Robert Steven Morrison of SIE Bend Studios has argued on Twitter on the release of the remake version of the The Last of US Part I as for money .

Morrison is a 3D animator involved in the original version of The Last of US Part I in addition to GOD OF WAR (2018), Injustice 2 and Resident Evil 7. He has been enrolled in various studios and is now one of the PlayStation Studio, which is now available by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and a senior staff member of the Bend Studio.

On the other hand, the full remake version THE LAST OF US PART I announced in June 2022, but in overseas bulletin board Reddit, some users are too expensive as CASH GRAB. The result is criticized. Since the no tea dog has been credited as a remake version, it is not clear how much he is involved in this work, but Mr. Morrison value (of game price) (game price) is value (game price). He argued that it would be possible to decide whether or not to want it will be decided by each individual.

When he was suspected of being defended because he was working under Sony, he said, I have a PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo game consoles, and play games on PCs. We support all platforms.