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Animal Crossing fan thanks to UPDATE 2.0 Alice in Wonderland

You are big fans of Alice ‘story and would like to hike through the famous Wonderland? An Animal Crossing fan has enabled this dream on its island. As you can create a scary beautiful forest, you will learn here.

Magic forest, but without the Grinse Cat

It’s about it: One of the most beautiful aspects of Animal Crossing is the tireless creativity of the fans, which was cranked through the update 2.0 and the Happy Home Paradise DLC again through new possibilities. That was also the case with a mysterious Alice in the Wonderland forest.

This makes the design so special: twentiesgirl_ aka ac_disneyland has shown a gloomy screenshot from ACNH on Reddit, which is based on Alice in Wonderland. A comparison picture shows the similarity to a scene from the Disney movie via Alice ‘adventure. Striking are the colorful and cork-like twisted trees.

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The character of the Animal Crossing fans also has the right cosplay Parat: Blonde long hair, blue dress with white apron, white tights and ballerinas. The Custom Outfit fits perfectly as well as other ACNH replicas from Disney scenes that can be found on Instagram from AC_Disneyland.

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Here you can see a trailer for Happy Home Paradise extension:

Update 2.0 introduced new trees

If you ask you where these strange trees come from and as you yourself approach this: it is not about trees, but about giant granks – and for this there is a craft instructions. For the production you need 25 normal tendrils.

These can be found at the boat trips with fathed islands that have been included in the game since Update 2.0. More about the Camped can be found in our ACNH Guide:

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????STRANGE NEW DEVELOPMENTS!???? New Animal Crossing Update 2.0 (Animal Crossing New Horizons)

In addition, you will grow on the plateau behind the holiday home agency in the Happy Home Paradise DLC. As soon as you have set up five houses, you can find a bottle post on the associated beach every day. Therein are craft instructions for tendril and luminous moss.

Do you want to create your own fairytale forest with giant trees?

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer clarify open questions about the animal set

Although the manufacture of animal set parts via the Creation Catalyst is already included in the files of the PTR for WOW Patch 9.2, many questions about this new feature are still open. Meanwhile, the developers have evidenced themselves in an official Bluepost to the Creation Catalyst and eliminates some ambiguities. We summarize what information from the contribution of the WOW team.

Creation Catalyst is still waiting for the release of patch 9.2

NEW Warcraft Mobile Game Coming THIS YEAR & 9.2 Rep Grind Made EVEN LONGER | WoW Weekly News
What many fans probably is particularly interested in: when can we get started with the production of animal set items? Blizzard writes that the Creation Catalyst will be available eight weeks after the release of Patch 9.2 (“If everything runs according to plan”). The RAID remains – as announced – the fastest way to get to animal set parts, at least at the beginning of patch 9.2. The Catalyst is intended to minimize developers as a supplement to the RAID prey to minimize the Loot Frust and also allow players to swiftly equip their twinks.

In addition, there are interesting news about the Coldown of the Creation Catalyst: Although Blizzard has not yet revealed how long the cooldown of the feature will fail, but there is good news for a lot of twinkers and laggers. Because the internal cooldown of the Catalyst applies globally and receives charges that accumulate. This means: for example, if you start the production of animal set parts only ten weeks after the release of Patch 9.2, you can use the charges of the past two weeks and have no time disadvantages over players who have been there since the eighth week.

The prey distribution in the RAID did not ran on the PTR as planned

However, the developers have also evaluated for the prey distribution of the animal sets in the RAID by WOW (Buy Now) Patch 9.2. She explained that a bug has taken care of a doubling of the booty – Say: Players have received twice as many animal set parts on the PTR as well. The ratio of guaranteed set items to total of objects that drop the bosses, but should remain the same.

In addition, the developers have decided to re-introduce tokens for the set items. The justification: “Wir do not want it harder for any particular player in a certain situation to get set parts of bosses (and by trading), especially when the patch progresses and some players who are most of their set Have together, raits with other players, which, for different reasons, no set part or maybe only one has. “

To test the change to the tokens in combination with the Creation Catalyst, the tokens should be available with the next update on the test server. We will definitely take the loupe the new system and continue to report on how the developers implement the distribution of animal set items.

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