The Mass Result series from Bioware is still popular with the fans and is routinely thought about by its community with brand-new videos and memes.
Now the YouTuber Eli_handle_b. WAV has actually just recently released and recently launched a video that is presently being commemorated on the Web.
The clip called Michael Scott in Mass Effect sums up the SCIFI game with the popular US variation of the The Workplace series.
The fans are particular: that shouldn’t actually fit in addition to it is displayed in the YouTube video.

This is how the local manager strikes a paper trade business in space

The video is structured like the The Workplace series and shows our unusual hero Michael Scott in some distinctive scenes from Mass Effect.
At the starting you can see the regional manager’s reaction to the damage to the Normandy in Mass Effect 2.
In between you can experience your awkward handling of ladies or a rather unpleasant sparring session with the crew member James Vega.

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There are other funny mashups on the channel of ELI_handle_b. Wav, such as Tony Soprano in God of War or Mr.
Bean in cyberpunk 2077.
There were currently clips for Mass Impact, even if the protagonist was Austin Powers from the movies of the same name.
The concept for the new video with Michael Scott pertained to the YouTuber after a discussion with his sibling.
He himself would never ever have actually seen the workplace beforehand and then lastly offset the whole comedy in two weeks.
He came to the conclusion that Michael Scott was the ideal candidate for the Normandy leader.
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Since its publication on Tuesday night, the clip Michael Scott in Mass Effect has actually already reached over 400,000 views on YouTube.


On Reddit, a post with the video over 90,000 up votes could accumulate.
The community manager of Bioware, Jay Ingram, shared the clip on Twitter and called it the best Mass Impact video ever.
Source: Kodak, Game rant, Reddit
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