It seems that Wallenstein 3D , which was released in 1992 and established an FPS genre, has finally been legally purchased in Germany after about 30 years.

This is a game where the Allied Agent B.J. Brascoovic confronts the Nazi army, set in World War II, but it is strict in expressions such as the Nazi symbol of the Nazis. In Germany, the release was banned in 1994, and since then it has become unable to purchase.

Time has passed, and in 2018, regulations on the expression of the Nazi in the game were alleviated, and in 2019, excluded from the German-banned game list Index, and finally in 2022, the German Software Pre-Examination Organization (US). The screening was conducted, and the ban was finally lifted.


The rating in Germany is for the Wallenstein 3D for the main story of 16 years or older, and the expansion Spear of Destiny is 18 years or older (mainly sold in each store and expanded as a set). It may be deeply emotional news for German gamers.