The Bundesliga duel between Rapid Vienna and the SK storm was the great traditional duel of the expired Bundesliga round. Both clubs were experienced solidarity with the stumbling competitors Austria and Wacker Innsbruck.

Rapid Hooligans attackieren Austria sector-Rapid-Austria 16.9.2018 Allianz arena

The rivalries between the SK Sturm, Rapid, Austria Vienna and Wacker Innsbruck are, albeit not always up to date, have grown over decades. And even if the love between the mentioned clubs is not very big, the curves would like to obey the opponent also not completely.

On Sunday, during the Bundesliga duel between Rapid and Storm (1: 1), both clubs – albeit not without pages – solidarity with the big rivals. “Whether Innsbruck or Viola pigs… we fight for traditional clubs,” it said, for example, on a saying band in the curve of the Grazer.

Also in the Rapid sector was a message to read: “Listen to sell your souls to dizzy investors, saves the FC Wacker Sauhaufen!”

Wiener Austria is currently waiting for the license for the coming season. The same applies to Wacker Innsbruck – the Tyroleans are now fighting in the second league for survival and did not have good experiences with investors.

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