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“Now calls Mua Kuusamo, Eikkus pirate gold” – uncharted

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg uncharted has received his last trailer.

Many director and actor exchanges seen uncharted movie will arrive at the top exclusive to cinemas on the 18th of February. Film’s plot has remained anyone in secret, though in the past, the Leffan has been hinted to a borrowing to some extent from the side of uncharted.

Along with Holland and Wahlberg, the actor street includes, among other things, Antonio Banderas and Sophia Taylor Ali . The instructor is Ruben Fleischer, while producers are seen AVI ARAD ARI brother, as well as in the uncharted series games as a writer and director Neil Druckmann .

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UNCHARTED - Official Trailer (HD)
* __Uncharted_ movie loan on the basis of the first clips on the basis of scenes more or less directly from the games_
* TOM Holland Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s bare upper lip in a moving picture – the first trailer _uncharted movie is officially here_
* Hurbaving Massage Association for a new generation No surprising – review _uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (PS5) _

Hideo Kojima already has its own podcast!

The Abandoned, Hideo Kojima, PT, & Silent Hills Conspiracy Explained
Undoubtedly, Hideo Kojima is one of the most important and recognized figures of the entire entertainment industry. The author of Metal Gear Solid, Death Stranding and the canceled p.t. , it certainly has one of the most enigmatic minds of gaming, and now you can learn more about it thanks to a new podcast.

Said podcast is known as Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse , and you can listen to it through Amazon Audible with new episodes constantly debuting. Currently, a chapter is only available and sadly alone is Japanese , so it will be a bit complicated that the rest of the world can tune it and understand it.

The topics of the podcast will not only be limited to video games, since Kojima will have several special guests to discuss all kinds of things, including movies, series and others. In the first chapter Kojima invited 2BRO, a Japanese YouTube channel specialized in videogames, but we will have to wait for information about it because as it was told, everything is Japanese.

On related topics, Kojima is already working on two new games and here you can learn more details about it.

Editor’s Note: I would have loved that this podcast was also available on video with the option to add subtitles, because it will surely offer interesting information. Unfortunately, we have nothing left to wait for someone to translate all this information.

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