Hae-gin (CEO Lee Young-il) announced on the 15th that Lee Young-il won the special award at the ‘Trade of Korea’ held at the Seoul Trade Tower.

The traders who have shined Korea are active trade activities, and the Korea Trade Association has been in effect since July 2017.

Haegin is a global mobile game company founded in 2017 by Lee Young-il, co-founder of Com2us, and is developing and servicing mobile games such as ‘Home Run Clash’, ‘Extreme Golf’, ‘Play Together’ and ‘Super Baseball League’.

In particular, the representative play Together has been 100 million cumulative downloads since its launch in April 2021, 4 million DAUs, No. 1 in Taiwan and Vietnam’s two markets, and the best meta bus game that shines 2021 Korea of Sensor Tower ‘It has been attracting attention in the global market beyond Korea, including the award.


Haegin recorded sales of 10 billion won the next year, and in 2021, sales amounted to W33.3bn and operating profit of W7.1bn. More than 90%of the double sales occurred abroad.

In addition, in the first half of this year, the company plans to invest 150 billion won in investment in the first half of this year.

Lee Young-il, CEO, said, We started the second challenge by hazard to create a company that can work with employees for a long time since its first founding of Com2us. The main lineup of the casual game is the main lineup. These works seem to have made good achievements in the global game market and made this shining place today.