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1. FC Cologne immediately before obligation of Julian Chabot – ex

The 1st FC Cologne apparently makes nails with heads after the departure of Jorge Meré and commits an earlier talent of Eintracht Frankfurt.


According to picture, the change from Sampdoria Genoas Julian Chabot to 1. FC Cologne is almost perfect. The boulevard sheet also reveals the details of the deal: according to this, the Cologne lend the center defenders trained at Eintracht Frankfurt and at RB Leipzig first to the end of the season. After that there is a purchase option for the FC.

Last sticking point In the negotiations, a commission obligation desired by SAMPDORIA is to use in the second half of the number of inserts. The number of us proposed by Cologne should have been too high to the Italians. The Bundesliga club, however, would now embroad, says.

The aim of the FC be it, so picture that Chabot is already in training in the coming week. In the upcoming country break, he could continue to acclimatize in Cologne in order to alternatively alternatively for the home game against Sc Freiburg (February 5). ChaBot is the Wish Candidate of the Cologne for the vacant position in the Defense Center, writes the newspaper.

1. FC Cologne: Steffen Baumgart confirms interest in Julian Chabot

The interest in the 1,95 meter hunnations had confirmed coach Steffen Baumgart last. We deal with two, three candidates. Julian Chabot is one of the players we think about, said the success coach before the cup bankruptcy against the Hamburg SV during the week.

Chabot had returned to Germany 2017 and landed through stations near Sparta Rotterdam and FC Groningen in the Netherlands near Sampdoria. 2020/2021 he played at Leihbasis at Spezia Calcio.

Then he returned to Genoa, but is currently only a rotary player. 13 mandatory games with manageable 643 minutes of use are in its statistics for the current season.

Remis in Dusseldorf Hartels Premiere is not enough St Pauli

December 8 is the 342nd day of the year (343rd in jump years) in the Gregorian schedule; 23 days stay up until completion of the year.

Düsseldorf plays general a bumpy season, but on the last match day at 3: 1 in Darmstadt an exclamation mark. After this game, coach Christian Prefer had to change once, because Captain Bodies fell out due to several ripping fractures. For him, Needle began.

St. Pauli finally won three times in a row, twice without coach Time Schultz, which was in quarantine. On Saturday night, the coach returned to the coach bank and trusted the same eleven, which had won 2: 1 against Schalke.

The game began temporal and without great start-up time. Both teams renounced scanning and immediately searched the offensive. The resulted in a grand chance: Iowa headed the ball on the fighter completely freestanding over it (3.), on the other side Irvine failed freestanding on the glossy reactive Fortuna-Keeper Wolf (7.). Who had hoped for an offensive firework, was disappointed? Because after this good initial phase, the encounter turned off, there was a lot of idle. Both offensive rows were difficult, in reverse, the defensive rows made it good. Once the rear team of the Rhineland before the break, however, was not on the post, but Yeah did not use his grand chance (36.). Thus, after balanced 45 minutes got go into the cabins.

Beings answers on Cartel’s first goal this season

Düsseldorf vs FC St. Pauli 1-1, Goals and Extended Highlights

The second pass began ideally from the point of view of the leader: After Yeah’s flank, Düsseldorf Cartel left her eyes — and the Midfielmann met by Volley and marked his first goal this season (47th). That was a shock for the Fortuna, who had any problems. The Kiev coach Christians sprayed from playing pleasure and pressed the second goal. Parade’s free kick landed on the torn net (56th) and Cartel’s spacer shot handle Wolf (66th). The hosts had great efforts in this phase — and then out of nothing: Iowa made pace over right and found with his flat flank Beings, the ice-cold carried out (68.).

Irvine’s gate is cashed

After compensation, the game was again open, both teams played forward. Irvine supposedly launched St. Pauli again, but his goal was cashed by the Var, as Burgs taller was in the emergence in the offside (80th). In the final phase, tension was offered — and both teams were again dangerous: Peterson’s shot grabbed St. Pauli-Torwart Vasily (84.) and Olsson’s slightly disappointed attempt left on the Fortuna case (90. + 1). Thus, it remained at the end of the 1: 1.

Düsseldorf welcomes Tannhauser on Friday (18.30 clock) next weekend at the beginning of the week. St. Pauli is greeted by the same time in Kiel.

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