The kingdom of Álfheimr of God of War Ragnarök has not improved over the years. God of War (2018) showed us the most beautiful and shiny part of this world, while Ragnarök opts for a sadder and more dead vision.

On this occasion you find a kingdom full of cannons, sterile deserts and sand storms. All this adorned by a civil war between elves of light and elves of darkness that has become more raw over the years. However, your actions may be the first step to reverse things.

Liberate the hangups in God of War Ragnarök

Everyone who has reached Álfheimr’s deserts has thought the same: sand storms are disgusting. They have a reason and make them stop only depending on us. As much as it is difficult to believe, two of the most beautiful creatures of the whole game originate.

The liberation of the hafguafas is composed of two identical favors whose requirement is to free the hangups. And where are they? How Libero? The game indicates the approximate location of the entries. Then I show you the path you must travel.


Favored have no secrets or mysteries… although a small paste. You can’t release them both at the same time. You can free the first Hague (right in the image) as soon as you reach the desert. The passage to the second desert is closed, and you cannot pass until Freya imbued the chisel (which you got in God of War) of his magic to reveal the stamps.

In both cases, the sand storm will cease forever and one of the most magical scenes of God of War Ragnarök will take place. You will hear two very beautiful dialogues among the characters. As soon as you release the second, the double Hague trophy will jump while you see the final show. Your actions fill the kingdom of Álfheimr with beauty. Don’t let it pass. It is very worth it.