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Author: Britt Du

Elden ring: 30 flags indicate possible new boss fights

With over 16 million duplicates marketed until August and also favorable evaluations of the expert press and also players worldwide, it should be clear that followers crave fresh content for Elden Ring.
Thus far, no extensions or LCS have been officially revealed for the parlor game.
However, indications were located that from software application may work on something.
After potential info on new play locations was located in the files of the game a few weeks earlier, there are now much more.
So 30 brand-new flags for bosses have actually currently been uncovered by a Data miner.

You shouldn’t presume numerous brand-new bosses now.
The designer will most likely not have actually produced this without reason.
In enhancement, hairdos, 6 brand-new weapons, the new Colosseum and 16 NPC entrances, which are listed under the name A person Yet Undetected, were also located.

A few of them can be associated with brand-new manager battles.

HSV Patzt at Dynamo Dresden

Original text too short.

The Hamburger SV is started with a lean 1: 1 (1: 0) at Dynamo Dresden in the new second league year.

The team of coach Tim Walter defended the third place in the narrow race for the first time the third place in the table, but can be overhauled by up to five teams during the weekend.

Robert Glazed first introduced the HSV before the break (37.) with his tenth goal of the season. The striker met in the third HSV game in a row. Christoph Darneder (61.) expanded in the second half. Even in the first leg, both teams had separated 1: 1.

The better start before 1000 approved fans caught dynamo. Those who are here have to make mood for 10,000, Dresden had said HSV games Director Ralf Becker before kick-off at Sky. Accordingly, motivated began the households, but remained too harmless in the end.

The HSV waited patiently and hit the first good chance of ice-cold. After a counterattack, Glazed came a bit happy to the ball and met by lifter. After the break he awarded the chance to the second goal (49th), marriage dynamo rewarded for his effort. Defender stood up in a flank on the long post and headed.

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