Electronic Arts’s Motive Studio is looking for topics that will be addressed by live delivery next time “ Dead Space “. There is already more than 100 reply, among them, and the original version series developer has been showing a bustling with the question of the fans.

In live delivery held on March 12, 2012, each director will gather and introduce the audio design of this work. The original version and remake version are alternately shown, and there was a description of the difference between the difference between the sound effects of surrounding environmental sounds such as sound effects and characters. If you are interested in this live delivery that can expect a dense commentary next time, you may want to skip the reply.

By the way, the question of the fans touched at the beginning is “ Why the original version” Dead Space “, the hero isack is the end of the cat back? “. On the other hand, he said that he has been an original version series art director, “IN Milham, as well as the physical strength gauge on the back, but also while showing what to shoot as much as possible. I have commented that it was necessary.

Draw a crowd scene quickly

Limited remake version “DEAD SPACE” expected to be a large-scale built-in, and it is scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2023 for PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / PC.