Hallo Infinite is currently organizing an event in which players can win an exclusive emblem to apply to several elements in the game.


It turns out that winning this will only take you 15 minutes of your time.
Here is how to get the Unicorn of Earth emblem for your armor, vehicles, identification plate and weapons in Halo Infinite.

How to get the Earth’s unicorn emblem in Halo Infinite

Currently, only PC players have the ability to win this.
This promotion will last until December 30 and can exchange any code won by the emblem until January 30.
To get the Earth’s unicorn emblem, you must have discord and Halo Infinite installed.
You do not need access to the full infinite halo game, only the free multiplayer application will work.
From here, you just need to make sure the configuration for Discord Drops enabled, and then configure a call and share the game on the screen with at least one discord friend through the application for 15 minutes.
The discord support site lists the steps you must follow to exchange the Earth’s unicorn emblem.
After completing the steps of the mission and receiving the reward code of your gift inventory, go to Halo Waypoint to redeem your code.
Log in your Xbox account and select your user icon.
Select redeem code.
Enter your code and press exchange.

The codes should be entered in capital letters and scripts must be included.

Where to enable Discord Drops

As detailed by the Discord support:
Open your Discord client, then press the defeated wheel in the lower left corner to open the user configuration.
In the left panel, select privacy and safety.
On this page, move down to the section how we use your data and make sure that use data to customize my discord experience and rewards in the game (also known as Drops) are enabled.
Image Source: Discord
This is all you need to know how to get the Unicorn of Earth emblem for your armor, vehicles, identification plate and weapons in Halo Infinite.
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