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Pokemon Karmesin/Purple: How To Catch Glurak

This article will give you some tips on how to catch Plural. It is helpful for raid events and other parts of the game.

Quickly after the release of Pokémon Parmesan/Purpura, fans had the opportunity to get a plural in the Term Raid-the just one in the game, due to the fact that in the wild you will not find it in Pale.
It only takes place in Raids with special black Term crystals that you can only discover after the story ends.
You are lucky now if you missed the very first possibility due to the fact that you have actually not yet been far enough in the video game.
You can go on plural hunt for a short time.

How you get Titanen Plural in Parmesan/Purpura

The event just runs for a few days, so you have to hurry up.
During this period you can grab the unusual plural with the treaty dragon:
December 2022 at 00:00 to 18.
December 2022 at 00:59
There are these requirements for the RAID: In order to be able to take part in the event, you have actually to have actually progressed rather far in the game.


To do this, you not just have to finish the main story with its 3 paths, but likewise have won the academy competition and opened six-star raids.
How to start the competition and other endgame material, you can check out here:
1 1
Pokémon Parmesan/purple-endgame
These activities are offered after the end of the story
You likewise need an internet connection, because you first have to receive the Poképortal news that starts the event.
You likewise require a Nintendo Change online subscription for the online cage.
You can always discover all present TERM RAID events and what you need to understand about preparation:
0 1
Pokémon Parmesan & purple
TERRAINS: All current occasions at a glimpse

plural catch: there are these tricks and counterattacks

You still have to catch plural once you started the raid.
This is not that simple, since it is a seven-star raid, so the Pokémon is at level 100. The following attacks have plural in the raid (via Visayans):.
Dragon pulse (type: dragon).
Sunny day (type: fire).
TERM outbreak (type: normal, or dragon).

  • Feuersturm (type: fire).
  • Typhoon (type: flight).
  • Gigatons (type: typical).
  • House (battle).
  • Heat scooter (fire).
  • Inferno (fire).
    You can likewise see the teracristallization here:.
    The very best strategy versus plural: Since the Pokémon in the RAID has the TERM type dragon, it is weak against attacks of the kind of dragon, fairy and ice.
    Nevertheless, because the very first 2 types are vulnerable to the fire or dragon attacks by Plural, a fairy Pokémon is your finest choice.
    This type is even insusceptible to dragon attacks.
    We recommend these Pokémon:.
  • Amarillo: Amarillo quickly became a favorite in the first raid against Plural.
    This is especially due to the attack stomach drum and rudder.
    Tummy drum pulls half of the life points from the user and lifts its attack value to level 6. Rudder is a strong physical attack of the type Cost.
    If Amarillo likewise has the capability of Kraft Colossus, his attack in the battle is doubled.
  • Backed: Backed not only has the type of fairy, however also a special ability that is really beneficial: thanks to crispy crust, it does not damage with fire attacks, but also increases its defense.
  • Feeling: Feeling has excellent worth for special attacks and defense.
    Normal attacks are transformed into reinforced fairy attacks if it also has a hidden capability.
    With the TM117 noise wave, Feeling does a lot of damage.
    These items work: the right items can likewise utilize your Pokémon.
    If you utilize the capability indication (to purchase from the bottle in Salon City), your Pokémon can not lose their special skills.
    The Parkland (buying or finding in France City or finding in Frigomonta), on the other hand, safeguards your Pokémon from additional effects.
    This is particularly helpful when plural cyclone uses that can activate the confusion.
    Do you still have pointers for battling Plural?

Diablo Immortal – All 9 known zones and areas in the overview

At the beginning of June, Diablo Immortal lands on iOS, Android and now also on PC. But before the release, Activision Blizzard presented all zones in which you can dig prey to all possible demons. The game runs pretty linearly. You enter an area, do the story missions, explore a longer dungeon with several bosses and then level up until you are strong enough for the next z1. You visit many well -known places, but also survives completely new horrors.


Here you will take your first steps. This time you can visit the city in Diablo 3 before its destruction. This area is more intended as a tutorial to get to know your class.

With which classes you can use to make the zones of the action role-playing game unsafe, we’ll tell you here:

__10 __1

more on the subject

Diablo Immortal: All 6 classes


Ashwold Cemetery

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As in every part of the action role-playing game, a cemetery should not be missing. Located in the western kingdoms of Khanduras, you have to stand by the Ulric Gravity to strike back the undead.

Westmarch (Hub)

After your first adventures you reach Westmarch. The city is the Diablo Immortal hub, which connects all your excursions. Here you can meet other players, form groups, visit dealers and start a lot of endgame activities.


The third zone of Diablo Immortal should also be familiar if you have been playing Diablo 2: Resurrected lately. Because the Darkwoods are the area in which she captures the scroll for the Rescue of Deckard Cains from the almost legendary tree head wooden fist.

Shassar Sea

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Top 10 Noob Mistakes to Avoid when Starting Out in Diablo Immortal
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This time it will be back into the desert. Shassar Sea is located east of the city of Caldeum, which should still be known from Diablo 3. Here you have to assist the population in their war against the Lacuni, a people of aggressive cat people

Library of Zoltun Kulle

In the middle of the Shassar Sea you can explore the library of an old friend: Zoltun Kulle, one of the founders of the Horadrim and creator of the Black Soul St1. We are excited to see what secrets the back of the most powerful magician Sanktuarios, sparkled with traps and guarded by Golems.


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The islands of bilefen are overgrown by dense jungle. But that should not prevent you from exploring the abandoned temples of a long lost civilization. Even if the well-known fetish trunks stand in your way.

You can find out here whether your smartphone packs the beautifully designed zones:

__16 __3

more on the subject

Diablo Immortal: Is my smartphone compatible?


Mount Zavain

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At the summit of this mountains you will find the origin of the monks of Sanktuarios, in the Sanctified Earth Monastery. Here you fight again against the tribes of the Khazra, who made life difficult for you in the first act of Diablo 3.

Frozen tundra

Another known area from Diablo 2. Here you have to beat yourself through the siege of the Arreat.
We are excited to see how this area has changed after the destruction of the Holy Mountain.

Realm of Damnation

As it should be, your journey ends in hell.
Activision Blizzard has recently released the last zone first artwork.
Surprisingly, this time we also explore a few forests and ruins in the underworld instead of the usual Lavase Lava.
How do you like the new areas and are you looking forward to the release on June 2nd?

NBA Playoffs: James Harden

The Philadelphia 76ers have balanced their series against Miami Heat. In the 116: 108 victory of the Sixers in game 4, James Harden shows his best game of this postseason.

Harden had never broken the 25 points in this PostSeason before, in this game the superstar put 31 points (8/18 FG) and 9 assists and scored 16 points in the fourth quarter. Joel Embiid came to 24 points and 11 rebounds, Tyrese Maxey delivered 18 points and three other Sixers scored in double digits.

In the end that was too much for the heat, in which only Jimmy Butler towered over (40 points, 13/20 FG). The former Sixer received support from Bam Adebayo (21), Victor Oladipo (15) and Tyler Herro (11, 10 rebounds), but the Heat acted too harmless from the triple line as a team.

Both teams started with the usual Starting Fives, Miami had to do without backup centers Dwayne Dedmon, who had reported sick.

At the beginning of the Sixers, a lot ran again via Embiid, who scored 15 points in the first quarter al1. On the other hand, Tucker and Oladipo from the bank caught good starts with 7 points each, both teams were at eye level. 30:28 Philly after the first quarter.

With Embbiid on the bench, the heat dictated the action more, especially Adebayo now came to slight degrees. Harden tried to keep against it as a playmaker and scorer, then Embiid also returned. As in game 3, Green now turned up, then Harden put in transition via layup and then with a threesome to +10. However, the next scenes belonged to Adebayo and Butler, who quickly introduced Miami. Nang netted for 3, Maxey followed again. 64:56 Philly for the break.

Harden and Embbiid defy the butler show

After a calm second quarter, Embiid put up again, with an And-1 jumper he hung Adebayo early in the third quarter of his fourth foul. As a result, the focus was even more on Butler, which promptly sank an and-1 and a threesome. Miami now played ultra-small and in zone defense, but Philly could not punish this. This prevented Butler with 17 points in the passage. It went into the final quarter with 89:85 Philly.

With Embiid on the bench, the Sixers put an 8-0 run, which quickly brought them away to +12. Butler had to counter again, Miami remained in striking distance again. Harden now had the booklet with the Sixers, Embiid looked rather tired. Three minutes before the end, harden sank a threesome to the 8-point lead, but that was still not.

Butler scored the next two points on the line, but missed a threesome shortly afterwards. Harden penetrated and missed his casual, but Embiid took the offensive rebound and played the ball out, then Maxey Harris found the Alley-Oop-and 1:06 minutes before the end, Harden finally made the decision for three.

the most important statistics

Philadelphia 76ers (4) – Miami Heat (1) 116: 108 (boxcore), series: 2-2

  • The Sixers got almost everything they wanted at halftime. 64 percent met them from the field, the dreaded heat defense was hardly accessed, especially against Embiid they were powerless. The Sixers quotas were very good throughout the game: 54 the home team hit the field, 47 percent from the triple line. 37 Field Goals was preceded by 25 assists – there wasn’t much to complain about.
  • The only problem of the Sixers-Orese was the ball losses. Hards and Embiid were surprised by targeted double teams and played unclean passes, which in turn led to transition options for Miami. The 17 Sixers ball losses led to 24 heat points on the opposite side-far too much.
  • Miami, in turn, had its problems in the half field, here the intimidation factor was already strong. Cleaning the Glass According to the Heat Pro 100 Halfcourt ball, 95.5 points – the Sixers were 112.4. Playoff games are only difficult to win with transition.
  • The biggest problem was the threesome again. Miami sank miserable 7/35 from Downtown, only Butler (2/6) and Max Strus (2/5) more than a threesome. By the way, Duncan Robinson received another DNP CD…

Sixers vs. Heat: The voices for the game

Doc Rivers (coach Sixers): “Game 5 will be fun. We have to be better defensive if we are in Miami…. We haven’t seen the best in this series. He always gets used to it Still by how this mask feels on the face. “

James Harden (Sixers): “Nothing changed for me. I didn’t play any other way. I just hit throws.”

the star of the game: James Harden

Well, it still works! In a must-win for Philly, the 32-year-old finally delivered his complete package again. Elitist playmaking, stepback triano, plus even a few times the train to the basket – harden has not always been seen as aggressive and committed. Especially in the last quarter he was fully on hand when Embiid no longer looked so lively. With this hardden, Philly is a dangerous team!

The flop of the game: Kyle Lowry

Playmaking was there, Lowry also had some good actions defensively – and yet: it is little fun to see the former star in this constitution (6 points, 3/10 FG, 7 assists). Lowry refused several layups, he put every threesome next to it (in six attempts) and gave the ball four times. Strus or vincent were not good either, but none of them are important.

the scene of the game

There were several of them in the last quarter, but let’s take the Dagger right away. Harden dribbled down the clock, didn’t get the Herro Switch, but was not put off by it. He also asked Oladipo to dance and sank the Stepback triangle shortly before the clock ended. The outbreak afterwards indicated that Harden himself also needed a game.

NBA Playoffs – Heat vs. Sixers: The series at a glance

Butler 40 Pts! Harden Dominates 4th QTR Series Tied! 2022 NBA Playoffs Heat vs 76ers Game 4

Game Date Time Home About result
1 3. May 1.30 a.m. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers 106: 92
2 5. May 1.30 a.m. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers 119: 103
3 7. May 1 o’clock Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat 99:79
4 9. May 2 o’clock Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat 116: 108
5 11. May 1.30 a.m. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers
6 13. May TBD Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat
7* 16. May TBD Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers

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* Compensation! Mavs shoot Suns from the Halle – bizarre appearance by Chris Paul
* Experience the NBA live on DAZN. Register now! Can be canceled at any time.

*if necessary

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