[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Com2us is on the creation of a new growth engine of block chain and meta bus.

Com2u (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) was announced on the 11th that 2021 had a sales of W556bn in 2021, operating profit of W52.7bn, and net profit of W124.2bn. Sales increased by 9.2% YoY and operating profit fell 53.8%. The net profit of the pulling increased by 62.4%.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, sales of W173.4bn, operating profit of W1.12bn, and net profit of W24.1bn. This has increased by 28.5% YoY, and operating profit fell 57.2%. The net profit of pulling was turned on the surplus.

Scam ? 5 billion sales start 23.02.2022
Based on the ongoing global growth of baseball game lineups, including ‘Com2us Pro Baseball’ and ‘9 Inincuss’, ‘Com2us Pro Baseball’ and ‘9 Innings’,

Com2us is a future digital market, which is central to the value of Web (Web) 3.0, and the C2X platform of the Economic Mirror World Metabus ‘Com2Verse’ It is a strategy to focus on the attack.

The C2X platform, which is directed to the C2x platform, is a fair and transparent system, and it is a massive open ecosystem that has a variety of games in the world to one of the world, and it will be a hub of the global game market. ‘Summer Nourn: Chronicle’, ‘Summer Nourn: One hundred years’, ‘Fishing’s God: Crew’, ‘Golf Star: Championship,’ Golf Star: Championship, ‘Colossus M Jingx’, In addition, games of various genres are planning to participate in ecosystem expansion.

The Comfortus is designed as a ‘Next Life Platform’, which provides life, entertainment and community services associated with various business partners, including virtual office environments. By starting the commercialization of virtual office in 2022, several services are opened and expanded to a metanomics platform, which is an NFT and a block chain that can be traded with a token economy system.

Com2us officials said, “All games in the world will be linked to C2X, which is the value of Web 3.0, and all the everyday life of the world will be projected as a new Metabus World Comunt Bus,” Com2us is a digital paradigm that penetrates all the future industries I told you to present the standard. “