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Knauf: “I have to further improve my defensive game”

The desolate 0: 2 defeat against the VfL Wolfsburg last Saturday could not turn on Knauf, yet the 20-year-old promised after his interiors for Danny da Costa in the 70th minute to a bright spot. With pace and playing, he indicated that he can at least expire the team on the right wing.

From the previous quintet Da Costa, Timothy Chandler, Erik Durm, Almamy Toure and Aymen Barkok could not convince any sustainable on this position – the chance for Knauf. “I’ll definitely trust myself. Of course, I have to get used to certain tactical things. But I will do everything to optimally occupy the position and create a certain offensive urge to produce the right side,” explains the Youngster.

“I’ll talk a lot with the coaches”

As from home from offensive players, it is obvious, where he sees his greatest potential for improvement: “I’m definitely not there yet where I have it, I have to strengthen, but also certain weaknesses. Especially when I play on this rail position I’ll further improve my defensive and positioning game. I will talk a lot with the coaches and make video analye so that I will be better. “

Whether and how fast he will prevail against the competition remains to be seen. With his skills in the offensive game, he has the stuff for emergency aid, but coach Oliver Glasner must pay close attention to the balance in the game. With Kostic links and Knauf right threaten in switching moments after ball loss gaps on the defensive outer railways. To play in such an offensive, the highest tactical discipline and diligent work in the game against the ball is needed. However, a wing tong Kostic Knauf sounds pretty tempting and could make the harmony in the game forward more unpredictable. Especially especially the engaged Daichi Kamada and Jesper Lindström are good for surprises anytime.

Anyway, Knauf hopes in the coming one and a half years – as long as he is borrowed from Dortmund without a purchase option – significantly more game practice. “I did this step to get more playing at top level,” reaffirms the winger. Although he had “very much learned” with the BVB professionals, but in the face of the tremendous competition there usually only came to short action. That should be different in Frankfurt. Knauf is self-confident and carefree, but also reflected and down to earth – a promising mixture. The same thing can be said about the almost two years older Jesper Lindström, who has already completed a strong development this season and has been indispensable from the eleven.


On the international stage, Knauf wants to gain further experiences – in the U-21 national team as well as in the European Cup. Ambitious says Knauf: “I appreciate the team very well and firmly assume that we will play around the international squares. We will put everything to qualify for international competition again. This is a goal we With this squad can have – or even. “

Many leaks suggest that the forge mode of Halo Infinite could be the best of the series

Last update there is February 16, 2022

This is not the first time Halo Infinite sees leaks. Even before the exit, things like cinematics already made their way on the internet. The cut scenes and weapons were dataminated, and now the next forge mode begins to be revealed.

For all newcomers in the franchise, the forge mode is a complete creativity tool that has existed from Halo 3. It allows players to design their own maps and results are incredible. Combined with the ability of players to design custom game types, it transforms the already large sandbox of Halo into a paradise of mini-games competing with that of Roblox or Minecraft. The mode is not included in Halo Infinite, but it is being developed. If we believe these leaks, it could be the best in the history of the franchise.

Here is a fun example. Do you remember the “Fragmentation” card of the Big Team Battle playlist? Apparently, the forge mode of Halo Infinite has a time change function, and someone buried the card in a snowstorm. Another article shows what Bazaar looks like night.

NEW MAP EDITOR LEAKS - Forge Mode is THE BIGGEST DEAL in Halo Infinite - Update Guide
Some other images have emerged – including a forge monitor and several objects placed in the Bazaar card. The latter also included a Spartan pose a – although it is a reserved space, a reference of size or a friend / enemy IA, not clear.

Another message showed a specific asset – a large billboard, advertising a cherry soda / lemonade “Gauss”. It is accompanied by a smiling spartan and the slogan “Drink Like A Spartan, Be a Spartan”. Other assets include avant-garde energy pulse and vehicles – with fully customizable colors.

This being a free game, we do not know how many of these things (if any) will be behind a paid wall. But if they are all easily accessible, it seems that Halo Infinite could have the biggest forge mode of the franchise to date.

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