The Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference, hosted by the Korea Game Media Association, opened on the 23rd at the Pangyo Creative Economy Innovation Center in Gyeonggi-do.

The Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference is an event designed to share the experiences of the game industry for NFT and blockchain games, and to discuss future blueprints.

At this conference, game platform holders such as Wemade and Com2us Holdings, Blockchain Game developers such as XL Games, Rising Wings, and Meta Planet, as well as NFT and blockchain games in various fields such as Exola and Sandbox Network You can meet.

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, started the conference, starting with the keynote speech of ‘Intergame Economy and Blockchain Game’. Ahead of the official service of WeMix 3.0, the attention of visitors who visited the scene was focused on the story of Jang Hyun-guk, who shares insights on the future blueprint of the blockchain game.

Subsequently, lectures based on the vivid experiences of companies that are operating their own projects such as Com2us Holdings, Rising Wings, and Meta Planet.

Lee Jong-seok, director of Com2us Holdings, will give a lecture on ‘C2X: Game XNFT’, and Rising Wings will give a lecture on ‘good influence through NFT’.

Meta Planet, which is in the midst of its own blockchain platform metaQ, shares the know-how gained by introducing and servicing blockchain games in the global market through the ‘NFT Integrated Platform and P2E Game’s Practical Case of Service Case’.

In addition, insights from various companies in the NFT and blockchain game markets such as Sandbox Network, Exola, Gong Games, Monowus, Nightingale Interactive, and Enpixel are also shared.

Lee Taek-soo, chairman of the Korea Game Media Association, said, Thank you to those who participated in the NFT/Blockchain Game Conference in Korea today. This innovation did not stop even after the conversion.

In addition, The new technology, including blockchain and NFT, is emerging. The Game Media Association will illuminate if NFT and blockchain becomes a game industry innovation engine. I’m going to go to the attendees and yours. I hope today’s conference will be a place for innovation.