World of Warcraft Dragon flight brought lots of old, popular features back.
One thing is now stamped-and most likely forever.
After almost 19 years, World of Warcraft is probably among the MMORPGs with the most functions.
However not each was well received or was even used by the community.


Among them is now gotten rid of from the game quietly and covertly- the Twitter integration.
What sort of function is that?
The Twitter integration has actually enabled players given that Spot 6.1 in the Warlords of Drano expansion to link their WoW account with Twitter.
This made it possible for tweets to be stopped straight from World of Warcraft and provided with a screenshot.
At that time, selfies were already a huge pattern, and they wished to jump up a bit jokingly and called the heroes of Zeroth to share their adventures on Twitter, preferably with amusing or funny photos.
The feature is never ever effectively fired up and lots of need to not even understand that it exists at all-just as the first variation of the Voice chat in WoW.
Why does blizzard turn off the function?
Even if Blizzard does not call any particular reasons, 2 situations ought to probably promote it:
The function has been quite unpopular given that its introduction.
It has been forgotten over the months and years if it was initially utilized by some.
Twitter now wishes to have money for the use of the API, which is why Blizzard would have to pay frequently for the feature.
A function that costs cash regularly and at the exact same time is not used by the gamers does not utilize excellent advantages.
The feature is more or less privately buried.
The notorious patch 6.1 is getting even worse: At that time, the patch 6.1 was not a great star at the time of Warlords of Drano.
For numerous, he was thought about the Twitter patch or the selfie spot because the selfie cam has actually been a toy ever considering that.
The truth that a person of these functions will now be erased afterwards makes sure a bit of harmful delight.
Some grumble that in the future you can no longer tease the Twitter combination.
Others feel exactly eliminating the function as the ideal factor, such as user dread surge in the official WoW forum:

And this literally no longer exists the only thing that Spot 6.1 contributed to the video game.
This reinforces patch 6.1 as the worst spot in the history of World of Warcraft.

(I understand that this was done because of the modification on the Twitter API, however I certainly don’t lose out an opportunity to tease spot 6.1.).
Have you ever utilized the Twitter combination?
Or did you not know that this is possible in WoW?
There was something brand-new somewhere else: The most strenuous call faction now farms you twice as fast!