The last adventure of the Halo universe, Harm infinite, brings Master Chief to one of the incumbent rings. Faced with Covenant rebels, bannis, our hero with green armor fights for humanity on another of these intergalactic apocalyptic devices.

What is Zeta Halo? – Before You Play Halo Infinite
In a recent interview with Gamesradar, 343 Industries confirmed that this ring is Zeta Halo, or installation 07. Now occupied by a dangerous and unpredictable sect of aberrant values ​​of Covenant, Master Chief will probably dig deep into this new mysterious piece of Halo Array, discovering more of the old history of these gigantic objects as it does.

Zeta Halo is not new yet, and we have a lot of context to draw from the Halo franchise for the ring and where his story leads us. Here is everything we know to this day on the adjustment of Halo Infinite.

Zeta Halo is the last of the original rings

The problem is to explain the rings of Halo, it is that, to do this, you must start diving into the tradition of the franchise, which can be a little long at least. An easy starting point is that the halo array is composed of 18 rings in total – 12 according to a contour, and six others in another. They are all pretty much similar, the first dozen being slightly greater and less effective than the others. The Zeta Halo is the last of these 12 originals still in an operational state, and has received many explanations in Halo: cryptum, halo: primordium and halo: Silentium, the trilogy of Borerunner Romans of Greg Bear.

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The story of Zeta is actually linked to ours in the Halo universe. In this chronology, humanity as we know it today is the result of a software reset caused by an intergalactic war that we lost against Forerunners, the technologically advanced society that built the HALO network. Most of us were returned to the Stone Age, but a fragment was kept on Zeta as part of the dedication of the Forerunnners to catalog and study all life in the universe. As such, Zeta holds the first known recordings of human life. This conservation has proved crucial for the existence of all living beings when the network has been drawn to stop the flood for the first time, leaving the last group of Forerunners repopulate the galaxy using their own samples.

The Zeta we find is quite different from the time it was built. Several series of damage caused serious changes, ranging from the reduction of its diameter of 30,000 kilometers to 10,000 kilometers to the massive fracture occurring during the events of Halo 3. What remains untouched for existence remains to be seen.

What does Zeta Halo look like in Halo Infinite?

The gameplay reveals that Zeta Halo is very similar to all the other halos you have encountered – a perfectly barred environment full of buildings, rocks and forests to explore and photograph. Bannis have resumed the structure, which is not good because they are a thirsty organization of breaths defeated and other mercenaries and thieves, and it’s at Master Chief trying to force the bellicists extraterrestrials to move away from the obsolete weapon of mass destruction.

We do not see or do not hear directly from the state in which the entrails of Zeta are, but there is a lot to bet that many of them are in ruins that have been shaken, but preserved elsewhere. Given the established human bond, finding vestiges of the humanity that preceded us is quite plausible, and the deluge is an omnipresent threat during the search of the remains of Forerunner. Halo 3 Naughty, Behavio Bias, has actually been installed here, committing all kinds of odious experiences in the name of science, which opens the possibility for all that we discover directly to the trilogy of Bungie and our own Personal story with the series.