Which studio could act?

Potentially, several publishers and developer studios are on the list that could soon be part of the Playstation Studios family. The selection is divided now has another insider, according to which it is not a company that has its headquarters in the US. Instead, it should obviously be a studio from Japan . In the last few weeks fans have already speculated wildly around the next takeover .

The favorites are always Konami, Capcom or Square Enix , which would definitely be a significant deal for industry. Who in the end will actually stay with Sony, but has not been indicated so far. Similar to the acquisitions of Microsoft, the games bind exclusively to the Xbox, the titles from the Sony purchase should then appear exclusively for PS5 in the trade.

Playstation Studio Acquisition - The Studio and Publisher It May Purchase Next

Sony has already bought studios this year

Just a quarter of the current year is over and yet Sony has recently made two acquisitions. It was the purchase of bungie for $ 3.6 billion as well as the takeover of the Haven Studios , the new developer studio of Jade Raymond. And even last year Sony has bought neatly – including Housemarque or Bluepoint Games , which now belong to the PlayStation Studios.

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