Win the Worlds is the dream of any professional League of Legends player. However, the main incentives to get the invoked cup are not awards or trophy. To proclaim itself as the best team in the world implies scoring your name in the history of the game and being immortalized forever forcing Riot Games to create a personalized skin for the champion who chooses each player of the squad that amounted to this planetary throne.

Tradition began in 2012 as a reward for the deed of TPA by getting the title against all prognosis. However, the developer decided to trigger lately to FANATIC to recognize them as the first world champion. It was, yes, more than three years after his title. A deed that has provided countless cosmetics and that today we will remember with **


The Worlds of League of Legends began in Sweden in 2011. Fanatic dressed as a champion in a championship in which there were hardly any Asian teams and in which the Europeans put the first stone of their domain against North America . The champions graced with a Skin were the following:

  • Peke: Arthur
  • Cyanide: Jar van IV
  • Sasha: Ragas
  • Zealot: Cork
  • Ellison: Janna

TPA-Worlds 2012

The 2012 Worlds were the first finals in which the Asian teams participated and where the Cup of Indicator debuted. The tournament took place in Los Angeles and showed a much more professional face leaving as a champion a surprising TPA who has achieved the first and the only world title in his region.

  • Stanley: Shen
  • Pinball: Dr. Munro
  • TOY: Brianna
  • Baby: Real
  • Mistake: nun


The first Faker skins and the beginning of his legacy at the Walls 2013 . The League of Legends that we know today began to forge in this competition with title for SK Telecom T1 that would establish a new dynasty.

  • Impact: Tax
  • Benji: read without
  • Faker: Zed
  • Piglet: Wayne
  • Kathmandu: Lyra

Samsung White-Worlds 2014

The 2014 Worlds were one of the most decanted since the beginning of the competition. Samsung White spent all the international competition and only found rival with his brother team, Samsung Blue.

  • Cooper: single
  • Dandy: Rear
  • Pawn: Talon
  • Imp: Twitch
  • Matey: Thresh


With the 2015 Worlds, T1 became the first two-time champion of the history of League of Legends. It was also the first team to take six champions skins due to Fashion’s participation as a Faker’s substitute.

  • Marin: Benetton
  • Benji: Elise
  • Faker: Rye
  • Fashion: Air
  • Bang: Kalist
  • Wolf: Alistair


The 2016 Worlds are the last ones that SKT has managed to win for now. First and only team in the story to get the triple crown and, therefore, three basins of champion skins. In this edition, Riot Games even tribute to coach Kim Coma Jong-un with the appearance of a vision guard.

  • Duke: Echo
  • Benji: Olaf
  • Blank: Zac
  • Faker: Sandra
  • Bang: Join
  • Wolf: Name

Samsung Galaxy-Worlds 2017

The World Cup that went down in Faker’s tears was able to crowning a new two-time champion . In the 2017 Worlds Samsung Galaxy he took the title home with a forceful 3-0 and threatened Set’s tricampeonato. With the elections, Real and Jar van IV were the first champions to have two world champions skins.

  • Cover: Gear
  • Ambition: Jar van
  • Hard: Real
  • Crown: Aliyah
  • Rule: Ayah
  • Core: Hakan


The great 2018 Worlds champion was the Chinese Invictus Gaming team, which beat Fanatic 3-0 in the final. The team showed the world how the LPL could be as strong as the LCK and ended the South Korean domain over League of Legends.

  • Duke: Relic
  • None: Camille
  • Rookie: Leblanc
  • Jackie love: Kai’SA
  • Alan: Hakan

Fun plus Phoenix-Worlds 2019

Fun plus Phoenix was the second responsible for ending the European illusion . The Chinese took the 2019 Worlds without problems passing over G2 Esports and giving the second title to their region.

  • Gauguin: Gangplank
  • Than: read without
  • DOING: Malachite
  • LAX: Wayne
  • Crisp: Thresh

Damwon-Worlds 2020

The current champion of the Worlds of League of Legends is Damon, who won the World Cup in the year 2020 getting to return the reign to South Korea. Its aspects are inspired by Greek gods.

  • Augur: Kennel
  • Canyon: Middle
  • Shoemaker: Twisted Fate
  • Ghost: Join
  • Beryl: Leon

Edward Gaming-Worlds 2021

The victory of Edward Gaming in the 2021 Worlds seems to be the first of what will be a long time of turnism among Asian teams.
The Chinese took the championship preventing DWG Kia from winning their second consecutive title.

Andre *: Graves
Jaime : Diego
Scout : Zoe
Viper *: Aphelia
Make *: Yuri
Next, we leave you with a compilation of all the champions that look like the World Cup winner: