In Call of Duty War zone 2 DMZ, players can perform various contracts, and one of them includes the elimination of HVT. These are very valuable combat targets of AI, and the mission requires you to activate the contract and find HVT. Here’s how players can execute HVT contracts in War zone 2 DMZ.

How to kill HVT in War zone 2 DMZ?

HVT contracts in War zone 2 DMZ are simple. You must find and eliminate an important goal, and usually these enemies are protected by well-armed protection. To start the HVT contract, find the HVT liquidation contract. You can identify these contracts according to the crossbreed symbol, look at the image of the card higher to see how they look. Visit the location, activate the HVT contract by raising your mobile phone, and soon you will see a green radius marked on a tactical map. This radius denotes the area in which HVT hides.


Run there quickly and start destroying AI fighters. Find and shoot at HVT, and you will need to confirm the murder to fulfill the contract. HVT drops the keys from various locked houses that can be found throughout the map. Keys are necessary to unlock some houses in the demilitarized zone, and we recommend collecting them if HVT drops one of them. You will be rewarded with money for a contract as soon as you eliminate HVT.

It is perfect to start the game by taking on the elimination of HVT, Safe cracking and Secure Intel Contracts. This allows you to get a fair amount of cash before proceeding. HVT contracts are easy money, but be careful with AI, as they often have body armor. Be sure to observe caution and shoot from the distance, as these fighters with artificial intelligence can easily knock you down.

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