Aqua Simulacra from Genshin Impact is a five-star onion that is ideal for characters outside the field, especially for those that are reduced, since it increases the health and damage of the owner, regardless of whether they are on the field or not. Its high additional critical damage also facilitates the throw for the related characteristics of the artifact. This weapon can only be obtained from a limited banner, so do not forget to evaluate it with an increase in the rating if you have a character who can use it.

How to get a

Aqua Simulakr can be obtained from the invocation of the epitoma when it rises. Each jerk costs one intertwined fate or 160 flare-gums. It is strongly recommended to apply the path of incarnation to the map in order to guarantee weapons in the third account of pity, if it was not received earlier.

See the history of Aqua Simulacra banners below:

  • Epitome Invocation from May 31, 2022 to June 21, 2022


Basic attack: * from 44 to 542
Steust: Critical damage (from 19.2 to 88.2 percent)
Passive: Cleaning form-HP increases by 16/20/24/28/32 percent . When there are opponents nearby, the damage caused by the owner of this weapon increases by 20/25/30/30/40 percent . This will enter into force regardless of whether the character is on the field or not.

Materials of Ascension

Phase Ascension 1

  • x10 000 Mora
  • x5 luminous sands from Gyuun
  • x5 gloomy figurine
  • x3 ghost

Phase 2 Ascension 2 **

  • X20 000 Mora
  • x5 shiny stone from gyuun
  • x18 gloomy figurine
  • x12 Phantom shell

Phase Ascension 3

  • X30,000 Mora
  • x9 shiny stone from gyuun
  • x9 dark figurine
  • x9 ghostly heart

The Ascension Phase 4

  • X45,000 Mora
  • x5 relic from Gyuun
  • x18 dark figurine

* x14 spectral heart

Phase 5 Ascension

  • X55,000 Mora
  • x9 relic from Gyuun
  • x14 death figurine
  • x9 spectral nucleus

Phase ascension 6

  • X65,000 Mora
  • x6 Divine body from Guyun
  • x27 death figurine
  • x18 spectral nucleus

Who can use aquasimulakra?

Aqua Simulacra gives the user an increase in damage from 20 to 40 percent (depending on the processing level), regardless of whether it is on the field or not. This makes him an excellent choice for characters outside the field, since their attacks will constantly gain benefits from increasing damage, even when you switch to another traffic police on the field. In addition, a passive increase in HP weapons makes it an ideal choice for units that increase HP, such as YELAN.

While many characters can use Aqua Simulacra, Genshin Impact has many fantastic onions, so you can study other options if you do not have Elan. Here are all the characters who can use Aqua Simulacra:

  • Elan (the best in the slot)
  • Fishl

  • Child / Tartalia
  • Yoimi
  • Ganyu

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