – Web Page 1

Requirements: offered with Battle Pass from the get go

Well, what do you consider the new key? Can you locate these skins and also styles original or is this period not for you there? Allow us know.

Battle Pass – Page 2 .

Battle Pass – web page 7 .

Web content:

Battle Pass – Page 3 .

Web content: .

Material: .

  • Skin Kiara K.O. (9 stars).
  • Hanging ladder “Knockout Cruiser” (6 stars).
  • Loading screen “Rebels” (3 stars).
  • Back accessory “Fizzix” (5 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • Smiley “in the destination” (3 stars).
  • Spray concept “well geared up” (3 stars).
  • Emote “Segway Tour” (7 stars).
  • Harvest tool “Knockout-Cleaver” (7 stars).
  • Condenstrip “Captain Graffiti” (4 stars).

Web content: .

Needs: 35 Rewards or Level 50 unlocked.

Needs: unlocked 74 incentives or Level 80.

Demands: 17 Incentives or Degree 30 opened.

Battle Pass – web page 8 .

  • Skin Erisa (9 stars).
  • Hang Glider “Blade Flurry” (6 stars).
  • Filling screen “The Slayer Returns” (3 stars).
  • Back accessory “Love Castle” (5 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars) Repaint “Crest Erisas” (4 stars).
  • Skin style The beginning “Granite Gray” (8 stars).
  • Emoticon “!?!” (3 stars).
  • Banner icon (2 stars).
  • Plant device “Guardian Daggers” (7 stars).

Demands: opened 47 incentives or Degree 60.

Battle Pass – page 10 .

A brand-new Battle Pass has actually been released with Period 2 – Chapter 3 Informnite. This takes place just in Season 2: Numerous fans of the below ground company “Io” are on the new map large. Structure of the Battle Pass: ** As typical, the Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks. You have the chance to open your incentives with stars.

  • Skin Gunnar (9 stars).
  • Billing screen “Boxer versus the unspeakable” (3 stars).
  • Spray theme “If sights…” (3 stars).
  • Back Device “Placket Load” (5 Stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • Banner sign (2 stars).
  • Emote “Mighty Relocate” (7 stars).
  • Hanging ladder “Chainsail” (6 stars).
  • Harvest tool “Chain noise” (7 stars).
  • Repaint “Gunnars special alloy” (4 stars).

Battle Pass – Web Page 4 .

  • Skin The Imaginated (9 Stars).
  • Charging screen “transforming point” (3 stars).
  • Spray motif “large weapons” (3 stars).
  • Banner symbol (2 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • Back accessory “wing margin of the imaginated” (5 stars).
  • Hanging ladder “Wing margin of the envisioned” (6 stars).
  • Harvest tool “The blade of the thought of” (7 stars).
  • Skin Style Gunnar “UltraLad” (8 stars).

Along with the Battle ticket pages there will certainly be back bonus benefits that you can open at higher degrees. The Battle Pass, providing a great deal of new web content that there is to gain.

  • Skin The origin (9 stars).
  • Banner sign (2 stars).
  • Filling display “Armored Schlachtenbus” (3 stars).
  • Contrails “dice trip” (4 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • Painting “Original pattern” (4 stars).
  • Skin style Kiara K.O. “Fight Gold” (8 stars).
  • Back accessory “cube-ether” (5 stars).
  • Crop tool “dice scepter” (7 stars).

Material: .

Web content: .

Needs: 4 Incentives or Level 10 unlocked.

Battle Pass – Page 9 .

Discover it all right here on MeinMMO if you desire to recognize why the building was impaired in Fortnite.

Web content: .

Needs: 25 Incentives or Degree 40 opened.

Battle Pass – Page 5 .

Web content: .

  • Skin Style Gunnar “Arctic Goal” (8 stars).
  • Skin Style Gunnar “Order Helmet” (4 Stars).
  • Charging screen “Before the attack” (3 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • Skin Style Tsuki 2.0 “Pearl Glimmer” (8 Stars).
  • Emoticon “Gunnar’s approval” (3 stars).
  • Music “Fit for the fight” (5 stars).
  • Dramatize “Junt” (7 stars).
  • Condenstrip “hand saw” (4 stars).

Web content: .

Demands: 10 Incentives or Level 20 opened.

Battle Pass – Web Page 6 .

  • Tsuki 2.0 – First Skin
  • Billing screen “Tsukis Renewal” (3 stars).
  • Spray theme “Eye of Agamotto” (3 stars).
  • Back Device “Kata Pack” (5 Stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • Repaint “Retaliation of 2.0” (4 stars).
  • Banner icon (2 stars).
  • Hanging ladder “Kata-Tech-Bladeschwingen” (6 stars).
  • Harvest tool “Omnic value” (7 stars).
  • Smiley “Cyber kisses” (3 stars).

  • Skin Physician Strange (9 stars).

  • Banner symbol (2 stars).
  • Loading screen “Supreme illusionist” (3 stars).
  • Spray motif “Tao mandalas” (3 stars).
  • Back accessory “Publication of Cagliostro” (5 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • Emoticon “publication of the legendary success” (3 stars).
  • Plant tool “Enchanted Sword” (7 stars).
  • Hang Glider “Mandala disc” (6 stars).
  • Dramatize “tools evocation” (7 stars).

  • Skin style Erisa “Light Blue” (8 stars).

  • Filling screen “Lost Kingdom” (3 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • Spray concept “Erisa on guard” (3 stars).
  • Contrails “Fallen Daggers” (4 stars).
  • Emoticon “Stylish Heart” (3 stars).
  • Integrated emote The beginning of “Free” (7 stars).
  • Songs “anthem of origin” (5 stars).
  • Dramatize “Dagger Dance” (7 stars).

Material: .

Demands: unlocked 89 benefits or Level 90.

Requirements: 60 incentives or Degree 70 unlocked.

  • Skin style Tsuki 2.0 “Iridium” (8 stars).
  • Loading display “Infinite Imagination” (3 stars).
  • Spray motif “envisioned” (3 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • 100 V-Bucks (5 stars).
  • Integrated emote Kiara K.O. “A vital” (7 stars).
  • Skin style The Pictured “elite fighter” (8 stars).
  • Banner icon (2 stars).
  • Songs “I just want to deal with” (5 stars).
  • Paint “The pictured Aura” (4 stars).

** Can I instantly obtain the last skin of the Battle Pass?

“Assassin Creed Valhala” MC Battle was traditional entertainment? Word play is tested Poetry Japan-US comparison 【English pickled in the game # 91】

Assassin Creed Valhalara ” that expressed in the form of Viking in the form of a game. Among them, I pulled my eyes as a unique thing, but it is a “quasulty poem that played a scallow.

In Japanese versions, it was translated into a way to step on the rhyme, and in promotional events for overseas, we have demonstrated the modern quity by two lappers. Themes, of course, Vikings and “Asakuri”, and even if there is no subtitle, you can not say that it is not good.

# Reading -Flyting

Poetry, which is considered as “Wrap Battle of Viking”. It is an intellectual game that wins the person who unlocked the other person by the lucical strength and the repayment of the vocabulary and the repayment. The game is treated as a mini game and choosing an appropriate one from three options for a given subject. Let’s take a look at Yonggullf to play the early stage.

· I Have Sparred Against Champions and Bested Each One.

1: I Image You Record’s As False As Your Pride.
2: Prepare to Taste Bitter Defeat, Once Our Battle Is Done.
3: O, To Beat Such A Braggart Will Surely Be Fun.

In this case the correct answer is the third option. If you translate this, you will definitely take a rhyme, but while putting a merishari, while making a merisily, the choice of correct answer is firmly decided that it is exquisitely understood, and it is quite annoying. Additional specifications. In other words, the sense of the translator will influence the correct answer of the game. It is a place where it is noticed even in the promotion, so I think it will be difficult if you become in charge, but I will do it, and I will try to translate each in plaintext.

· I’ve been fighting with the kings, but it is a series of consecutive war

1: How is the record as your confidence?
2: I will finish in one shot in a single shot defeat
3: It’s fun to have such a blowflower, but it will be fun.

From the meaning of the original text, I was looking for a point that I had to win the opponent’s victory, and I was a point that I had to win it and won the posture. In order to make this to the voting of the wrap battle, we will process it to stop the rhyme. The first of the options needs to be clear and clear because the last “Pride” is not “one”. Implementation has become the following sentences.

** · I fight with the kings He wins to here.

1: But the result is also confident
2: It was greatly out, but this game is crying while crying
3: The symbol of the weakness of the delusional word that is not exhausted

The statement of the title that is the basis and the first thing to remove the rhyme is a translation close to the original text. Instead, the second and third are “all wins”, and we have arranged arrangements while leaving rough statements. Differences in the length of the sentence, and the rhythm is aligned with the title and the rhythm is adjusted to be the correct answer. Next, let’s check the other rounds.


1: You’re A Weakling, A Milksop, A Cadger, A Louse.
2: You’re a Snipe and A Harfwit, A Cretin, A Clod.
3: You’re No Better Than A Rat THAT I WOULD EVICT FROM MY HOUSE.

· Anna is an idiot and stupid old riser risen (person who says complaints)!
1: You’re a fost, lumbar, a lice of
2: You are a fool of a sigo guy (bad person) stupid
3: You are a lot of murine from home

· You are a man who is a man who is informed!
1: If it is a soft poor fool!
2: bad of mouth He is no Mcusunosunoroma
3: You are like a mouse that you want to remove from the house

· I’m the Greatest of Flyters, A Master of Verse!
1: You’re The Weakest of Wordsmith, a terrible bore.
2: Your Pride Is Appaling and Your Rhyming Is Worse.
3: DID You Bet On Yourself? Then Know That I Will Empty Your Purse.

· I am a master of great quartz poet
1: You are terrible and terrible
2: You have seen you too much, but the rhyme is more terrible
3: Do you bet to yourself? Your nostalgic

· I am the master of the strongest poet rhyme
1: Rather the weakest poet boring guy
2: A great smile of a big game that looks at eyes
3: Thank you His your wallet is my grace

The second round is only overthrow, but it was well ready to 575. In the original text, there is also a change that returns an example of a living thing against a creature, against the word “GROUSE”, and there is also a return to the words compared with the birds. It seems that it is difficult to transfer to Japanese language translation until there.

How do you induce players with options, this is a unique part of the game translation that is not in other media. It can be said that it is a localization that is polite and work as it does not feel uncomfortable.

# Practice Problem: Translate the next line.

Your Flying’s Astounding, You’re Worthy of Praise!
You Swing A Fine Axe, and You Turn A Good Phrase!

From Master of Eboru Alvis. It is finished with the literature while dying, and the difficulty is high, but let’s challenge.

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