Dinkum is a life simulator in the Australian style, in which you are trying to survive in a harsh Australian outback, building your city and villages. Dinkum offers a large number of events in which you can participate every day, including fishing. Here is our guide for beginners in Dinkum with tips and recommendations that will help you start work.

General advice and recommendations Dinkum

Collect and sell beetles and fish every day *. Money is a serious obstacle to progress.
Buy tools from John every day , so always have a reserve. Later in the game you can repair tools.
Buy each license as soon as possible . They open new materials and recipes of craft.
Cook and create food to restore more energy *.
Turn on the Mouse always moves the camera. * (click ESC, settings, gameplay tab). This allows the camera to move freely when mouse move.

how to catch fish in Dinkum

Fishing is a great way to earn dinks at the beginning of the game. To catch fish, you will need to buy a fishing license from Fletch and a fishing rod from John. After the set, go to the river or ocean and find the fish. Throw the fishing line next to the fish.

  • Wait until the fish sits on the hook.

* Click the left mouse button to hook the fish as soon as the sinker is under water.
* Wait for the fish to calm down. Winding during the fight of fish can lead to a rupture of fishing line.
* Wind the fish until it starts to fight with a fishing line again.
* Repeat this action until the fish is caught.
* You can steal the fish while it fights; You can do this quickly by pressing the left mouse button (without holding it). However, follow the health of your fishing line.

how to plant seeds in Dinkum

To start growing your own fruit trees and crops, you will need to purchase a license for excavations from Fletch and a shovel of John.

  • Create a hole. The earth will remain on your shovel.
  • Place the seed with the attribute instill into the hole. You can drop items by pressing Q.
  • Pour the pit on the shovel.

Fruits will only grow in certain biomes. The collection of various fruits and growing fruit trees on your base is a great way to have a constant supply of fruits that restore energy.

How to quickly earn dinks in Dinkum

Dink (money) is an extremely important resource that you will constantly need to pay the debts of Fletch and the development of your city and home. The best way to farm dinks at the beginning of the game is constantly hunt beetles and catch fish and sell them to John . Going in search, always hold the grid for catching beetles.

How to get the best tools in Dinkum

At the end of each day, you will summarize your actions per day. It will also show you your level with a specific license. To unlock the best tools, you need advance each license to level 10 and buy a 2 level license. This will open a recipe for the manufacture of a copper version of the tool.

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